Vitamix 750 Professional G-Series Heritage Blender | Williams Food Equipment

Vitamix 750 Professional G-Series Heritage Blender | Williams Food Equipment

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Hello, I’m Joel in the Williams Food Equipment Test Kitchen. Just making a little bit of carrot soup here with the Vitamix 750 Heritage Machine. This wonderful machine with a 2.2 horsepower brush stainless steel base and with its 64-ounce low profile jar. This guy here allows for great power and great convection to be able to blend those carrots down to a nice smooth smooth carrot soup consistency. And actually these carrots were completely uncooked as well, so all I needed to do was use the presets and away we went. We’ve got the power button back over here to turn the power on. We have the pulse feature over here. So the pulse feature would be for doing stuff like peanuts, and chopped walnuts, and even delicate things like chopped tomatoes for a salsa. I have over here 5 preset programs. Those preset programs are for smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, purees and self-clean. So those not only control the speed of the blades but the length of the blending. So that way if I want to do anyone of those preset programs I just set the program, tell the machine to start, and it will control everything. So I can turn around and go do something else. When we were doing this carrot soup, all I did was put the carrots in, put a little bit of orange juice in, set it to the hot soup setting, turned it on, and in less than 4 minutes, those carrots were cold from the fridge to over 180 degrees, ready for serving. On this side here I have speeds from 1 to 10. So those speeds will allow me to do gentle mixing and chopping, all the way to maximum speed which is 36 000 rpms, that’s over 240 mph. Those blades are moving fast enough to turn anything into a nice, beautiful, smooth, creamy consistency. So to be able to do things that are maybe a little bit stiffer or when you have that arrant strawberry poking up There is the wonderful famous Vitamix tamper. So this tamper here is designed to hover right above the blades. So no matter what I am doing I can always push that down into the blades. So I can always have that smooth beautiful convection. Nothing will ever be trapped up at the top. All US made machine. I also have a 7 year warranty. That means I’m getting a machine that not only can I rely on, but a machine that will last me for years to come. So start blending today with your very own Vitamix blender by visiting us at

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