What if you are NOT Qualified in GATE?? | A Hard Truth


What if you are not qualified in GATE? To answer that question I would like to give
a disclaimer that this video can be little harsh with some bitter truth. So be ready for it. In majority there are only two types of candidates
which might be appearing in GATE either 4th Year students or 1-2 Years dropper. There can be some candidates who are working
professionals and trying for GATE as a career change. But we are not going to talk about them since
they already have backup option as current job. But before anything else, there is one question
you should ask to yourself not to anyone else and that is, whether you have put 100% effort
or not. Now if you’re a dropper and your answer
is yes, that you have given everything that you could, but still you are not qualified
in GATE or you are just qualified but not enough rank for NIT, IIT, PSU or even state
engineering colleges. That means you are at boundary. Than I have to tell you one hard truth, GATE
is actually not for you. GATE is never about knowing everything in
a subject, but it is actually about how well you understand one concept and apply that
concept in solving any problem. It might be possible that you have understood
the concept very well, but where you lack is applying that knowledge in solving problem. It is similar like if I give a puzzle and
you couldn’t solve it, but I explain to you how it is solved and you understood it
very well. Key here is you don’t have that aptitude
to solve puzzles or new questions asked in GATE although you know the concept. Even if you give one more year of preparation
your GATE score will not improve significantly. Does it mean you are not good Engineer? No, you are actually better Engineer than
many candidates who have qualified GATE. As I said GATE requires a particular set of
Aptitude skills, even 12th class student with Maths, Aptitude and Physics knowledge can
qualify GATE, if he is good at it. That doesn’t make him even Engineer. What I am trying to say, while preparing for
GATE from last 1-2 Years you will get immense knowledge in Technical field. Which will help you in getting Job also once
you get job your growth in Industry will be much faster. Now how to get job and where to search for
it that we will discuss in another video. But don’t lose hope. There are many ways through which you can
achieve your dreams, what you have to change is your mindset. Now, if you are a dropper and your answer
is no, I have not given enough time for preparation, than you already know its your mistake and
you have wasted all your precious time. If you are fresher I can understand that there
is lot of other things like Project, Assignment, Classes etc. which will affect your preparation. I think they can be excused at this moment
of time. But droppers have to think, is really you
want GATE to be get qualified? Or your interest lies somewhere else. If your answer is still yes, that your aim
is to qualify GATE, then you have to become really more serious in your life. Otherwise there is nothing wrong in choosing
other options. You will always do better on things which
you like to do, If you are preparing for GATE just to get govt. Job but you really hate technical. Trust me you will even hate more if you somehow
get into these jobs. Try to find something which interests you
more Now if you are Final year student and you
secured almost qualifying marks around 28+ and that too with not much preparation and
Coaching. Than I would suggest that you can prepare
for GATE targeting next Year. If you want you can join coaching or better
you can watch online lectures either from NPTEL or Youtube Channels. Most important is finding a good teacher who
can explain you concepts better and give you proper guidance. But you must take test series to check your
performance regularly. You can also watch my video on how to prepare
for GATE for starting point and books. But if you are a final year student and were
not able to score much for example less than 20. Whether you have prepared or not, same thing
applies to you. GATE is not for you. But still as I said, there is lot you can
achieve if you know what to do. But if are confused you can start it with
eliminating something you shouldn’t do. And probably not putting your effort and time
in preparing for GATE will help. Now if you still want job in technical field
than you can put your effort in doing some extra courses which will help you get a job. We will talk about these courses in separate
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