What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?


hi this is Alan with interview success
formula so what’s the difference between a
curriculum vitae or a CV and a resume well the biggest difference is that your
CV is going to basically include every single professional credential
that you have to offer A resume though is going to be very specific and targeted with the skills and the experience that are
needed for this job so while a CV maybe five pages or 10 pages a resume is going to be one page for
someone who has worked less than 10 years or at most two or three pages for someone who has really extensive experience but really a page or two is all that’s
expected to be included in a resume so if you have a CV what you want to do
is take out the experiences that are most relevant to the job that you’re
after put in a little bit more detail about
specifically the actions that you took and you’ll be ready to go on the other hand if you have a resume
what you wanna do to create a CV is to highlight all the credentials
publications experiences that you have to create a very thorough overview of
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