Uh Technically, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

Uh Technically, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

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(techno music) (man sniffles) – Are you okay?
– Uh, yeah. – What’s wrong? – I’m watching It’s a Wonderful
Life, it always get me. – Oh, I love Christmas movies! – Oh god, me too, “Christmas Story,”
“Miracle on 34th Street,” “Elf” for god sakes.
– Oh my god I love Elf. – Oh.
(scoffing chuckles) – Tao, what’s up, what’s the problem? – You guys wanna know what my
favorite Christmas movie is? – “Love Actually”? – “The Santa Clause” with
(grunting) Tim Allen? – No, I don’t like any of those
lame (bleep) family movies. My favorite Christmas movie is “Die Hard,” which is technically a Christmas movie. – You’re one of those.
– Nah, people love saying that,
but it’s not, you know, a Christmas movie, it’s
not a family movie. – John McClane has a family. – You know what we mean. – What, prove me wrong. – Okay, if you’re gonna
be a weird jerk about it. I guess I’d say that a
Christmas movie has to have the theme of family, or
communities coming together, and it has to take place around Christmas. – All right, if “Die Hard” doesn’t count, then my favorite Christmas
movie is “Eyes Wide Shut.” – Oh my god.
– Perfect answer. – You know that’s not what we mean. – Look, “Eyes Wide Shut” is a great movie, but it is not a Christmas movie. – What, why not? Tom Cruise is watching
people bang on Christmas. There’s a Christmas tree in
almost every single shot, and at the end, after all the orgies, he’s finally connected to his family. – What do you want right now? What do you want my reaction to be? – What, I’m just saying? – The movie isn’t a Christmas movie. It’s not a feel-good family
classic Christmas movie, it’s a feel-horny, freaky,
nasty person movie. You wouldn’t sit down
with your grandmother and watch that film. – Okay, fine then, whatever. My favorite Christmas movie
then is the first three episodes of Ken Burns’s “Civil War,”
– Okay. – which my father made us watch every single Christmas
day, without any breaks. He’d stare at that screen
and every 10 minutes, he’d say, “Damn, this
country is messed up.” – That’s actually really sad.
– Checkmate. – Tao, what are you trying to prove? – What, that’s just my X-mas.
– Shut up. – All right, that’s fine, we’ll just put up my
Christmas decorations. – Ooh.
– Ah, now this actually I really like, he’s got the festive bow on there. And what’s that, a picture of your family? – No, it’s actually hundreds of families. This is UTAGE flight 141,
it’s an international flight that crashed on Christmas
Day, killing over 140 people. (bleep) It’s a Christmas photo. – That is so morbid. – I’m done talking to you. – Please don’t speak to me anymore. – Okay.
(keystrokes clicking) You guys listening to Christmas music? My favorite X-mas song is “Please Daddy, Don’t Get
Drunk this Christmas” by John Denver, king of Christmas himself. It’s great, it’s festive,
it’s got a really good melody. What, what?
(grunting) I’m just, I’m just.
(grunting) – [Man In Glasses] I love Christmas. – Hey it’s Tao, if you like College Humor and want to support us,
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100 thoughts on “Uh Technically, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie”

  1. I don't understand why anybody thinks they get to define what a "Christmas Movie" is. It's… it's a damn Christmas movie. As in a movie that is associated with Christmas. Those kinds of associations are not universal, it is the textbook definition of subjective; some people watch movies on Christmas that don't even have anything to do with Christmas, but that's their Christmas movie. I think people need to just shut the f*ck up and watch their own Christmas movies, leave me and my family out of it. Speaking of which, I'm gonna go watch Die Hard with my grandma.

  2. Okay I'm not even a fan of the movie but it is very clearly a Christmas movie. It's basically the same plot as Home Alone so I don't see why it would work for Macaulay Culkin but not for Bruce Willis.

