What is Schizotypal Personality Disorder? | Kati Morton | Kati Morton

What is Schizotypal Personality Disorder? | Kati Morton | Kati Morton

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  1. So what if a person never had hallucinations their whole life but started having hallucinations after a traumatic experience?

  2. I have Schizotypal and one of the things I have trouble with us acceptance from family. They cannot handle me. I have panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and I do ramble, get tongue tied, cannot be out in crowds, and I have major problems communicating. I’d say I’m slow to warm up to people. I don’t trust others, I do see and hear things not there. I get my name called, see full bodied people, hear animals that aren’t there- sounds like it’s coming from inside a tunnel. I also have avoidant personality disorder, attention deficient, paranoia, and avoidant personality disorder.

  3. So I’m schizoaffective and I feel like having that disorder kind of pushed my mind deep into the schizotypal mindset. Before that I feel like I could’ve only identified with a couple of the traits described. The weird part about my hallucinations is that I knew they weren’t real but for some reason I thought that if I was smart enough I could separate the delusion in my hallucinations from things that actually gave me speculative insight into my situation in real life.

  4. But I legit think I have this. But I feel like nobody diagnoses my other issues because I have PTSD and therefore "everything is PTSD"

  5. I've been wronly diagnosed with STPD, I believe.

    About two years back I went to a preschool to artschool but I felt severely depressed. My doctor send me to a program at a psychiatric hospital that in the end (after several tests) gave me this diagnosis.
    Today I see that the therapists and doctors were perhaps jumping to conclusions, and that I don't have any of the symptoms defining STPD. At least I don't have them anymore. And it is supposed to be a lasting diagnosis.

    I have many friends and a girlfriend for three years now, and I enjoy the closeness and comfort of friends and family.
    I started artschool last year, and this among other helped me a lot in terms of getting through the rough times I have experienced earlier. I don't have hallucinations, I do not I think in a magical way, and my thoughts do not bother me anymore as they used to do. I try my very best every time to speak clearly and to the point, and I can tell from others that I succed in doing so. Meditation and positive thinking has helped me through, and my own concious decision to get better! The human mind is a powerful thing, both in a good and bad way, but all in all I think it is there to help us!

  6. im suspicious of everyone. i have some of these but not all.
    i play vr chat sometimes and i'm deathly afraid to talk to random people even if they cant actually see me. if anything im possibly schizo but likely not of one of these sub disorders.
    i have no problem with text communication with random people.

  7. How can I mention this to my therapist? These symptoms fit me and it feels like a huge relief to hear someone say it. Not trying to self diagnose; I’m just someone who would like closure

  8. I diagnosis Katie and all other folks who call themselves normal with Neurotypical Personality Disorder. See what I did there? Open your mind.

  9. I’m Schizotypal btw the reason we get accused of dressing weird is because we don’t know what a good outfit looks like.

  10. Just because most people don't believe what one person might tell them, doesn't make that person wrong or delusional. I'd say as a person with schizophrenia/schizotypal that the only things that could plausibly apply would be the lack of desire to make friends or maintain relationships. Or that they only have few friends that would include family.

  11. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD several times since early childhood. I’m started to believe it’s a schizoid trait I inherited, but maybe I’m just a delusional hypochondriac.

  12. my mother was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. I feel like every symptom describes me, except the "magical thinking" part and hallucinations. I tend to be very artistically inclined, and I love using metaphors and quotes. I feel very anxious and paranoid in social situations, and I feel like I can't be in control.

    I struggle to make meaningful connections with others, and I prefer isolation most of the time, even though I do get quite lonely. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. I've been told I'm weird and strange all of my life. I struggle with eye contact, even with people I know well. I often look for special meaning in mundane things as illustrations of philosophical ideas, but not as anything that is related to "my destiny".

  13. I took an online personality disorder test a decade ago and I scored a 'very high' on this and avoidant PD. A few days ago I took it again thinking 'maybe I've changed?' but no, it's still the same. I wanted to know what those PDs were so here I am. But I'm still confused though. I mean the symptoms kinda sound like my behavior but kinda not? Maybe I'm unconsciously denying it or maybe I was right.

    Disclaimer: I've been told that I tend to ramble on and on, and for that I apologise.

  14. Hi Kati, What is personality in psychological terms and how can we stay moderate without it becoming a personality disorder? How can I understand my personality type and stay normal?

  15. I have been diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder but I'm quite sure that I don't have it but got something else. I asked my doctor to be screened for ADHD since I did a test at another doctors office and my score was really high. But the doctor I see now, doesn't really "believe" in ADHD so she doesn't wanna go further with that until we have tested som anti psychotics on me…. I don't hallucinate unless I smoked weed and as far as I know, that's not suppose to count as a symptom when you screen patients for Schizotypal Personality Disorder?

