What It’s Like To Be A Professional Matchmaker In New York City


When I out of the blue just tap them on
the shoulder and say “Hey, you’re super cute. I’m a matchmaker. Are you single?” They
think they’re on a TV show. This
country as a whole, our society as a whole, is incredibly, incredibly
frustrated with dating. I had somebody call me a fairy godmother once. They said
“Oh my gosh you’re my fairy godmother.” I’m fast but not that fast in heels. Hi I’m Alisa Purifico Morrell and I am
a Senior Matchmaker with Three Day Rule. I don’t go into an office every day. I
don’t have a 9-to-5 job. A lot of what I do is meeting people after the
work day, on their lunch break or during happy hours. I work a lot a night. Hello
beautiful! How are you? A lot of the times I meet people at their offices or at a
coffee shop or at a wine bar. You should combine a therapist, with a
wingwoman, with your best friend, with some sort of a recruiter-agent. That’s
essentially what a matchmaker does. It’s an interesting time in the society where,
even maybe 10 years ago, a man might approach a woman on the street and say
“hello” or do a little pickup line or something kind of fun, again like you’ve
seen romantic comedies. But nowadays it’s a different tone. It’s, um, not very common
that people will approach someone out of the blue. In fact, their heads are
probably in their cell phones. People are becoming more and more frustrated with
finding people organically. I usually have a couple of match meetings lined up
for the afternoon or into the early evening. And on the way to those meetings
I might bump into somebody in the subway or out in the street. If I see someone
that is a potential physical match for one of my clients, my job is to just go see
if they’re even single or available. I’ve chased someone
down the street before. (Panting) I can’t keep up. (laughing) Fail! I’m fast but not that fast in heels. Actually, I’ve done that a couple times, admittedly. So, I’m quite good at running
in heels. See that? That’s uh, me wearing down my heel from running around town so much. Gotta catch them! In New York especially, one of my favorite places to
pick up people is in the subway because there’s no better place than to sit
across from somebody for potentially two and a half three minutes where you’re
staring at somebody in the eyes. So the beauty about being a matchmaker
is asking the tough questions for my clients when they can’t. For example, if
my client is looking for somebody who you know wants to wait for sex in a
relationship and they don’t have sex before the relationship. If I’m sitting
down with a match potentially for that client it’s important for me to kind of
dig for those questions. So you say good intimacy does that mean you, um, you
understood each other well sexually? Or were you like you were able to explore
thing? And in conjunction how does that correlate to what you’re looking for in
a partner? They don’t have to know necessarily what my client is looking
for. I just need to know what they’re looking for so I can bridge the gap
behind the scenes. So he want, he definitely wants marriage.
He definitely wants a wife. When I chat with about age range, he was,
caveat, he was open from 30 to up to his age, which is amazing. He does want kids though. Type wise, he was kind of describing like a petite,
Caucasian, dark haired type. The hardest part about my job is having tough
conversations with people when they really start to tap into the inner
crevices of their soul and their insecurities and their vulnerabilities.
You know, it’s scary for them and it gets sad for them. They know they have to have
these tough conversations in order to get where they want to go in their love
lives. Tonight I’m going to a networking mixer for an opening of a new startup in Uptown. So I do a lot of work at nighttime. I have a lot of clients on the startup
tech space. So they really jive with like-minded startup folks. Black coffee
at 4:30 in the afternoon. Just getting the day started. Heels and coffee, baby.
That’s the name of the game.

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