What Happened Before History? Human Origins

What Happened Before History? Human Origins

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59 thoughts on “What Happened Before History? Human Origins”

  1. I believe the first human to communicate was Heimskr " Let me tell you something friend, Cyrodiil is a long way from here, and here, in Skyrim, we will never forsake mighty Talos"

  2. The Big Bang is history there is nothing before big bang so nothing is before history cuz time didn't exist till the big bang BiG BrAiN

  3. I disagree with these theories of human evolution! Especially when anyone trying to put a time table on something that is impossible to measure. Like signs of intelligence, we can only speculate from the time we discovered or first evidence of writing. But a person who's intelligent enough would know that not all artifacts/ technology from past humans wouldn't survive thousands and millions of years before being discovered. We've lost more than we've found!

  4. I see no reason to view Neanderthals and the such as being a separate species.
    They are human beings and there is evidence that we were capable of reproducing with them, we are all the same species.

  5. If I was alive I feel like I would somehow manage burn a forest down using this new invention called uh “FIYER”

  6. Soo basically

    Humans: hits a ting dies
    God: HAH
    Humans: makes a thing and kills anoother thing
    God: HAH
    Humans: makes a house
    Angel: sir these humans are getting pretty advanced
    Humans: makes a working society
    Angel: mr god these humans are getting VERY VERY advanced
    God: let’s just wait for them to find out
    Humans: modern age
    Angel: SIIR-
    God: JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!
    Humans: find out the meaning of the universe
    God: ok let’s kill em

    meteor time

  7. Only two ways we originated unless of course your a lunatic and believe some god created everything…1.We originated from another plant or 2. A group of gorrilas/monkeys came across a field of mushrooms and ate then which in turn opened a part the brain that had never been awake..

  8. My younger nephew somehow does not get bored to this when I watch it on the big screen. Must be the colorful animations. I just wish he'll refrain from asking questions while we watch.

  9. Ever since you guys did that video about how every human life is actually part of some great entity that will become God one day I can't watch any of your non- hard science videos without a huge helping of skepticism

  10. I do love how you put “sailor moon stick” on the moon in this clip, by the way, your vdo is just easy to understand. Thank you for sharing very nice knowledge.

  11. Seems to me the inspiration for this storytelling style and the channel as a whole was the universal encyclopedia in the Hitchhikers Galaxy. AmIright ?

  12. Great video made me think of our near future(before the year 2100). Will we survive as a species? With all the technology that is wonderful but yet dangerous in the wrong hands, can we as individuals disagree with each other, yet live in harmony and be civil with each other. Can we use our collective instinct to want to live, make us figure out how to help the other 25 1/2 million species survive as we (Homo Sapiens) continue to exponentially grow and encroach on every species that inhabit and share our amazing planet.

  13. Only a select few of us are smart enough to realize this I’m not trying to be mean here folks very few of us live up to our species Latin name Wiseman

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