Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser — Dental Professional Shows How To Use

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser — Dental Professional Shows How To Use

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[MUSIC PLAYING] I first discovered the Waterpik®
back in the late 1960s, and I’ve used one ever since. It’s refreshing,
invigorating, and easy to use. Since the 1960s,
delivering the 1,200 pulses of water every minute. 99.9% of Biofilm removal. Now is time to discover
the Waterpik® for yourself. Keeping a few tips
in mind, you will find it is easy and mess
free to clean your teeth and gums with the Waterpik.® Here is an outside
view demonstrating the angle of the tip to
the teeth and gum tissue. A straight on, 90-degree angle
is all that is required. Just remember you want the water
to shoot along the gumline and straight through the
space in between the teeth. This demonstration shows an
easy and mess-free technique for using the Waterpik®
Water Flosser. Fill the reservoir
with warm water. Select the tip you want to use. For regular daily use,
I use the Jet Tip. Select the power setting. Lean over the sink. With the tip placed in your
mouth, turn the unit on. Keep your mouth slightly open
to allow the water to run out. Slowly progress around to
the front teeth, and then the back teeth on the left side. Now inside to run the water
jet along the gum line at the same angle. You can press the blue
button with your thumb to pause the water flow while
you switch from the top teeth to the bottom teeth. Another great smile kept
healthy by Waterpik.®

100 thoughts on “Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser — Dental Professional Shows How To Use”

  1. Just picked up a portable version of this (I don't have the counter space for a giant water tank) from Amazon.

    Getting this to fix inflamed and sensitive gums.  😀

  2. Hi Waterpik, I've started flossing about 10 years ago, and since then I haven't had any new cavity. I'm reluctant to try the Waterpik because i must be doing something right so far. How is waterpik better in removing plague than flossing?

  3. Just got mine today. I floss every morning with string floss and at night with the Reach brand floss stick. I brush with my Sonicare twice faily also. I have hopes of using Waterpik at night and still string floss in morning. I just hope this works as advertised. I bought my 12 yr old son one a year ago after he got his braces on and he uses it every night. He likes it. We see the dentist 3 times a year instead of the normal twice a year. Dental hygiene is important to us. The hygienist always says my sons gums are very healthy and that he is doing great with flossing. He only uses his Sonicare and his Waterpik. I will have to wait until February to see what the hygienest says about me after using it for a few months.

    I hope it doesnt cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. The pressure seems a bit much even at setting number 2.

  4. i have the dumbest question ever :/ so i just bought it and i feel like i'm using it completely wrong. do i put the pik directly on my gum line, or give it a small distance? i guess i was a bit overwhelmed by the experience and kept messing up. 🙁 it there another video that shows what's going on, inside the mouth? sorry, i'm not all that bright in the common sense department :/

  5. This is the one my family had when I was a child. I thought they stopped making these, as at one point my sister worked for Teledyne. About seven years ago, I rediscovered the Waterpik, with the control knob. LOVE IT. We have one in our bathroom that we use several times a day, and one in the kids' bathroom that we supervise. Our dentist liked how our teeth looked, and now recommends Waterpik.

  6. – I'll never go back to flossing now, even if flossing is more effective. The Waterpik is vastly easier and nicer.
    – ONE THING, the wand hose broke off inside the wand. I fixed it (had to break the wand, and the repair didn't last). Other users online have reported the same problem.
    – Luckily at a garage sale I got a cheap older Waterpik, and am using it now. 
    Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.

  7. Dear Waterpik, please stop banging on your statement of "clinically proven".  This just shows that you controlled what people did…
    Go wash your car by just spraying water on it… even high pressure water.  Let it stand dry.  Did it come clean?  Now go wash it with a sponge and manually scrub it with a sponge… is it cleaner? 
    The idea that spraying water is removing plaque from teeth is a joke. 
    Sorry Waterpik, I totally disagree with your marketing add and believe you are playing on the false outcome of your study… it is possible to control a group of people to get the result you want for your commercial.

