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Weeknight Meals | Basics with Babish

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Hey guys this week’s episode of basics
is not only sponsored by Blue Apron, it is itself a love letter to quick
weeknight meals. Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service that’s a great option
for anybody who’s trying to cook more, cook healthier, or cook more deliciously.
The first hundred people to use the link in this video’s description to sign up
for blue apron will get $50 off their first two weeks. We’ll get back to that
later, for now let’s get down to basics…. Okay, so as far as weeknights a great
place to start is the one pot meal I first posted this dish to Reddit like
four years ago and it’s stuck by my side ever since. We’re starting by peeling and
cubing 2 sweet potatoes pushing those aside so we can peel, core, and dice 2
granny smith apples. You want to use this or any other good baking Apple because
we’re gonna be well, baking this Apple, so chop that up into similarly bite-sized
pieces and we’re gonna mince up some fresh sage. So there we go, we got the
foundation now let’s go build us a house. Into a lightly oiled ripping hot
stainless steel or cast iron skillet we are placing four chicken thighs skin
side down. We’ve already seasoned the skin side now
we’re gonna season the meat with salt and freshly ground pepper and then we’re
not touching these until they are deeply brown and pull away freely from the
bottom of the pot. Are they still stuck? Well ain’t done yet! Pace around
nervously as we let the other side of the chicken get a little bit of color
but we’re not trying to cook these through we’re just trying to crisp up
the skin and we’re trying to get some of this stuff on the bottom of the pot. Y’all know what this is: bond. Right now it’s swimming in a whole bunch of extra
chicken fast so we’re gonna drain off most of it, reserving about a tablespoon
into which we are depositing our sweet potato and apple. We’re sauteing these
over medium heat for about five to seven minutes. Again, not to cook them through
just to give them some color and then we are deglazing with the good stuff: a
little bit of bourbon. If you know what you’re doing and you’ve got a fire
extinguisher nearby you can go ahead and flambé the rest of the liquor off but
this is mostly just for showboating. Doesn’t really do much for the flavor to
this we’re going to add a little whisper of chicken stock just enough so that you
can see it pooling underneath the potatoes and apples, we’re not trying to
braise this thing we’re just trying to eventually create a sauce. Add the minced fresh sage and toss around let everybody get to know each other and then we’re
bringing the chicken back to the party. Making sure that skin is not submerged
in the liquid and then this guy’s going in a preheated 375 degree fahrenheit
oven while we toast up some pecans. Then once the thickest part of the
chicken thighs have reached 175 degrees Fahrenheit these guys are ready for
extradition I’m gonna give this a little squeeze of lemon but I hope you can see
how you can change this up to make it your own. You could swap the sweet
potatoes and apples for root vegetables you could change out bourbon for white
wine, or garnish with hazelnuts or almonds instead of
pecans, add onions or shallots in the earlier stages instead of garnishing
with chives. The basic concept here is did part cook your chicken by getting it
nice and crisp and sautéing and deglazing whatever starches fruits or
vegetables you have underneath in that sense it really all comes down to timing
and an excellent exercise in timing is sheet pan dinners. In this case we’re
gonna do a starch, a vegetable, and a protein all on the same sheet pan in the
same oven. For starch I’m going with halved baby Yukon Golds that I’m coating an
olive oil, salt, and freshly ground pepper tossing to combine and then dumping onto
a preheated sheet pan that I’ve had waiting in a 400 degree fahrenheit oven
for about 20 minutes placing them cut side down this is gonna
help them pick up a little bit of extra color and they’re going in the oven
first as they take the longest to cook about 40 minutes all told. That gives us
25 minutes to prep our vegetables in this case: asparagus. I’m using the old
bend to snap method which after a Google search I discovered is a myth so just
cut these… tossing with olive oil, kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper. Then
we’re whipping up a quick sauce for our protein in this case: salmon. So I’m gonna
go with some crushed garlic, the juice of one lemon; which you might notice I
pressed and rolled there.. That actually helps the juice come out more easily when squeezed, a nice little teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a good glug of olive oil,
some kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper. There are so many different
directions that you could take this little vinaigrette but this one responds
particularly well to the heat of the oven. Next up, we’re contending with our
salmon fillets which I’m just gonna make sure are free of bones… Fish mongers
don’t always get all the bones so always give your fillets a little squeeze
before generously coating in your vinaigrette and now we’re scooting the
potatoes off of the side which you can see if picked up some lovely brown color
and since the salmon and asparagus have roughly the same cook time about- 15
minutes they’re getting arranged side by side on the sheet pan and back into the
oven they go until the salmon registers 125 degrees Fahrenheit at its thickest
point. Now if any elements of the sheet pan dinner is undercooked
just remove the finished elements put them under foil keep them warm until
everybody is ready to go. Garnish a little bit of parsley like I did if you
want; and you’ve got yourself one super easy super quick super delicious
weeknight dinner. Now there is a whole other strata of
so the easy weeknight dinners that we haven’t yet discussed and that is: pasta.
So we’re gonna try out blue aprons creamy pesto cavatelli and this is an
excellent exercise in ‘mise en place,’ making sure that we have everything in its
place. Let me just read the directions here… All
right, so we’re starting by taking the zucchini cutting it into quarters
lengthwise, and then slicing into manageable mouth sized pieces.
Likewise with a carton of cocktail tomatoes we’re cutting these into quarters, but it’s a sliding scale based on what’s a reasonable size for your mouth,
something that we’re chopping down to sub mouth sized pieces is garlic. Three
cloves worth, finely chopped and now we’re ready to move over to the stove.
Just got to get everything off our knife… Here there we go, we’ve got a nonstick
skillet heating over medium-high heat into it goes a splash of olive oil and
we’re starting with our zucchini. Tossing it just a coat and then letting it sit
so it gets some nice brown flavorful facets while we negotiate our pasta.
Boiling for I think it said seven minutes we got some color going on the
zucchini so we’re getting that a little toss, and firing the flames and then I’m
deviating from protocol here and adding the tomatoes because I want them to get
a little bit cooked. I personally like not totally raw tomatoes in my pasta.
Then, we’re adding the garlic and some red pepper flake if desired- if you want
a little bit of heat- tossing that until fragrant and then draining our pasta
reserving one-half cup of pasta water if you haven’t learned by now pasta water
is the stuff from which dreams are made. We’re adding both the pasta and the
pasta water to the skillet adding the little included pat of creme fraiche and
stirring rounds of those flavors so they can get to know each other, and that pasta can
soak up all that delicious flavorful liquid. Now just before killing the heat
we’re going to add about a cup of baby spinach. We want this to just wilt from
the heat of the pan so give it a little toss kill the heat, and then we’re adding
the pesto. We want to avoid actively heating pesto as that dulls the flavor
of the basil. So we’re just starting that making sure everything is incorporated
and most importantly tasting for seasoning. We are then seasoning to taste, tossing to combine, and plating up for dinner. As you can see blue apron once
again saves the day with quick beautiful meals featuring instructions you can
follow and ingredients you can pronounce.. and again the first hundred people to
sign up using the link in this video’s description will get $50 off their first
two weeks. I hope you guys try making these meals for yourselves put your own
spin on it and see how lovely and fresh a meal you can make fast
than it takes to order a pizza.

