What’s in my Tech Bag? Slim, Minimal & Professional

What’s in my Tech Bag? Slim, Minimal & Professional

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I love backpacks but for a typical work day,
I prefer to go with a more professional looking messenger bag. Using a slimmer bag like this means the tech
I carry also needs to be thinner and lighter to keep it from being too bulky or heavy. Finding the perfect tech that fits inside
this limited space but doesn’t compromise in performance was essential to me for this
setup. Hi I’m David and this is what’s in my
slim and minimal tech bag. The bag that I’m using is from Jack Spade. And I’ll be honest the main reason I use
it is because I think it just looks nice. Messenger bags aren’t to most ergonomic
since you’re carrying all the weight on one shoulder, there isn’t a lot of space
inside to carry anything beyond the essentials and the pockets are just okay for keeping
everything organized. This bag is also pretty expensive and I only
bought one since I found it on sale for less than a hundred dollars. Despite all of that, I still really like using
this bag since it looks a lot more professional than a backpack for a young professional. The laptop I carry inside the bag is still
the Dell XPS 15, which I still think is great balance of portability and power for video
editing on the go. But when I’m home I prefer to work directly
on my desktop system, and moving files back and forth between my laptop and desktop can
be a hassle. So I picked up a Samsung T5 1 TB portable
hard drive to store all my files. It’s nice and small so it stores easily
inside my bag, it’s comes with cables to connect over USB C or over Type A connectors,
file read and write speeds is extremely fast so I can edit my video files directly on the
drive, the only con is the price. The Samsung T5 is a premium product so the
price tag clearly reflects that. If you don’t need that kind of capacity
or just want to quickly transfer some files between a couple computers. I still just use a simple USB thumbdrive. For that I reason I also carry my SanDisk
Extreme 64GB drive, which is plenty fast and large enough when I just need to quickly pass
some files computer to computer. A power bank is something new I’ve started
to carry with me lately. While I rarely run out of power during the
day with my cellphone, having a power bank just in case is a nice for peace of mind. I’m using the Aukey 10000mAH power bank. These smaller slimmer power banks are the
perfect form factor for me. They feel like you’re carrying a slightly
thicker phone and because of that they hold together really well in my hands while it
is being charged without too much additional weight or bulk. This specific model doesn’t support any
special quick charging modes if you need that. But I really like that this charger has a
bidirectional USB C port that can be used to charge or be charged, so I don’t need
to have older micro usb cables around. Commuting to work I like listening to podcasts
or music on my phone with some cheap Panasonic earbuds. I find them really comfortable in my small
ears canals and they sound decent enough for my needs. While the cable is really thin so it does
gets tangled quite easily. And there’s no inline controller or microphone
for phone calls. On the plus side they are super cheap so I
don’t really worry about losing or breaking them. And finally while I enjoy my technology. Sometimes I just find it therapeutic writing
my notes out with pen and paper. For this I just carry a basic notebook, and
for my pen and I like using the Signo 207 with its nice dark ink. So that’s a quick look at what’s inside
my slim tech work bag. The tech and gear I carry inside this bag
is small and portable but doesn’t compromise in performance. While you do pay a bit of premium for this
stuff inside this setup, in the end it’s been worth it for me to keep everything clean
and professional. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

86 thoughts on “What’s in my Tech Bag? Slim, Minimal & Professional”

  1. David, get yourself some xiaomi piston 3 earbuds — cheap (well, if you can still get em; prolly newer versions out now),
    really nice sound, with a mic and vol controls. Have held up real well over the last couple of years for me, unlike most others.

  2. Nice bag…i hope you visit Hawaii you can also be barefoot too when I get to show you around the places where I go in Hawaii when you can visit

  3. I believe that is a brief not a messenger but it's a very nice bag and a very useful minimal setup 😇 Keep up the good work 👍👍

  4. I didn't even come for the products you're showing this time, just for the therapeutic vibe your video has. Always a pleasure to watch.

  5. You can just use your laptop as a powerbank 🙂 – simple change in the system setup for dell xps. Saved me an extra purchase 🙂

  6. Great video. I also bring similar stuff everyday. Mine is Macbook pro 2015 13inch, sandisk dual otg flashdisk 32GB, a moleskine notebook, my pencil case (I draw a lot), my laptop charger, 10000mAh powerbank by Anker (very small), my oneplus 3T and iphone 6, and my phone charger just in case if my powerbank runs out of juice

  7. Good thinking buying the bag used on eBay! I picked up a very similar bag, the Jack Spade Tech Oxford Slim in grey, for $100 on eBay. Normally retails for well over $300. Great setup!

  8. Wear jackets one size smaller… or get customized shirts and jackets. Most clothes in the US market are not designed for Asian proportions, so your sleeves are way too long

  9. David I just love your cinematic shots and lot of hard work taken for establishing this video! Thumbs up man! Keep posting videos on a regular basis

  10. Would you use this for airplane travel, assuming you can get by with just a laptop? Also assuming you don't need to trek your gear far, just around airports and hotels kind of stuff and have a carry on for clothes.

  11. Honestly , won’t consider those tech special , sounds just like any traditional bag most carry . I kinda expected much more for a tech bag .

    But , it’s a very well done video . Entertaining at least and at least , it conveys what you need most . Minimalistic that it .

  12. If you're carrying a powerbank for your phone 'just for emergencies', why not just power up off of your laptop in an emergency?

  13. Awesome video. I need a setup like yours. I tend to overpack and carry too much stuff that I won't even use lol.

  14. I just stumbled across your channel by accident but I can quickly see it becoming one of my favorite channels. Cool gadgets/tech plus the videos are calming.

  15. Finally, a TechYoutuber making a "Whats inside my bag?" video without putting out 3 smartphones, 2 high end cameras, a laptop, 2 pairs of inEars, a pair of OverEars, 2 powerbanks, a dozen different cables, and one kilogramm of useless gadgets.
    Just the things you need. Elegant, classy and looking good and professional. Good job sir! 😀

  16. Giant camera with no laptop? Doesn't make much sense. Also the bonus "organization" tools seem like a complete waste of space and weight.

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