100 thoughts on “Who Has The Worst Broken Bone Story? (MATCH GAME)”

  1. I just don't get the whole debate about pineapple on pizza. It's a topping, either get it or don't. Every single person I know likes pineapple on pizza depending on the other toppings (like most other kinds of toppings do). The fact that it's even being talked about and has such a popularity is proof that it DOES belong on pizza

  2. I was playing goalie at school at lunch break and really hurt my arm saving a goal. Suspected I had cracked the bone(as I had done this to my other arm the year before and it was a very similiar pain).

    Then had games(soccer practice) after lunch, where I told my teacher that I couldn't go in goal as I'd really hurt my arm. He didn't believe me and put me in goal. Where I went on to FULLY break it!

  3. i would honestly love to see link try to give job titles and descriptions for what some crew members do

  4. the running Gus Johnson bit really tickles me but I want to know w h y they're doing this. how did this come to be

  5. A hot dog is NOT a sandwich. A hot dog is on a bun which is just one piece of bread with a slice down the middle. A sandwich has to have two slices of bread.

  6. mike was gone this whole time to i didn't know he left gmm why do all the best crew members always leave ugh

  7. I had a clean break of my tibia & fibula while playing "kick the can" during a youth group night when I was 16. Still one of my favorites to tell

  8. rhett looks like he belongs in one of those old geico commercials with the cavemen with that hair and beard

  9. Man i miss Mike and other OG mythical crew members who left. Seeing him and Gus Johnson was hilarious 😂😂

  10. Thanks for keeping me internetained after I spent all day watching lectures on WW2 military strategy and philosophy.

  11. I think I would win this. My friend farted, causing my other friend to slowly reverse into my foot and landed on my arm. 2 fractures because of a fart.

  12. Under the definition of sandwich must have two pieces of bread. A bun is in essence one piece of bread folded. A hot dog in a bun is not a sandwich. However a Berger on a bun is as the bun is always two pieces bread.

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