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Hi, I’m Andru Edwards and you
are watching technically speaking, brought to you by
national car rental. Each week I’m gonna show
you the hottest tech in three very important categories: speed, choice,
and control. So whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home, these are gadgets
are gonna make your life that much easier. Let’s get to it. This is the Samsung T3 portable SSD
and it’s setting the standard for speed when it comes to
external hard drives. At the size of a business card, this compact gadget packs a quick punch and it can hold up
to two terabytes of data. This little thing
can reduce down time with super-fast transfer
speeds of up to four hundred and fifty megabytes per second. That’s up to four times faster than traditional
external hard drives, and it’s also compatible
with future devices thanks to its USBC port. Alright music lovers
on the go, listen up. This is the Outdoor
Tech Buckshot Pro. It’s a portable speaker that wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth
enabled device. So you have a few choices
on how to use it. First, it’s a speaker,
you can listen to music. Second, this right here
snaps into the USB port and gives you a flashlight. Pretty cool, right?
Last but not least, you can use that same USB port to power
a smartphone or tablet. It’s great for travel,
great for the beach, or even while you’re away
on business trips. Lots of choices here. Traveling can make you
feel out of control. These Luminette Wearable
Light Therapy Glasses might help you regain it. You put them on like
a normal pair of glasses, like so, and carry on
with your morning routine. They use technology
that simulates the light of sun to activate your body’s
positive response to light. In just about thirty minutes,
they may help improve your mood, combat insomnia, and even battle jet lag. Great for travel,
completely portable, and an easy solution to help keep you balanced
while you’re on the road. These are my top tech picks
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