Why Good Employees Quit

Why Good Employees Quit

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy and today is my very first corner office insights video so this is a new segment on my channel where I’m going to speak to you if you happen to be a manager senior manager director or CC with C suite level executive in your organization and you’re responsible for managing a team I’m going to share with you some raw and real insights that you need to know if you truly want to become a better leader in your company so today I’m going to share with you five key reasons why many companies are losing good employees so if you happen to be in this situation then this is the right video for you so as a manager there will come a day or there may have already been many days where your direct report your employee your staff member asks to meet with you privately and in that meeting they hand over their letter of resignation and you’re shocked this happens to be an amazing employee they are heavily relied upon by you and now they’re telling you that they’re leaving you didn’t see it coming and you might even ask them why why are you leaving were you not happy here and then as you continue to question you might even ask yourself is there a chance that it might be because of me was it something that I said or I did well I can tell you this the answer that your soon-to-be ex employee is going to tell you is likely not going to be the entire truth they’re not going to give you the real reasons as to why they’re leaving because their fear of burning their own bridges is much greater than their desire to share with you the truth not to worry I’m going to give you my top five real reasons why you’re good employees are leaving you and what you need to think about in order to resolve this if it’s happening in your company reason number one your employees are leaving you there’s no room for growth this is by far the most common and the biggest reason that I hear from job candidates who want to leave their companies good employees are good because they’re ambitious they’re keen to learn they consistently produce high quality work and they deliver value but what happens when they’ve done that for a while they’ve made amazing accomplishments and now they’re ready to move up and naturally they’re going to start to look at what opportunities are available to them in their current organization and if there’s nothing available no room for advancement they know they’re stuck and that’s the point where they start to think about moving into another company looking for new opportunities outside of the organization so as the manager if you don’t want to get to a point where you get a letter of resignation sooner than you would like then you need to be thinking about the future of your employees long before they do you need to accept the fact that this is natural and you need to anticipate it as human beings we’re ambitious we have desires we want to experience new things and so that is naturally going to happen with your good ambitious employees as well so the plan here now is on your team if there are some employees who are really good people that you truly want to keep you need to start thinking about their future now not at the point when they hand you their letter of resignation at that point it’s way too late you need to start planning out with them where you see them going where you see them moving up and what opportunities you can potentially help them to get into after they’ve completed and truly achieved what they’ve need needed to in this current role and I have seen this firsthand I have seen certain individuals who have been able to take on a multitude of roles in their organizations and because of that they stayed quite a long time and they became valuable assets to their companies so if that’s what you want with your current employees then you need to start planning reason number two while you’re good employees are leaving you is due to a lack of challenging work now when it comes to challenging work there are actually two subsets to this the first is that there’s not enough autonomy meaning the employee does not get enough independence and freedom to do their work or two the work isn’t challenging because it’s too routine first let’s talk about lack of challenging work in terms of lack of autonomy good employees like to feel a sense of ownership over their work these employees are good because they deliver high quality work and they want to be given the freedom to be able to do their work their way if you’re finding yourself micromanaging every aspect criticizing and not complimenting or encouraging then you will quickly find yourself with an unhappy employee who’s going to want to leave so the solution to this is whenever you can ask your employee for their opinion ask them for what their approach would be and give them the freedom to test it out now when it comes to the work being too routine good employees especially if they’re highly ambitious will eventually become bored they need challenge they need variety they need different experiences so as their manager you want to be able to predict this and foresee this by planning out projects ahead of time and letting your employee know about them so that they can feel engaged and work hard for not only themselves but for the organization reason number three you don’t have a real connection with your employees the connection that you have with your employee is huge because it’s going to determine how long they’re gonna stay with you and whether they truly want to work with you if you’re good employee simply views you as just someone who gives them their paycheck rather than someone who they feel empowered by who they want to help in support there’s a big difference there you have to remember that you’re not just their boss you’re someone who they look to as a key player in their career so the way that you connect with your employees determines whether they’ll be happy and stay at their job with you or whether they leave your organization and go for something else so what’s the key to connecting with your employees the answer is to be present be present with them have genuine discussions learn more about your employees what excites them what they’re motivated by be present for them every single day when you’re present with someone they will be able to sense it and they’ll be able to appreciate it they will see you as someone who does see value in them and that will give them that sense of empowerment and a sense of wanting to stay worth with you longer under your leadership now this ties into reason number four as to why you’re good employees are leaving you and that is you as the manager are not inspiring enough how good are you at truly motivating your employees or do you find yourself turning your employees against each other thinking that that’s going to motivate them that’s not inspiring to anyone in order to become someone and a manager a leader that others aspire to be you have to find that sense of inspiration from within yourself you have to inspire yourself to step outside of your ego so instead of focusing on you you need to place your focus on your employees and be able to identify and recognize their value think about it everybody wants to be able to feel that they are valued that they are making a bigger impact for any cause or organization or team that they’re on and so if you can tell your employees that they are valued that the work that they’re do that they’re doing does have an impact that’s going to make them feel more committed and more engaged with the work that they’re doing and with the place that they’re at if you can help them to feel connected to the work that they do and why they’re there in the impact that they’re making they are much more likely to last longer in your company and finally reason number five while your good employees are leaving you is that the pay isn’t fair or reasonable now this is self explanatory but if you know that you are paying under paying your employees then you can expect that turnover is going to happen unless you can have already planned for this and implemented benefits that are going to go above and beyond what the pay allows so for example additional vacation employee centered events purposeful work training anything that is going to get them to stay engaged and compelled to stay longer at the organization is going to help so there you have it my five reasons on why you’re good employees are leaving you now if you happen to be a proper professional who is on the path of searching for a more fulfilling career and you’ve been interviewing for a while but it hasn’t resulted in any success and you’re ready to get some one-on-one professional guidance then feel free to reach out to me head on over to my website lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired read through my page and if you’re interested then fill in the application form if I feel that we’re a match then either myself or my team will reach out to you directly if you like this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with your friends thank you so much for watching and I will catch you next time.

