Want a job at Cisco? Resume and Interview tips! jobs | ccna | cisco

Want a job at Cisco? Resume and Interview tips! jobs | ccna | cisco

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36 thoughts on “Want a job at Cisco? Resume and Interview tips! jobs | ccna | cisco”

  1. Thank you David i have a dream to get a job in Cisco and possibly i am going to apply on Cisco in couple of months. This video really going to help me alot. Thank you once again i hope i will meet you in real in future.

  2. Menu:
    1) Resume tips: 00:44
    2) Too much focus on Technical skills: 4:14
    3) Interview tips: 5:50
    4) What do I need to do to work at Cisco? 9:42
    5) What about social media marketing? 11:38
    6) Certs vs examples of work? 13:14
    7) Degrees vs certifications? 14:28
    8) Can I get a job at Cisco without a degree? 18:10
    9) Cisco Dress code: 19:03

    Jeff's details:
    Blog: http://www.subnetzero.info/
    INTERVIEWING #1: How I got my first networking job: http://www.subnetzero.info/2019/03/15...

    David's details:
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/davidbombal
    Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/davidbombal
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidbombal
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidbombal

  3. Hello David,

    As you are in USA .

    kindly do an interview with CISCO Team ABOUT SDN and SDWAN please.

  4. I’m really digging these interviews, David. A lot of great stuff here and I’m happy to know that I’m not the only Poli Sci major at Cisco. One thing I would add is to be mindful of your facial expressions while doing remote interviews with video calls. I’ve interviewed people who wore chucks, jeans, a t-shirt. There’s no concern with that from myself. I’ve recommended people who did terribly in the interview based on tangible items (did they get the question right or not); however, they carried themselves well and maintained a positive attitude while displaying an ability to learn quickly.

  5. Resume, interview and education. I have been preaching these exact same things for the better part of 5 years now.

  6. Hi David ,
    Can you please suggest me a book Linux for network engineer, which also help me in Phythone ❓

  7. Nice and informative. I actually have a Networking degree (+ CCNA and certs) and Cisco is a potential goal company.

  8. Hi David
    i am from Afghanistan and i'm a drop out school and now i am a CCNA certified and half way to getting my CCNP
    my question is should i be worried for not having any kinda degree or is it still a hope for getting a job just with certs???

  9. Is it possible to get a job at Cisco with just CCNA RS? Or do I need a CCNA specialization at least? In addition to Python, Linux

  10. Hi everyone!! Very good tips sharing David, Thanks for the content!

    I recently graduated from ICT and have been selected for an online Interview from Cisco Mexico for a role of NCE where I graduated as a foreign student!!

    In My Interview the guy who interviewed asked me some technical, personal and about Cisco.
    So in the next step when recruiter got in touch with me she said that I did so well in the interview and now if I was able to relocated and about my legal work permit!
    I was able for the relocation but I did not have the Legal Work Permit cause as a foreigner recent graduated abroad from University just have my Student Visa I answered to her, in the meantime I let her knew that it's easy getting my legal work permit just with a job offer letter signed by Cisco…

    Later she contacted and said that I should first get that work permit and contact her because Cisco doesn't provide any letter as job offer to make the process of work permit.

    So I missed that opportunity.

    So my question is, why Cisco doesn't provide any letter to get a work permit to foreigners??

    Because as foreigner to get the work permit in MEXICO it requires a letter from a company and then we can start working at any job!

    Any suggestions would be very welcome!


  11. Great video! Working at Cisco is the best thing in the world! I got in by doing a whole year of internship in their CX Academy and getting 3 certifications, (CCNA Data Center, R&S and CCNP R&S) also I worked as a TAC engineer in the Data Center Switching team, and I'm about to end the internship in 2 months (I started August last year) and they offer me already a full time job as an NCE (Network Consulting Engineer) for Data Center in SAN/UCS, if anyone is reading and it's about to finish college or just finished it, try to land an internship in Cisco, they'll give you everything to make you the best and probably give you a full time job just like me. BTW Cisco is my first job, I literally started in the internship the last semester of my colleague degree, so I really encourage everyone to try to land an internship in Cisco, it'll open you all the gates.

  12. Thank you for the video Mr. Bombal! I am glad that Cisco is thinking abount (and hopefully) removing the four year degree requirement.

  13. Hi thanks for this advices I'm 18 and I want to be a network engineer. I'm studying for the CCNA R&S, I just have a question (I came from Italy and in my country is a little bit different from USA) if I am Cisco certified can I consider myself a network engi?

    Thanks a lot for those tips 😁

  14. Great video David. Do you teach on CBT Nuggets or alternative platforms? I work for Cisco but as a red badge employee in management. But I have an interest to get my CCNA and looking for the best way possible, online.

  15. Hey David, Jeff's mentality of putting actual knowledge ahead of a degree is pretty awesome. I was just hired by Cisco a month ago with only certifications, learned from your videos. Self education is very powerful and Cisco knows it.

  16. i did not like it when he said that "he would put the resume in the garbage right away", this was disrespectful!

  17. Thank you for the video!! I'm interviewing with Cisco for an Hardware Engineering intern position tomorrow so this helps a lot!

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