Your Internship Could Change Girls’ Lives in India

Your Internship Could Change Girls’ Lives in India

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I am Rajitha. My parents are farmers. They never went to school. After finishing studies,
I want to become a teacher. If I become a teacher, I can teach other kids too. But I don’t know if my parents
will agree to it. A girl can wash vessels but she can’t be head
of the family. Do you agree with this, Rajitha? (an Our Better World story
by Archana Borhade) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE
– Thumbs up Elbows in There are 110 million
adolescent girls in India. Only three out of 10 of these
girls will graduate Class 10. And five of these girls
will get married before they are 18 years
of age. (These are frightening numbers.) However, girls now have
ambitions, have aspirations. But the education system
is not gearing them to do this and they are not getting
the right information from anywhere else. We believe that the girl
should be given the power to negotiate
for herself. If the girl knows that she has
the right to stay in school, she has a right to delay
her marriage or decide her future, then she’ll be able
to do that for herself. And that is where Voice
is coming in, to help the girl assimilate
all of this information. But also tell her that
there is no right or wrong, no boy or a girl thing, and they can take
any decision they want as long as they understand
the circumstances. On December 15,
there is a final performance. So whatever practices
that we do here, on that day,
we need to perform for real. You start. Speak up Rajitha. (PAAWANI) (Ex-Camper & Co-counsellor,
Voice 4 Girls) ,So Paawani was once a camper,
then a Sakhi and now she is a co-counsellor helping me assess
this Voice classroom and we are teaching
Rajitha’s class. Over the last few camps
that she has attended, she has transformed into
a really confident young woman who is willing and enthusiastic to take action in her community. I can sense a similarity
between Rajitha and Paawani. Like Rajitha, Paawani
was also very under confident, but now she is teaching
a group of 30 students. And we are hoping
that their bond and the relationship that
they are building in this camp will help Rajitha
become more confident and find her place
in the world. For the valedictory function, each and every class
performs a skit or a role play of what they have
actually learnt in this 10-day camp. We are still tense
about Rajitha, what she is going to do
in this skit, actually. (KGBV SHIVAMPET
VOICE 4 Girls) Why won’t my parents
agree to this? Even girls have the right to fulfil their ambitions. I am capable of achieving
my goals. I won’t give up midway
and I will fulfil my dreams. Voice 4 Girls
believes in the potential of the adolescent girl to change her own life and the life of her family
and her community. With every girl
we are reaching out to, we are creating
a more gender equal world. (Voice 4 Girls has reached more
than 26,000 adolescent girls since 2012.) (It aims to reach 100,000 girls
by 2020.) (Help them reach their goal: ( (Telling stories.
Inspiring action.) (our better world) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE

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