  16. If we could harness the genes involved in Schizophrenia, we might be able to augment our perceptual experience. I look forward to this development.

  17. This dx fit me well, but I differ from it in that I have a strong empathy for people. Karen Horny diagnosed a certain personality type that has an absolute need to identify with others. Sometimes I think that dx fits me. I have a strong need to identify with others. Maybe not. That said, when I was eighteen I joined the army, even though I scored well on the SAT test, and my parents were willing to pay my way to college. I feel like I was just on the verge of really blossoming intellectually before I joined the army. Instead of blossoming, I tried to drink all the beer in Germany. There is a line in a song that goes, "I could cry for the time I wasted." Anyway, these days I think that maybe it was for the best I joined the army, because I think I would have messed up badly even if I hadn't joined the army. I might have become an eccentric, cranky professor that terrorized everybody. I probably would have become something pretty awful without the humbling I got in the military.

  18. This sounds like an exact description of my brother's personality. He has been like that for years. A little bit eccentric, nerdy, rather introvert, kinda living in his own world, speaking in a funny way (as if in his own dialect which obviously has been understood within the family as we got used to his eccentric behaviours), having trouble finding friends since early teenage years which my family associated with his habit of choosing to play video games rather than socializing (even though he was always extremely intelligent and funny person). He would sometimes act rude or inappropriate towards mom or a teacher at school, or express some akward beliefs, but nothing out of this world really, just what any other teenage boy exposed to social media and fake newses could come up with. We always thought that it was just his personality and we always loved him for being exactly what he was (can't imagine my brother acting in any other way).
    Two years ago, he has been taken to a hospital (after a sudden psychotic epizod) and diagnosed with a schizophrenia, there and then. We kinda lost him. After anti-psychotics his personality turned into: sadness, blunt emotions, lack of humour, complete social isolation, lack of motivation. He changed medications a few times already, whatever was making him feel better mentally was causing terrible side effect including parkinson's syndrome (that one was really bad and made the simplest of things, like reading or watching a movie, impossible). My question is, what is key to decide whether a person has a schizophrenia or "just" a SPD? I still didn't learn enough about my brother's condition but I constantly have that gut feeling that he has been diagnosed with something far more serious (and more permanent) than his actual condition. Obviously, I am not a psychiatrist. Recently my brother's doctor let him go without anti-psychotic for almost a month (to reduce the frustrating side effects). That was xmas period during which my brother seemed to feel better and for the first time ever since my brother has been diagnosed I managed to have a deeper connection with him, to actually speak about his illness and many other things. I literally felt like my 'old-brother was back'. We laughed and we cried together, we spoke a lot, we watched movies together, he was always one step behind me wherever I went and I really felt that he was happy for me to be around him (unfortunately I live overseas so we see each other rarely). As opposed to the periods when he takes medications and he basically spends all days at home in his room without wanting to speak to anyone, I really found that off-medication period worked well for him. As soon as he got back on anti-psychotics he started ti be really negative, depressive, complitely antisocial, dissapointed with the fact of going back to meds and always saying that this will mean another half a year wasted in life for him being unable to function fully. He stopped taking my calls, he barely speaks to mom who lives with him, he disregards the whole world around him, he has no empathy (my mom's just undergone a small surgery and he didn't ever ask her how it went or how she feels etc).
    I have a feeling that we have lost him again (as at the beginning of his treatment 2 years ago) and I never stop worrying about him. Does it HAVE to be schizophrenia? What are the deciding symptoms to distinguish between SPD and schizophrenia itself?

  19. Oh, and I'd add good diet (eat your greens) and physical therapy-a walk in the woods, etc. I mean if medications are going to get a nod, then I'd put these on equal and even earlier footing

  20. As a Schizotypal, people don't understand me. They're like: Stop being like that! So, being those things, I always have to walk away from the relationship.

  21. I don't really do the magical thinking or dress weird,because honestly I am obsessed with trying to be normal,so I dress quite bland and neutral (btw I'm not even the gender or color of Robert Mugabe that's the guy on the picture),but everything else is spot on . I keep studying people in order to mimic "normal ",and find dang I predict people's next move better than most people around be because I keep studying peoples behavior intensely.

  22. My personality type is INTP but I've done a little research on this topic and I see some of the symptoms line up with the personality type. So this generation would've outcasted the likes of Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and a plethora of Philsophers with these exact same traits….. interesting.

  23. It fascinates me that you DSM-5 clinicians believe that being social is a relevant part of wellness. Such an idea is so unbelievably reductive.

