What to Expect from Lymphatic Drainage Massage : How to Find a Qualified Lymphatic Massage Therapist


Hi! I’m Trish from Healthy Body Massage
of Orlando. You can visit our web page at www.healthybody-massage.com. I’m here today
for Expert Village. I am going to talk to you about how to find a lymphatic drainage
therapist. There are two types of ways to get your certification on lymphatic drainage,
one is to go to a two week course where you learn complete decongestant therapy, these
therapists are certified, they’re trained to be able to treat the disease processes
along with relieving edema or for detoxifying the body. The second way that you get your
certification is through three separate courses and this way you get a certification for each
course. They teach you how to drain the trunk of the body, the face and the neck and the
arms and the legs. If you do this first set of training you will be listed on A calls
you can find that online and it will give you complete decongestant therapist in any
state of the United States and if you go through the second way, the therapist should have
certifications that they can show you. It shows that they have completed their training,
so that you know you have somebody who has been trained to do this. This is very important
when you look for somebody doing lymphatic drainage.

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