What is the Best Resume Length?


How long should your resume be? One page? Two pages?
Three pages? More than four pages? Coming up in this video I’ll explain
the required length of a resume. Hi I’m Matt from Zoodal.com. On the Zoodal YouTube channel we
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consider subscribing to the weekly videos. There’s a lot of debate about how
long a resume should be. Many people believe that a resume
should be no longer than 1 page in length. This is based on employers
spending only 6 seconds scanning a resume before deciding to
accept or reject the resume. Most people believe that in 6 seconds
an employer won’t take the time to scan a 2nd or 3rd page of a multi-page resume. Also, if you have more than
10 years experience with many skills to display in a resume, it can be
impossible to display all the details on one page and still have the resume
properly formatted and styled with plenty of white-space to make the
document reader friendly. When deciding on the length of
your resume consider these points: Your resume is a marketing
device for your future employment. It’s not a device to include all your
employment details and all your skills. Keep your resume concise and
relevant to the job you’re applying for. Make the resume significant to the
employment and employer by using keywords. There’s a link in the description below
for a subscriber only video using keywords in resumes. So how long should your resume be?
Well there’s no concrete answer. The length your resume will be determined by
your experience, skills, abilities & achievements. If you are a recent graduate with no
experience or just one to two years experience, then your
resume will most likely be 1 page in length. However, if you have more than
10 years experience working for different employers and you have a lot of
specialized skills and specific knowledge that relates to the job.
Then your resume will be at least 2 pages in length. Your resume may be longer than 3
pages, if you’re a senior manager, have more than 15 years experience,
have noteworthy achievements and you’ve had vast management and
leadership experience. I hope you found this video helpful.
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