Why to Get Pre-qualified with a Local Lender


The importance of getting pre-qualified is, in this market if you go and see a house that you like, and it’s priced right, oftentimes, it’s going to move quickly. So we recommend getting the pre-qualification early, before you even see any houses that way you prepared if you walk in the door and it’s a house you want to make an offer on. We’ve found that making an offer with a local lender can actually be a stronger offer than with an international bank. They can have an origination Department in Florida an underwriting Department in Texas. Their pre-qualification letters are not looked very favorably upon by the listing agent and consequently by the seller. Local lenders have a established reputation in the community or sometimes have more affordable products and often makes the transaction way too more efficient and less stressful for our clients and ultimately has a higher likelihood of succeeding when we process their loan locally.

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