100 thoughts on “Why Good Employees Quit”

  1. Have you ever quit a job—not because of the work/job itself…but because of the MANAGER you were working under? Let me know in the comments below.

  2. Interesting, so Trump's management approach of pitting employee against employee is not inspiring, but will lead to employee turnover. Hmm, you might be onto something.

  3. Been in my job 16 years. On the verge of quitting because 80% of my job is fixing others mistakes and laziness.

  4. Most people in management isn't to manage. It's just power. They say CEOs are all sociopaths. Most managers (not talking about McDonald's here people) are just baby CEOs. Many are sociopaths. That's my experience so far.

  5. Toxic environment, unequal treatment of workers, mgmt. targeting certain workers just because of a personal dislike, unequal pay, lack of recognition, lack of promotion, loading up workers and letting others slide…

  6. Yes. I just quit my job I had for over a year..I was laid off for 2 weeks with no notice…They gave my hours away to someone else.

  7. My supposed "boss" gets $4 hour more than me and gets 3 free hours each day on her paycheck. They clock in and leave, deal cocaine and marijuana on property, it is horrible there.

  8. yeah i quit the teaching job becoz of the school principal very mean bastard won't even give salary in three months.

  9. I left 2 positions for poor management. No room to advance . Office politics no training

  10. This woman has wrapped up so much of what I'm dealing with in my work place. I really hope I find something better upon graduation from college.

  11. 1. Passive aggressive boss
    2. Mandatory overtime
    3. Micromanagement
    4. Pay / Crappy benefits
    5. Overworked

  12. Good employees quit for many reasons.
    #1 the management is ass
    #2 the conditions are ass
    #3 the pay is ass
    #4 promotion is ass

    I burn the bridge to the ground when I leave if #1 and #2 are the issue.

  13. Career Coach Gurus like yourself should advocate or lobby for better pays in our country ! The # 1 Super Economic Power in the world have Corporations paying unlivable wages! Anything under $15 is not livable ! All other developed countries pay $ 15 plus ! This is a serious unkind oversight by the US government! No one speaks up coz sadly afraid of loosing jobs ! They should cover the base rent car payments minimum !

  14. I was hoping you’d say my number 1 reason, bad employees staying. In my company we have 6 employees that cross over and work with almost everyone, and because they’re very mean to others, very selfish, and often break rules, it very negatively affects everyone else. And no matter What they do, or how many rules they’ll break, everyone, including Them, Knows, they’ll stay there for the rest of their lives! They break rules left and right and it really hurts other people and no boss does anything, no matter how many times all of us complain. We’ve had nearly 6 GREAT employees leave because of these workers. Bosses, take note; if you keep a few people everyone hates, all your really good stock, will leave.

  15. I work as a mate on a cargo ship. Living and working with my coworkers for months at a time can be a devastatingly terrible experience if the chief mate or captain is a dick (which I have dealt with multiple times!). What it winds up turning into is living under a totalitarian regime (quite literally) where hard labor is all that is tolerated; even a slight perception of lack of work or enthusiasm can be met with ass chewings or termination. The dichotomy that exists between my home life and work life is unthinkable to the average joe. The hypocrisy also runs wild. During those hard times the only reason I stayed was for the six-figure pay and to make sure my family is comfortable.
    These days I sail with a good crew though.
    Great video! It’s interesting to see reasons why “normal” shoreside-job workers typically move on.