  3. Cool story. Now walk a mile in my shoes and try to convince your family that The Hunchback of Notre Dame technically counts as a Christmas movie, because all the drama is kicked off by the events of the 'Topsy Turvy Day' party, aka the festival of Epiphany, which is traditionally the twelfth day of CHRISTMAS. So it still counts! Totally! And this has nothing whatsoever to do with me just really liking the Hellfire song and wanting to watch it again…

  4. I can't believe
    .Great Escape
    .Black Christmas original
    .Nightmares Before Christmas
    .Tim burton Batman with catwoman and penguin

  5. Bad Santa is the greatest Christmas movie ever!
    It has an elf with a gun, a hot desert climate, and a woman with a Santa fetish.

  6. 1. A N.Y cop returns home to his family in L.A.on Christmas eve
    2. Nakatomi building has a Christmas tree and decoration
    3. The first terrorist John kills has " ho ho ho" written on his shirt and wearing a santa hat
    4. John uses a tape for gifts to put his gun on his back
    5. Let it snow plays in the end after John saves the people being there.
    How is this not a Christmas movie?

  7. my favourite christmas movie is the Elfen lied series, maybe it isnt technically, but we watch it as a family every year so yeah

  8. He's the only one that celebrating my kind of Christmas. Ya'll happy cheery mofos forget that humbug is a part of Christmas now, since A Christmas Carol. So ya'll can watch all the sappy yawn fest movies your want, I'mma watch Die Hard. Yippee ki yay, muther fuckers.

  9. I feel anyone watching this video needs to know this but there really is a die hard Christmas cartoon picture book out there.
    I got it for my father.
    It rhymes and everything

  10. Eyes Wide Shut took place during Christmas? Interesting… Looks like I have another movie to add for my Christmas collection. 😆

  11. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. John reconnects with his wife and realizes how much she means to him, he forged a friendship with his guardian angel named Al. He sacrifices his body to save everyone on Christmas.

  12. Die Hard is much more of a Christmas movie than Home Alone. Home Alone has muuuch more violence towards much less of bad guys.

  13. I can't believe you made a whole video about Christmas movies and didn't mention the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger masterpiece Jingle All The Way

  14. I have dropout but I prefer watching sketches on here because the college humor sound at the end is the perfect button that every video needs

  15. The girl thinks love actually is a Christmas movie but die hard isn't because it's not a family movie? What makes love actually any better? There's a guy buying an expensive gift not for his wife but for a woman he wants to cheat on his wife for and a creeper "romantically" pinning after his beat friends wife. In comparison Johns relationship with his family gives me more of a warm and fuzzy feeling than love actually.

  16. Die hard brought his family together. Him and his wife were separated until he goes and saves the day in cali. Reuniting a family

  17. I literally was having this very conversation two minutes ago, I open YouTube and I see this video. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  18. Die Hard is a Christmas movie ! I would watch it with my grandmother and it is a feel good family movie…. and frankly, Christmas is about Christ if you want to get all technical …so all those other movies aren’t about Christ either so if my Die Hard movie isn’t a Christmas movie neither are yours 💥

  19. I've always been subscribed to CH and yanno i like some of there stuff. maybe i dont relate to this, but idk i just kinda stared at the screen and watched it. recent sketches arent really interesting or pull out laughter for me.

  20. My family watches Empire Strikes Back, Force Awakens or Fellowship of the Ring every Christmas. 🙂 They are not Christmasy at all, but they…have snow in them? But most importantly they're cozy and my family loves watching them all together.

  21. 0:59
    1) John is comming to LA to spend time with his family and he desperately tries to save his wife from terrorists.
    2) Holly's work community shared a lifebonding experience that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

    3) It takes place at christmas eve.

    A christmas movie by your own metric.

  22. Best Christmas Movie: Eyes Wide Shut.
    Struggling couple take separate journeys through holiday parties, masquerades, and the homes of new friends, eventually falling in love once more, and ending in a Christmas toy store. Hard to get more Christmas-y than that.

  23. After stuff like "Daddy's Day" and, y'know just Grant being Grant. I'd have thought that Grant would have been into something like Eyes Wide Shut as a Christmas movie 😛

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