Watch the Seminar | Michael Snyder, MD, FACS, PC | Bariatric Surgery


– I think you’ll enjoy the online seminar, and it’s really important
to me that you watch it. First of all, it’s a good
intro to the practice, and to me, and to how we do stuff. Also, we’re gonna have a long relationship if we go forward with surgery, so I think it’s important for you to know how I’m wired and what I do. But more important, is when you watch this it’s gonna change the way you view things. Even if you don’t go ahead with surgery, you will understand
you’re not watching this ’cause you’re a loser. You’re not watching this ’cause you failed and you’re unable to lose weight, I’d say you’re a weight loss expert. More importantly you understand, that this about how you’re wired, and people that have
severe and morbid obesity, it’s not about their lack
of discipline and desire. It’s about the fact that things haven’t worked
for you for a reason, and in the seminar you’re gonna
learn what that reason is. You’re gonna feel a little annoyed that no one told you this before, but then you’ll feel very empowered that we may have something
that can give you good results. Fill out the forms at the end, we’ll take it from there, and if you have a question,
just contact me directly.

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