Video Resume and Cover Letter – Stephane LAURENT

Video Resume and Cover Letter – Stephane LAURENT

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Good morning Stephane, how are you doing? Good Morning Shiva, I’m fine thank you Would you like to review your digital news as usual? Not today. Time to get a new job Wise decision Could you please launch the profile interface? I need to make some updates Ok where is the worker profile? Here it is: Worker Profile I think I have gained some skills Concerning ICT / Digital, beside Web & intranet I am now an expert in multimedia Regarding roles, they are all relevant: Consulting, Project Management Management and Business development About my background: well, i am still very french with both an engineer and artistic culture One year in high school in the US Bachelor of Arts in cognitive psychology Let’s take a look at the timeline and Companies I have worked for Started as a Software engineer, then as project manager as an IS Business Partner for the first half of my career During the second phase I have evolved at manager position with consulting missions for some world leader companies You should record a brand new cover letter? Yes Could you turn down the music Set a plain white background and start recording? Hello my name is Stéphane, I’m 41 years old I have 15 years of experience in digital project In few words: I am a technology enthusiast I love thinking out of the box I have a team play mindset with my knowledge and pragmatism I see myself as an enabler My expectations concerning my future
company are To experience human adventure To set innovation and disruption as a model Company should be small to mid-sized The position should be challenging and creative I’m open for relevant opportunies both as an employee or as a partner Please contact me Very good, do you want me to synchronize your resume and cover letter with social networks? Yes please Did you load my e-Glasses with the latest series? Yes Thanks bye bye Have a nice day

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