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  8. Honestly looking to this. I'm a college student and my meal card was 2.4k a semester for the BASIC one…. 🙁 For the same span of thyme, blue apron was more than fifty percent cheaper. Also, takes away the stress from having to shop for food considering I do not have a car as well.

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  12. Hey guys, for everyone hating on Blue Apron for being greedy or whatever, they post all their recipes online for FREE with exact ingredients and step-by-step instructions. So subscribing is really for people who are willing to pay a premium for the convenience of saving time shopping.

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  15. I love this! It’s hard for me to creatively branch out to something I know will be sustainable for more than 1-2 trials. Thanks for the video!

  16. In response to various critical comments on this video-

    Some people have incredibly busy lives and families, some people are mobility impaired, and some people simply don't know what to get yet because they may be new to cooking and may benefit from an expert of some kind just giving them the stuff they need with some instructions.

    Not everyone is a dumb, lazy asshat by default, and talking about them that way isn't going to change their behavior for the better.

    Also, you can recycle plastic bags. Prevention is better, but you have other options than just trashing them.

  17. I made the first dish and my gf and I loved it! Only mistake I made was to dice everything too small (1/2in squares) this ended up in mushy apples, the sweet potatoes were just slightly overcooked. Live and learn, very flavorful nonetheless!

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  31. peel root end of the asparagus if it is woody or just cut it off if you are not concerned with cost per ounce. Just my 2 cents

  32. Thank you for these. My weeknight meals have consisted of calzones made by scratch and stuff like that because I get bored haha

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    Today I'm off, so I tried out the poutine recipe you have. Four hours of waiting is fine, since I put them in the freezer at noon. But a lot of this stuff is just impossible unless you really have loads of spare time.

    I almost want to become a stay at home dad (without children, lol) and just cook delicious stuff all day. If only I could change to a three day workweek. I could work for three days, get enough money to spend four days just cooking and having friends over lol.

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