  8. Someone please help I have this waterpik ultra waterflosser but after a few months it only works for a few seconds then stops,please help he with fixing this what is the problem?

  9. I just brought a water flosser for our family. I believe it's totally worth it! 🙂 Hopefully my dental hygienist thinks so too. I've always been told to floss, but string floss makes my gums bleed hard, so I seldom do it. With this, since it's water, not only do I not feel pain, I also feel squeaky clean! 😀

  10. I am getting braces in less than a month and lots of people are recommending a waterpik to me.I was just wondering how much this costs for a waterpik?Thanks~emma😄🦄

  11. i want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well to make a long story short…my gums, about 8 months ago, were in the worst shape they were ever in. So much that they were bleeding without any strain being put on them. I've been using the Waterpik WP-100 (along with better brushing and listerine) for about ten days now and my dental health has done a complete 180.

    This product makes me happy to floss and clean my teeth. 10/10 so far

  13. I've recently bought a waterpik for my braces, and i don't know how to use it? Please reply with a video explains on how to do it with braces, thanks

  14. Get a Listerine dude.
    I'd rather have a root canal each year rather than doing this time consuming torture every day. Total time wasted for this machine in a year is worth a tooth. I say let them decay if this is the way to save them.

  15. Does this method actually remove plaque from between the teeth the same way proper flossing does? I mean it's just water. I believe that proper flossing is more effective. But since 95% of people don't know how to floss properly i believe that this would be more effective for them

  16. Why did they angle the handle so poorly. Leave it straight so I can get a perfect 90. They slanted the handle so that you have to hold it at a -50 degree angle and it's weird as hell

  17. I had a bad infection in my gums. I was constantly bleeding and pus was also coming out. I brushed 3 times a day, flossed, and used mouthwash. But nothing was helping. My condition was getting worst.  I never used one of these water picks before. So I decided to get one and hope for the best. It was a bit painful at first. Since by gums were swollen and sensitive. Tons of blood start to come out the first day I used the waterpik. The second day, I noticed I was bleeding less. By the third day, one section of my mouth was completely healed. And I still have one little area that I'm still working on. But is also clearing up fast. Dental Floss is not enough. I suggest everyone to purchase a waterpik. The results are amazing.

  18. Is this a replacement for flossing? I have braces and it takes like 20 minutes to floss. thats why i got this so is it a replacement for flossing with dental floss?

  19. I just bought one of these yesterday and I can already tell an enormous difference. My gums ached all the time and were red and swollen but after using it for the first time yesterday, today the inflammation and pain has reduced drastically

  20. Few Questions:

    1. Do I need to remove the jet tip everytime I finish using it? My Waterpik twice is already giving me issues where it turns on but the water doesn't come out of the jet tip.

    2. Do I need to do the back side of my teeth as well?

    3. Which power setting for the jet tip do you recommend we use? Is it based off preference or..?

    Thanks in advance

  21. Just purchased one of these products a week ago and I'm so mad I didn't know about this years ago, flawless product my teeth and gums feel so much healthier

  22. It shows filling the reservoir from the faucet; wouldn't it be better to use distilled water to use in the waterpik, because you then wouldn't have a build up of elements found in the water? Or does it matter?

  23. after using waterpick I still get tiny debris from food I eat in between teeth when use dental floss? am I doing it wrong?

  24. Had it packed in my drawer for a while unopened and decided to try it from last week. great results I actually regret not using earlier.

  25. Ok so my mom bought this for me and my sister amd i dont know why we dont use it. For some odd reason our bathroom has no outlet but ill try to use it now

  26. just came from the dentist 11 hrs ago they had me in for a cleaning while asking me if I flossed today I said I never flossed in my life that shit hurts. and I wonder why I'm on level 4 almost 2 level 5 on all the teeth gum board a level 6 7 8 9 being the worst I really hope this Waterpik works because I hate flossing and I hate when a dentist fauces my teeth for me I had a good amount of blood today hopefully this changes everything I don't want to be 30 with no teeth forget that

  27. I just got braces and waterpik works perfectly fine. I can't imagine using a floss threader every day, takes a long time! so the waterpik comes in handy…

  28. The blue pause button is always the first thing to break on the units I have had….I stopped using it….now just use the on/off switch.

