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Jennifer Tardy: Hey, job seekers, this is
Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach. And today, it is all about answering job interview
questions and answers, with today’s question being, “Well, why did you decide to apply
to this job?” I’m gonna give you the best advice in how
to answer this question, and if you stay tuned all the way to the very end, you are going
to get my favorite section, the career success bonus tip for underrepresented populations,
for UPs. So stick around, let’s get right into it. Why would an interviewer ask you, “Well, why
did you apply to this job?” Interviewers want to know that you have applied
to them intentionally, that you are not just applying to some random job, or you are not
just stumbling across a job and you happen to apply. They wanna know that you chose them for a
specific reason, and perhaps you’ve done a little research along the way. So here’s how you do not answer this question. Do not tell the interviewer that you are so
ready to leave your current job because they’re frustrating you so much, that you are willing
to apply to anything. Also, don’t tell the interviewer that this
job is in your backyard, and so you are ready to apply to it along with millions of other
jobs out there that you applied to. Also, don’t tell the interviewer that you
applied to this job because your mom and your dad told you to apply to the job. Those are not good answers. Speaking of answers to common questions, did
you check out last week’s video? If you didn’t, make sure that you check out
this video, because we are talking about how to answer the question, “What are your weaknesses?” So check that video if you haven’t had a second. Now, if an interviewer has asked you, “Why
did you apply to this job?” What sort of answers have you given in the
past? I’m curious, I’d like to know. Drop me a comment in the comments section,
and let me know how you’ve answered this question previously. Now, moving on. Here’s how you answer a question like this. You wanna make sure that you connect your
answer to something related to the company that shows, or that demonstrates, that you’ve
done your research about that company. So when they ask you, “Well, why did you apply
to this job?” Connect it to the mission of the organization,
some of the goals of the organization that you’ve researched and you’ve found out, maybe
the reputation of the organization or its brand, maybe you happen to be on Glassdoor.com
and you saw that it was one of the top companies to work for and da da da da da, and you decided
that you wanted to come and work for a company like that. But, whatever you do, when you answer this
question, connect it to some research that you’ve done on the organization, and it will
end up being a great answer for you. As always, we are at my favorite segment,
and this segment is all about career success tips for UPs, or underrepresented populations. So if you are a member of a underrepresented
population, I do want you to know that it is completely acceptable for you to tell the
employer that one of the reasons, one of many reasons, that you’ve decided to apply to this
position, is because it fits a need of yours. So for instance, if you happen to be a working
mother, and you saw an award for this organization because they are the top company to work for
if you are a working mother. Now, make sure that that is only one of the
reasons that you’ve decided to work there. And, make sure that that is probably the third
reason, where your number one reason could be the mission of the organization, number
two, that it has a very strong sustainable future ahead of it, because it already had
long-term gains and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And also, you happen to notice an award that
was won in the company, which is recognized for working mothers, it’s recognized for its
diversity efforts, it’s recognized for its commitment to military veterans, it’s recognized
for anything that positively affects your underrepresented population. Okay, so if you’re watching this video, you
are probably interviewing, and just as you were listening to how to answer this common
interview question, I have a free copy, a free downloadable PDF guide, of 25 common
interview questions and top-notch answers. So if you wanna know more, be sure to go to
the details section, check out those questions answers, and as always, I hope that you appreciated
that. I hope that you appreciate this video. If you did, subscribe to the channel and like
the video. We have more videos coming your way soon. I hope to see you at the next video. I am Jennifer Tardy, your career success coach,
and I’ll see you soon. Take care.

4 thoughts on “Why Did You Apply For This Job? (INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS SAMPLE)”

  1. thanks for the practical tips, nice to see channels covering this sort of subject, so many kids (and adults) out there have no clue how to deal with interviews.

  2. My mom always taught me to say something about the company's mission or values. I think it's really smart to add in that under-represented population piece (when applicable)!! ❤

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