  16. How about when they have draconian policies, and you work your butt off and still fail your monthly objectives, which emphasize quantity over quality.

  17. These are the Hallmarks of the small to medium-sized company that is comfortable in their position and is afraid to make further advancements, true in life true in business if you're not growing you're dying.

  18. Linda i think u missing the most number 1 reason: an employee leaves because a boss is unfair and a bitch to her subordinate!

  19. I work for ISS security and this company is so useless all the care about is saving money and make sure the managers just get their paycheck. Moral is lower than low but hey they are saving money

  20. I've quit jobs over:
    1)No pay raises, health insurance, retirement..
    2)Not seeing I put in my hard work and time for job position advancement over some new hire..
    3) talking down to me.4)not feeling appreciated..5) burned out and no feeling of jobs advancing me in life

  21. There's a reason why people quit and if you have to ask why they quit it means you're out of touch. There needs to be open dialogue and everyone top to bottom needs to feel like they have the ability to ask questions and speak freely. They need to know that they have a clear path upwards with goals and objectives and meeting them means the rewards are there. Promotions, raises, bonuses, awknolagement needs to be taken seriously. You want to keep the good ones you need to give them a reason to stay and make thier value reflect thier status and thier bank account too.

  22. Good Employees Quit because they give 110% to their job and made other people look vary lazy including your boss ..
    So you become a fret to them…
    I think another reason Good Employees Quit is because they are focused on their Job in hand and don't have time to built up deep friendships with the staff therefore alienating themselves over time..
    another reason Good Employees Quit is because some staff are jealous and will do anything to make problems for that Good Employee from gossiping to telling the boss your slightest mistakes and they are going to be mistakes because the Good Employee is doing everything so law of averages says your going to mess up at some point plus the others are watching you because they don't have anything else to do.. but in the end I blame the management ..

  23. 1. Bad bosses
    2. Non appreciative bosses
    3. Micro managing
    4. Bosses taking credit for others efforts
    5. Bosses not telling the truth
    6. Bosses don’t implement good ideas because they did not think of it.
    7. Bosses who favor the weaker followers to build a core against the strong workers -because they are insecure
    8. Extorting deeds in exchange for promotions
    9. Feel discipline is necessary
    10. Expecting that your subordinates resources are yours or the company’s
    11. Bosses who only supervise once in awhile- don’t play boss only when its convenient for you.
    12. Don’t armchair supervise-

  24. To be honest.Most of them treated according to their position in work place.This is what we call status conscious.They just ignore no matter how good you are.

  25. Reason #6: Bully employees have made it a toxic workplace.
    Reason #7: Managers fail to recognize the bullies because they are huge suck-ups.
    Reason #8 (and this happens all the time): Managers fail to act when they know there is workplace bullying.

  26. The reasons why I quit jobs and I considered myself to be a good employee. The reasons why I say that I would come in any day ,any time. I would always stay after , and help even, though I was supposed to be off the clock. I would work sometimes through my breaks.I always had to cut the slack because of lazy employees. I never got promotions but the lazy,brown nosing employees did. I got stuck working lots of holidays.I was always the one they came to when they wanted something done ,but when I wanted a slight change in my schedule it was not doable, but other employees would get a set schedule of the hours and days they wanted. I always got the hours noone wanted! I got told off when I did a slight screw up like forgetting to clean out the microwave, but I was the only employee who would mop the bosses office which is something we were supposed to do. I would do everything I was told to do,so I moved on and got a job that I have been at since 2010!

  27. The USA culture of cool has bankrupted our souls, even 1 hour of lying each day is too much for the entitled noncaloused pampered.

  28. U seem really nice, reasonable. However, the #1 reason high achieving employees leave is to escape from bullying, bad managers. Period

  29. Bad bosses do not question why someone left. They don't care. There's usually no room for growth because the people above them prevent them from doing so due to either jealousy or the fact that the manager is a relentless dickwad whose Daddy got him the job originally.

  30. Reason is having a bad, arrogant, ungratefull, blame shifter, no common sense "BOSS" and definitely and precisely "NOT" a Leader! 😒😕

  31. I work in food service. I quit because they denied me a promotion despite how good I was supposedly doing. also because I was tired of being verbally abused by customers.

