We Tried Professional Cuddling – Here’s How It Went

We Tried Professional Cuddling – Here’s How It Went

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I think what attracts me to being a
professional cuddler is that I feel a lot of what other people feel. So it actually comforts me to comfort other people Hi, I’m Saskia Larsen and I’m a
professional cuddler. I have been a I have been a professional cuddler for about three
years now. So when I introduce what I do to people and I’ll say professional
cuddler or I’ll say touch practitioner or I’ll say therapeutic touch
practitioner, nobody really knows what that is. The word cuddling, professional
cuddling, that phrase kind of goes, “What?” You know, it’s a little, how is that
possible? But I do think human beings are continuing to evolve and become more
open and understanding about what basic human needs are and touch is a basic
human need. So in addition to social health benefits, there’s also emotional and physical health benefits. I think just overall my clients feel better. A
large part of emotional and mental health is getting enough touch in your
life. Emotionally they feel better. Their anxiety goes way down. I believe in all
types of therapy. I believe in pharmacological efforts,
I believe in talk therapy, touch therapy, anything that helps you. Anything that’s
a resource, I think should be explored. Cuddle is definitely one of the
resources. One of the reasons that I wanted to start this company is that when you’re feeling incredibly disconnected or incredibly lonely, to
have that kind of connection can spark sort of a change of consciousness, which
can allow real healing to happen. So, I firmly believe that we’re here on earth for human connection. A lot of us have a hard time making connections and so just
like I can drop down in meditation and sort of get to a different place, by
being physically present with someone else, it’s the quickest way to feel, to
get more in touch with yourself. Our intention is to be radically accepting
of another person and to bring our full presence there. So what we do and what we
find is that you go from a stranger to not a
stranger incredibly quickly. If you are a person who thinks, “maybe I should try, you know, therapeutic touch and cuddle sessions and you think about, “what’s
going on in my life?” It could be that you just feel like something is still
missing and you’re not sure what it is. It may or may not be that you need more
touch but it might be. Cuddle therapy, you’re dealing with two people who have already talked on the phone already given a background on each other, gotten
to know each other a little bit. Both are agreeing to hold each other in some way and both are agreeing to be vulnerable and in a safe space. So, to bond in that environment, it’s really much easier than anyone could ever imagine

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  1. Maybe I should try that out… I mean being a professional cuddler. I know it is something massively important.

  2. In her new video on Vice that came out 2/9/20, she says her ‘boyfriend’. I guess her husband did mind after all. 🤣

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