  24. I have this and feel relates to the most things…

    I even thought i was responsible for Notre dame burnings cause i dreamed of paris the night it burnd lol… So weird Sometimes.

  25. Maybe where more spiritually connected .. alot of people are ignorant of the reality they live in .. manipulated from birth ..welcome my friend to the machine .. explain the number synchronicitys I have everyday and things i have experienced ..im not crazy this polluted rat maze we live in is crazy .. time to wake up ..

  26. I've always had to make an extra effort to apply logic to every situation, and it's not perfect but it most certainly helps me.

  27. Thanks for the video – first one I've seen on Schizotypal. Personally I think it's a bit of a misconception that schizotypal people are complete loners. The solitude is often felt in the presence of others. For example, a psychiatrist who was researching the disorder theorised that this was what Virginia Woolf had. She could be very sociable and appear to have relationships, but be alone inside. In some senses I feel it's a bit of a Foucaulian disorder – as much a product of cultural structures and power dynamics as chemical imbalances. Maybe 🙂

  28. For me … I live in my "safe' place and I do not get out much. I tend to be the misfit in in social setting and I truly feel as though everyone around me is against me. I also tend to hear voices … like I can read the thoughts of the people around me and it is never a positive experience. I do NOT understand people and quite frankly they scare me to no end. I tried going on a fishing trip within a "group" session and that was absolutely horrible for me because all these people were talking to me and I could not handle it! I felt as if I wanted to run away and lock myself up.. and because I just dont connect to anyone really and they tell me I am an emotional void which to me feels like nothing… people will laugh, cry, etc.. around me and I just don't connect to any of that.

  29. What if I actually like being different and actually believe it’s a gift and not a disorder?
    I mean, with today’s evil as a normal for everyone I think maybe God is protecting me from falling in rank with the rest of the population.
    When You see everyone lined up fallowing each other doing what everyone else does as normal I see the pied piper leading them off a cliff.
    What is normal? How is that defined? Just because 95% of the population thinks it’s normal doesn’t make it so

  30. I always imagine I'm teleporting like Goku from dragon Ball Z
    And Im having trouble with my speech too

  31. I have shizotypal. I have good friends around me, which surprises me when i read about the symptons. I do have difficulty forming close intimate relationships. Magical thinking is hard for me. You dont know that some of your thoughts are actually not normal. Its hard to get over that hurdle, because you dont know its a problem. thanks for the video

  32. Do you know of psychotropic medications that are not mitochondrial toxic? My neuropsychiatrist doesn't. Neither does my MELAS syndrome specialist in Japan.
    Someone edited the original question. the hacker's mad. The FBI should trace the first edit, cause it wasn't me. i edited it back.

  33. What if one is paranoid from antiseizure medication? My wife says mine does that. she also says i become very talkative
    while on antiseizure medication.

  34. ive realized that it really helps to try and find fictional characters that fit the description. Schizotypal – Lucifer on Netflix

  35. How much of this can be chalked up to environmental incongruence? I meet a lot of these, but I moved from a small town to the center of a major metropolitan area a decade ago. Quite honestly, most of the people here seem like a buncha whackos (no offense anyone). My cognition is markedly different from theirs, as are my behaviors, manners, and values. Quite frankly, I don’t want to interact with them, as interaction is a two way street, and I really don’t want them rubbing off on me anymore than absolutely necessary. I get along with people in my hometown alright, and seem fairly average there, as well as other small towns and rural areas across the country. If mental illness is, at its core, a marked inability at appropriate adaptation, then where does the line between mental illness and environment stand? Pretty positive I’d be classified with a mental illness in this major metropolitan area, but would conversely flourish in a rural area.

  36. Am I the only one who “feels” a presence in mannequins at the mall…one time I bumped into one and said excuse me lol…I hope that doesn’t make me sound too crazy 😜

  37. i have been diagnosed with schizotipal personality disorder and i have stopped all medication because i feel like i'm being locked up inside my own body. i was seeing a psychologist but she just disapeared without saying a thing or transfering my documents to anyone. not that it mathers much to me since i feel like a number when i see psychologist (sorry). i rather just stay away from people and only wish for help when i'm starting to feel suicidal. not that i'd hurt myself, but i often feel like life is a waste of time and that humanity would be better off dead. it would leave much more space for the reste of the beautiful creatures and wildlife.

  38. I have a little bit of this disorder . Think everyone acts superior and lacks empathy . Even know I know people are too focused on themselves. It's not all about me . It's just how I was treated when i was younger . I have bad social anxiety . I have a lot of empathy for people. But can't socialise with people .