  32. This video is GOLD! I am an employee. I could totally relate to the points you mentioned. I have enjoyed my work for the last 8 years, but this past year of working with a particular 'BOSS' (who shamelessly calls himself a 'LEADER') has been so frustrating and uninspiring. I like to believe that I'm a good employee who constantly delivers high quality work, the same reflects in my appraisals over the years! I am leaving this asshole of a BOSS behind cuz I don't look up to him at all. He is always absent from the work place. #RoamerRealm

  33. Good employees quit because we are sick of being abused and mistreated. We are sick of picking up all the slack for all the FMLA coworkers who refuse to come to work- I disagree with all your reasons you state on your video

  34. I'm telling my manager today that I'm quitting. I got a better job offer and they never give me a raise after they TOLD ME they would because I'm the top performing employee. I am greatly under-appreciated there, and can't continue to work with people who don't recognize my hard work.

  35. Well let’s see…because narcissism is rampant and these people are often managers and cause a high turnover rate. Some people simply should have never stepped into a management role. I’ve had managers that were very unprofessional, lacked any sense of tact and would devalue you. No one wants to work with an office bully. Problem in these situations is usually there’s no one able or willing to intercede and change these situations. You can complain to HR but unless they’re doing something blatantly illegal it can be hard for them to be able to take any action towards making a change. In most cases it’s just best to leave these kinds of jobs.

  36. I am quitting my excellent job for a lower pay and a lower level to run away from cold midwest to a nice warm weather

  37. I only had 1 manager that said, "A happy (my name) is a productive (my name)!" He said it to everyone he managed as well, because he did make sure we got waht we needed, treated us with the utmost respect and we bent over backwards for him and he reciprocated aggressively. He's not the only great manager I've had, but he's the only one who really had a heart about how he managed.

  38. Yess!!! Exactly why i quit my current job at a small business and found a better job opportunity.I just gave my notice last week and my last day will be at the end of this month. My boss was blindsided by my notice. I had a conversation with her back in September telling her I felt stuck and what was next for me and she legit said I had the highest position. I thought she would understand since she’s a business owner but She’s pissed off and work is very awkward. I now have to train 4-5ppl to do everything I would do so I can’t really complete my job due to training others. Any recommendations on how to go about the awkwardness and what to do on the last day of work when your current boss has an attitude?

  39. truth be told, most companies get this wrong… most managers are bad for some reason. But they're usually bad in unique ways. Had to get one sacked for harassment… luckily he'd done it to many others too. Previous one was a workaholic perfectionist… i guess from a company point of view that would make an ideal employee… but it doesn't make a good manager. Most recent one was a micromanager… cold and distant with a short fuse and an inability to handle her own pressures (as partly evidenced by all the huffing and puffing she does at her desk). Not good!

  40. Left my job of working 13 years; working under my dad who was manager, on top of that, emotionally abusive and micro managed everything I did. I was made to do the same job every single morning without anyone stepping in and doing it to give me a break, I felt like I was taken advantage of. My assistant manager was ignorant of the abuse I had to deal with. And they made me redo all tasks even after spending two hours on the task. I was fed up, and so I left. It was the people I had to walk out on.

  41. At my job…the directors and managers are there due to them working with the company for too long…no knowledge whatsoever…if you challenge them they take it personal.

  42. I been reading books on success and lately Rich Dad and i really do not want to be an employee at all anymore. When one learns about the differences between the rich and the middle class and the poor it pisses you off. Wasting your life away making others rich when with a financial education and guts one can have the life they dream of.

