You MUST Have This On Your English Teacher Resume for Employers Overseas


what’s up everybody, so today’s video I would like
to tell you about a fantastic tool that I used extensively for about the past
decade and I believe this how long I’ve been using this so a lot of you know
about Skype a lot of you if you’ve sent me a resume one of the first things that
I usually say when I give you feedback is you need to put your Skype address
and your contact details and you definitely want to have it readily
available this is for several reasons first off almost all interviews are done
by Skype these days unless you are lucky enough to be able to go in person and
number two it just puts it right out there
I’ve actually been added I’ve had my skype added for interview before I even
knew that I was shortlisted for the position and I like to think that by
just putting it out there in Italy in my resume I made it easier for them to hire
me okay so Skype has become critical some people ask me is it good enough to
use Google Chat or whatever my honest opinion is no and there are several
reasons number one everybody knows Skype it’s worldwide and it’s proven number
two there are countries like I believe China has locked down a lot of the
Google features so they don’t you as much okay you’re gonna find Skype use
more often than not if you can find it if you can’t somebody said the other day
you couldn’t get Skype on his computer or something I still recommend that you
go and get a Skype address somehow or you know at least set it up we’re
checking on somebody else’s computer some find a way okay
so the big tool that I’m gonna recommend for you today is to get what is called a
Skype number okay it will cost you 60 bucks a year this is an investment of $5
a month it’s like a Starbucks coffee or something okay so what happens when you
have a Skype number is that you have a legit number in your home country okay
this is beautiful for several reasons number one is credibility
okay if they’re calling you on a US number then hey that looks good number
two is what I like to call availability if you’ve ever read Machiavelli you know
about availability and it’s being close by when you’re overseas and people know
that you’re overseas I’ve had it happen before where they blow me off or they
don’t take me as seriously because they think that I’m very far away okay this
is bad for business bad for your presence in your home country now if I’m
in Thailand over the winter and I log on Skype and I use my Florida phone number
and I call somebody how did they know I’m not in Florida they don’t okay
that’s what’s so beautiful about it I can call somebody they have no idea that
I’m not right there so I command the same physical presence of
otherwise I don’t look like I’m in China okay
now this is not being deceptive or secretive but some people have no
legitimate need to know that I’m out of the country and if people do know that
you’re out of the country they may be willing to take advantage of the
situation depending on what kind of business you’re involved in or whatever
so it’s that whole presence looks like I’m calling you from Florida if I call
you from my Chinese cell phone and you see that number pop up you may also not
answer it I’ve been making very important phone calls before and I’ve
had to call the person like 11 times they don’t answer and then I have to
call my mother and say mom can you call this guy and tell him to answer his damn
phone and then oh yeah and it becomes a huge ordeal and then finally I call and
the person says oh sorry I thought it was a scam number because you were
calling from an overseas number I didn’t think that I knew anybody overseas if I
had just logged on the Skype and called directly from my Florida number there
would have been no question okay also you can enlist this anywhere it
works just as well as a phone number a regular phone number with a few
exceptions there are times when I’ve tried to place like the Craigslist ad
and it will knock it back because it’ll say it’s my register there’s a real
phone number they can’t authenticate it but more often than not it’s great to
have and you can tie several numbers together you can turn on forwarding so
that they call you America our UK or Canadian number and it rings
through to your local cell phone there are a lot of different great things that
you can do with it okay so this is a modern thing in 2016 that I really wish
that I had in 2003 that would have been ideal not to mention that the calls are
so achieved if not free okay now the caveat here you have to make
sure that you have good internet service and then it’s fairly fairly quick okay
if not you’ve caused my logout or according to my app problems depending
on where you are but in most places around the world now as long as you’re
willing to pay you’re gonna have a pretty good internet so that’s my bit of
advice today get a Skype account get a Skype local number if you don’t already
have one it’s really easy you log on you put it in your credit card or your
PayPal whatever and then you get to choose your number right there okay
it’ll ask you which state do you want your number out of which area code
etcetera you can pick the one that is your hometown area or you know you can
choose a Beverly Hills it doesn’t matter so it’s going to ask you the Liberty
it’s gonna give you some physical presence when you’re not there and I
just think it’s a fantastic tool that everyone teaching overseas should
utilize I have an awesome weekend see you next time

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