Work Wear Gothic Clothing: Office Professional Gothic Inspiration Lookbook

Work Wear Gothic Clothing: Office Professional Gothic Inspiration Lookbook

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38 thoughts on “Work Wear Gothic Clothing: Office Professional Gothic Inspiration Lookbook”

  1. I am SO excited about this! Tons of great ideas. I don't necessarily have a dress-code, but on days I TA or teach I try to look as professional as possible since I already have a lot stacked against me (age, being a woman, height…) in terms of gaining authority in the classroom. I'm always looking for clothes that allow me to dress professionally but still fun and my style. Thank you for this video Courtney!

  2. Loved the song you used on the video! What’s the name of it please, I tried looking for it on the description but didn’t find it. ☹️

  3. Great basic ideas put together! I also am over working in offices…yet I hold onto my office close "just in case". I always love the bunny paige accesories you share, and I love the sworwarski (sp?) earrings — i like the colors of the stones. And again, thanks for the CC! Ive got my daughter watching her ipad next to me and my husband watching the TV so I'd never be able to hear anything. lol. So helpful!

  4. I like that all of these can be worn with different accessories if you aren't goth. These would work well in most offices. And I love the same colors.

  5. Great video! Definitely office friendly attire. I need to check out the purple V neck and I also love the deep red/burgundy striped top. For fun, I will check out Hell Bunny too

  6. This was awesome. I work in a fairly strict office (trying to get on the remote workplace list but it’s super exclusive) and I’m so. Tired. Of my black-on-Black suits. I wouldn’t have thought to pair a peplum kind of top with work trousers or scarves as an accessory in Florida. It looks really great but it never occurred to my fashion challenged brain. I’m decent at makeup but pretty disastrous as dressing myself or doing my hair.

  7. 😎 I used to wear my fancy clothes to clubs and to the office. Similar styles I'd say, except slacks to clubs 😏. Now I'm able to wear band shirts with jeans… But I do miss my dress up days. Great ideas provided.

  8. I really liked this! You've totally captured the goth style but kept the professional aspects too. I tell folks no matter your preferred style, you can totally make almost anything work appropriate!🤗😍 As a fashion and makeup chameleon, I've learned to adapt to my work environments accordingly. I do hate uniforms and so far, have never had a job which requires one. Because I'd die😶☠

  9. fuck i love this. also i love that most of yours is more realistic for people that work in places that state business casual and have a written description of what you can and can't wear. though i loooove the draco blouse in itself i don't think any of the business professional places i have worked in would let me wear it without someone complaining to hr and then me being told to dress more professional and clean haha

  10. Do you also have makeup tips? I struggle with doing "subtle" or "light" looks soooo much, they're so depressing and just… ew. I know heavy eye + nude lip / bare eye + dark lip is kind of the norm, but it's so awful and I really don't know what a normal eye look is for goth people. The every day makeup tutorials normal people do are just… ew again haha

  11. I just ordered this blouse that you wear in the beginning and a bunch of other ones from hell bunny. I love your poodles too!

  12. I loved this so much!!! Automatically subbed! Thank you for the ideas, I’m currently in a office position and I’ve been bumming it since I’ve started because I didn’t know how to incorporate business into gothic business 🖤🖤🖤🖤 much love

  13. Appreciate the ideas. I have three styles I like: goth, grunge, an hippie. Your video makes me think I should build a capsule wardrobe for each. 🙂 (If I'm writing lots of comments today, it's cos I think I missed 3 months worth of your videos…) So I'm getting caught up. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I have to say it made me laugh because I am a known throughout my employer as the one who only wears purple black and gray. Who will once in awhile throw in burgundy. I'm going to look for some of these pieces because they will be just perfect.

  15. I'm sorry I just now saw this. While not a goth, I'm definitely "darkly inclined" and have worked in offices for all of my adult life as "that chick who wears a lot of black." Since I'm not full-time anymore and the office dress code went away, I can get away with anything nowadays, but when I go to outside meetings representing the company I still want to look professional. I didn't even know there was such a thing as "corporate goth" before a few years ago, but boy have I been working it ever since!

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