  43. Have to add a couple of things here for your consideration, 1) boss/supervisor has no respect for you as an employee but relies heavily to get done the difficult things for the company… One time after working a large, obscene amount of hours for weeks on end, I approached my boss about distributing the work evenly amongst my co-works as well as myself. his reply startled me. "I have a busy day, and I don't have time to individually chase down all of your co-workers, I give you a job and walk away, because at the end of the day I know your doing the job and doing it right… it is easier for me to give your co-works easier and quicker jobs, that I know that they'll do right, then try to get them to do the jobs that you do!"  Same pay, same duties/job description. Sent out resume and got another job doing same thing but a $3.26 per hour more! Gave two weeks notice to HR, 3 hours later some manager who didn't even work my department came over to talk to me about staying, and offered to match the wages of the new company. Wouldn't even discuss the fact that the money was re-negotiable after 90 days! I declined the "generous offer". An hour after that he reappeared with 2 engineers and stated the Plant manager accepted my resignation, effective immediately and to  vacate the premise also immediately and to return the next day when my supervisor was available to inspect my tool box prior t collecting my tools things and then I was escorted off the grounds by the 2 engineers!  I asked "why after over 5 years with the company they felt I needed to be escorted off the property?". The reply from the engineer I had worked most closely with said the plant  manager ordered it. 2) At another place  I worked, the manager I worked for would often complain that I took too long or that I spent too much money on materials, or I over engineered the production equipment I designed and built. (I'm a mill wright by job description, primarily repairing manufacturing equipment, but my skill set also includes manual machinist and welder, which they took full advantage of). Kept getting 27 cent an hour annual cost of living raises, but was told that because the maintenance manager felt I could do more and faster and better so I didn't deserve a merit raise. One day I overheard an engineer and a production supervisor were talking about me after my manager just got done screwing up a job after I told him that the way he wanted a job done wouldn't work, and he literally told me to work late and that it "served me right for doing what he told me to do" (I am not lying, not  BS ing ,  I kid you not!) how my manager called me his secret weapon for problem solving and keeping the plant running and increasing production in meetings and how he was able to keep me at a extremely cheap cost! Finally, I confirmed with other managers in the plant that this was true! talking to my father, he told me an old adage, "Your only as valuable as the cost to replace you." sent out resume and got new job. the manager couldn't find 1 person to do the job I did and ended up hiring 3 people to take my place after 6 months of calling and offering more money and perks. Today I work for Myself.

  44. Employers have no clue who really cares for the wellbeing of the company through their excellent work and work ethics. I worked a job who outsourced my job in finance and they went out of business shortly after. After having a financial hardship, they asked me to come back and help them get back in the black. I couldn’t go back at the time they needed me. It’s sad because that company provided a great service to the community. I always made sure I exceeded the monthly goals by at least 20% each month and that the customer and vendor relations were solid. I see theses errors in other places I’ve worked with other employees too. The company thinks their management is so smart and looking out for the best interest of the company, but they are clueless and the company really does suffer the impact. I work contribute to life and apply myself 100% plus go the extra mile. I have no regrets because I live by my own values and apply them in my job and relationships.

  45. I just want to say thank you to my Female boss. She helped me so much from lending me a car to work to forget a typo and not micromanage me. Makes my life at work want to help the company and give overtime whenever I can.

  46. I leave my current job because of the hr is my boss wife which treat us unfairly and over control on our time. If u want to use your annual leave u gonna submit it 1-2 months early and it still not confirm will approve your leave to join your family trip etc. How do u feel… To any employer. Don't treat your worker as a slave.

  47. You really inspired me. I wish to work with someone like you and as a person, I always come here when I faced problems with a work-related issue. And I find ideas on how to handle it. Now I am checking here and I always find the right answers here, it's so ever understandable and easy to implement. Thank you.

  48. I just get fired for being a good employee and going above and beyond thats how it works in fl . If u just do ur job in fl u get promotions if u go above and beyong u get fired

  49. I don't need a real connection with my employer. I just need them to pay me on time, listen to me when I provide them with demonstrable reasons why something is a terrible idea, and not lie to me or try to take credit for my work. I don't think that's too much to ask.

  50. Some of those bosses are in denial to their own flaws because of their egos and can't or won't change. Employees have to put themselves first in these situations.

  51. If a manager disrespects you, just leave then and there. These managers and company's get away with it because people just take it. If they had trouble finding someone and keeping them, they would quickly get their act to together. If they had hire 10 people in row for one position because all of them end up leaving with a week, that manager would be on firing block. But because that one person, just takes it, that manager, gets out of being fired card.

  52. With entitlement culture at sky high time at 2019, and narcissists growing, I see future work environments getting even worse. Lots of people are dropping out of the work force. Standards will decline, Nation will Decline.

  53. The reasons I quit my jobs in the past the main reasons
    1) I got taken advantage of because I was a good employee. I was called in constantly and had WAY TOO MUCH work to do and not enough time off.
    2) constant change once I became efficient at my job they'd change ways of doing things
    3) management emphasizes teamwork yet refuses to do a certain job because it's "not their job." That's one thing that is wrong.

  54. Sadly most companies don’t view it that way. The aasss kisses and bad employees move up. Is best to just be an entrepreneur “make your own money “

  55. Linda this was so detailed and helpful. I aspire to move into management and these tools will help me in being a great manager. 👍🏾

  56. what im saying is not to be sympathetic with women its more of a you guys dont appreciate women and my guy does and you guys are some of the cause to women ending their lives so i blame the males on that and everything else on females No equal pay and no leadership until you are 30 with gold metals or golden stars

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