  39. You said "inappropriate or constricted affect", and then unlike the other symptoms you just ignored it and moved on! I was really hoping you'd explain a bit more about that specifically, I'm schizotypal and I don't understand anything and everything I try to learn about it confuses me more :'(

  40. Nowadays everything is a mental illness regardless of how logical some “symptoms” are. Notice how they have an infinite amount of mental illnesses? I’d love to learn about the textbook human being

  41. American serial killer Jeffery dahmer was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder and borderline personality disorder but also suffered from alcoholism who killed 17 boys and young men between june 1978 and july 1991 but was given the nickname the Milwaukee cannibal or the Milwaukee monster because he also didn't just kill his victims but also feasted on his victims heart and muscles in there arms also.

  42. i've always been a suspicious person, especially with my parents, friends, and relationships. couple years ago i had a serious relationship and i couldn't leave the other person alone. i always had to know what they're doing, always had trouble trusting them, what their motives are, etc. never really ever considered i might have something wrong with me till now. the vid was a bit helpfull, ty

  43. I got diagnosed with this like literally yesterday (I mean I found out yesterday). It’s been very confusing but I’m starting to understand what ptpd is a little better? If anyone has any more resources or wants to dm I’d be interested

  44. After smoking weed i heard im inner self talking to me saying Al, everything going to be ok. Or like im going to die.. Or thinking the doctors wont help me. Like they know im sick but wont help. Lol. Idk, its so trippy, and creepy.. But in my chest i feel this dark evil sadness like hopelessness..

  45. What do I do when these symptoms / criteria are clearly demonstrated by my psychologist? I.e.: Indifference to my interests or concerns. Doesn't understand moral or ethical issues such as abusive or toxic job related relationships / supervision. Insists that compliance or obedience is required for healthy relationships and occupations. Insists that he has special telepathic insights into irrational ideas, future outcomes, and believes that he has powers to see into hidden subconscious meanings that is neither accurate or evident to others. Demands that I seek his approval before taking action and gets upset if I don't. Believes that therapy should be about what he wants to talk about. He endlessly finds fault with my goals, ambitions, interests, accomplishments, and solutions. He exaggerates and distorts my concerns to satisfy his own fixation on personality disorder; which hasn't been or isn't evident to others. The frustrating aspect of all this is that my therapist works for the VA and I don't have the option of changing provider. I've asked!

  46. You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen, Kati. (Now please don't diagnose me with a psychiatric disorder lol)

  47. If you're told that the way you think, dress or do things are "off", of course you'll be suspicious of others.

  48. Question can children get this? I was diagnosed in 2nd grade and with depression and add and visual audio processing delay. In 2015 i was diagnosed with autism so thats my question

  49. I dont talk about things if they're part of my destiny but when I'm angry or pissed off or even just upset and things go wrong I can believe the universe is out to get me like I'm trying to do this comment but for whatever reason YouTube wants it so we have to type the last word ourselves whenever using the voice app and I never get notifications onWhatsApp for example and minor inconveniences just get to me all the time and I'm terrified that an actual stressful would send me crazy they have in the past

  50. I really enjoy your presentations on youtube.About 20 years ago I got some great help from a Clinical Pyschologist Phd who used verbal therapy and bioenergetics.The bioenergetics helps free the feelings and associated repressed thoughts, due to releasing what Wilhelm Reich called muscular armoring. These are muscular tensions that are generated by the defenses going on in the psyche. Schizoid or Schizotypal definitely sounds like the zone I was in and when my therapy ended the therapist confirmed as much using one of those terms.Grounding exercises through my legs and feet were a big part of my bioenergetics, helped me get in touch with reality better, and my physical body.I grew up with a feeling like my mother really didn't like my ways that much, didn't approve of me, also the feeling that the world was not a safe place.She was "damaged goods" from her childhood and did her best.

  51. I just today learned that my 38-year-old son was diagnosed some time ago with schizotypal personality disorder. How this diagnosis has come to me so late in our lives has an explanation too Shakespearean to present here. But I write to say thank you for your video. Your characterization of the disorder fits him and helps me understand him and provides some ideas for guidance. And some hope. It also gives me insight into my father. And once my wife finds out, she too will see the propriety of the diagnosis for her stepson, she will recognize my father as well, and then she will no doubt raise an accusatory finger at me and say, “Ah ha! It was you all along!”

    Perhaps not the time for a joke. That my son may be so afflicted… Then again, perhaps this is just the time for humor.

    In any case, thank you for your work here.

  52. I fit the criteria but not the stereotypes. I'm not spiritual or a conspiracy theorist, and I love logic.
    But I also have traits of Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Tourette's, OCD and ASD. (two of which I have an official diagnosis with)

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