Unite Students: How NEBOSH qualifications support the whole team

Unite Students: How NEBOSH qualifications support the whole team

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the United students is the largest
student accommodation provider in the UK we operate in all of the major cities
and we are home to around 75,000 students safety is really important at
United students and having a lot of our team members with various NEBOSH
qualifications helps us work with what we’re trying to achieve with competence
with our teams NEBOSH are the first sort of risk qualification I took I was
looking at a time for a foundation to build off and the NEBOSH certificate was
that was that a starting point for me was that foundation the new NEBOSH
certificate came about because when I started at unite I was interested in
health and safety and it’s something that I really really enjoy doing you
know it was challenging but I could tell when I was there doing the modules that
everything sort of made a bit more sense after after I’ve been doing it that I
could put things into practice the thing that’s come across most here is that
we’ve hired competent people and the English has been at the core of that
competence and it shows because we were able to pull on members of your team for
quite detailed advice it’s massively satisfying and I think when somebody
understands the reason behind why you need to do something all of a sudden you
get that engagement that buy-in I’m not certainly in the case within the team
near us as a whole within within our team environment gives everyone you know
a fairly level playing field to start with everyone knows about is the you
know it is the industry gold standard if on
that will be which we’ve got that level of knowledge do you know that is it
great the great Simon went for us my first recommendation is always need
which if you’re looking again it’s Health and Safety is deliberately having
that qualification makes me feel incredibly proud of myself having that
knowledge and it makes you think about the bigger picture instead of just
walking along and and spotting hazards there’s there’s the whole picture behind
that there’s the bigger picture yeah just really really proud

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