  29. I can't believe this was existent from the 60s! Makes me absolutely furious I didn't know about this earlier. I bought a Waterpik a few days ago and tried it today. It is truly refreshing. Thank you for being in my life.

  30. I love mine it works awesome had is now over thirteen years and I get better check ups now, and they still sell them.

  31. Okay after watching this video, and reading all of the comments, I'm going to dig mine out of the closet, and give it another try. I was getting water everywhere, and out of frustration I just gave up. I have a few gum issues, and if this will help, I'm willing to make a mess in the bathroom. Wish me luck.

  32. I used to have various toothaches and mouth ulcers. It won't be now. I have found that as long as the bacteria in the mouth are solved, the teeth will grow healthily, but they need daily care. Electric toothbrush + Water Flosser = Healthy Mouth.

  33. That is what I need for my tractor since I have to dig some sewage line to the house. The box Blade will come in handy for filling all that dirt back in

  34. I bought a waterpik for my son who got braces & when he went back the following mth, the dentist was so happy to hear I bought a waterpik for him to use & said that it’s working cause his braces was the cleanest he’d seen that day!!!

  35. I had a problem with bleeding and inflamed gums and brushing & flossing as well as going to a hygienist twice a year didn't help much. After I bought a water flosser my symptoms were gone in under one week, and I literally feel the improvement. My gums aren't red anymore, there is no blood at all when I floss and my breath feels much fresher. I only wish I had bought the water flosser a long time ago. I think it these things should be a natural part of dental hygiene like a toothbrush and floss. Everyone would benefit from that! (Except for the dentists;)

  36. i bought a model that, after i use, i'm supposed to cover the whole equipment inverting the reservoir and i don't know if i'm doing it right – do i really need to remove the tip every time? i keep getting anxious i didn't dry it properly before covering it – is there any advice on how to dry it correctly everyday? i really liked the results on my teeth and gums so far!

  37. This think saved my gum health so much. My gums were bleeding and inflamed for years. Started using this with a cap full of peroxide every night before bed and in 2 weeks my bleeding, bad smell and swelling are all gone. I know I'll have to continue this as my regular dental routine but it's been worth it and my mouth is so much better in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend. I wouldn't use sink water like shown in this video though. I use only bottled water.


  39. Thats a good nice tool for teeth hygiene. My 662E, unfortunately broke after a year an a half, that's because it was all the time plugged in. It's true that I did not read all the informations from the user manual, so I'm not sure if that I was supose to plug it out after each use. Anyway, I replaced the 12V/18Watts/1A internal transformer with an external one and everything went back to normal. I bought a plug with a red swich, and now I just turn of the power to the transformer making sure does not break "so soon". Now I'm just carrefull with the hose so it does not break easily like competitor's equipment of that kind. Human mouth needs that, among others.

  40. Thank you so much for demonstrating how to use. I've had one since the early 1990s and then, my son and his wife asked to borrow it and when I got it back, it wasn't working, so I asked what they did, and they just shrugged. I bought it for $19.99, so, when I bought the new one, had to spend $39.00 for it. What I've noticed, because I'm worried about my second one conking out one day, is why is Water Pik making the water reservoirs much smaller than the old models from a long time ago? I just read someone complaining about how they have to stop what they are doing and refill it, however, they didn't say what model they have, but, I have seen pictures, and compared to my first and second model, the reservoirs look a lot smaller. I know you don't work for Water Pik, just wondering why companies think its such a good idea to make everything smaller? But, I told a dental hygienist I used a water pik sometimes and she looked and sounded like she didn't approve of them very much due to people not using them properly. Again, thank you for the demo.

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