What is the difference between short courses and professional courses?


Hi my name is Miki I am a graphic design teacher and I work at IT Step Academy Cambodia In a short course I teach the basics of Illustrator And the basics of Photoshop. The guys can learn the basic tools, how to use them how to work with the programs And how to understand those tools And the program itself But in the long term course they need a professional course The guys are not only learning the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator They are also learning as I said before different subjects. The main difference between the short course and the professional course is that the tools you can learn really fast And I think everyone can do it in 2 months easily. But using these tools And have a taste and understand the design And to make your job and design tasty and expensive That is the idea of becoming a professional and that is why the guys need to study professional course. Those are the main differences.

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