Trump says US will resume peace talks with Taliban

Trump says US will resume peace talks with Taliban

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100 thoughts on “Trump says US will resume peace talks with Taliban”

  1. The war mongering LEFT is fr€akInG out because one the financial windfall will be over and President Trump is destroying their entire platform/talking points!!! People need to WAKE-UP and UNDERSTAND FINANCIALLY SECURE PEOPLE DON'T NEED THE DEMOCRATS for ANYTHING which is WHY BIG CITIES under their thumbs are living in 3rd world conditions!!!!
    Its literally the ONLY reason they HATE President Trump…. he's proving in fact America CAN SUCCEED!!!

  2. The same day the US troops leave Afghanistan, in 2 years, or 20 years, or 200 years, the Talibans will declare their victory over the invaders.

  3. The RNC is bulk-buying ConDon, Jr's book to make it look like it's a best seller. My, my, someone always has to prop them up. Otherwise, they just can't stand on their own. Trumpism.

  4. Their he's goes again looking for, Clout or Attention and a Photo Opportunity ! 🤔
    P.S And it's Campaigning time !

  5. Hell no, a lot of Americans died over this bs, send in Delta, find out where they are, then send in the Rangers, or the SEALS and finish them off. Nuclear is better to use, no more american lives lost. Turn the whole country into glass!

  6. Russia test a ICBM again!

    Wake up people and stop this BS arguing each other for political dilemmas that doesn’t make any positive changes.

    All this comments and no one is seeing the same never ending cycle!

  7. USA troops invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to capture a cave dweller who worked for the CIA.
    Almost 19 years of wasted Tax $’s. Over $1 Trillion flushed down the drain so far. All we get out of it is a booming Poppy crop every year so America’s Heroine addicts will have a good supply. China is there mining the Lithium and selling the Products to us.

  8. i respect this Marine but this war needs to end. We are losing lives and spending trillions of dollars and we are getting nothing in return. We are NOT the world 🌎 police

  9. The sooner this draft dodging coward is gone the better off America will be. He has other business to deal with in New York courts that should tie up the rest of his miserable life.

  10. I'd rather have Ronald McDonald head foreign policy than Trump. If there's a way to make things worse, Trump will do it. Already, Iran is beefing up its nuke program because Trump pulled out of a decent deal which all European leader advocated. Similar with N.Korea. Kim is stepping up nuke testing/production, and Trump is tweeting about a rap singer in Scandinavia.

  11. Good luck! They are so entrenched and radical. They are still lopping off enemies' heads and playing polo with them. (ancient history, verified)! Read Kipling's, "The Man Who Would Be King",(or see the 1970's Movie with Shaun Connery).

  12. CNN needs to be shut down! There needs to be some law while at the same time still leaving freedom of speech but somehow media like CNN who purposely mislead and hide news got to be shut down legally somehow. I would vote for that. Or at least change the name to 'propaganda channel' instead of 'news' with a warning under the video of CNN saying this is propagandized and an OPINION of a left-leaning reporter (so warning this is subjective reporting which might contain spin) and do not let them call themselves unbiased objective news. We all know this is not true. There should be a new law about this- Pres. Trump do something about this! Like labeling GMO or at least labeling non-GMO so you know what you are buying or consuming in this case mentally which is also a form of consumption. We should be let known what we are consuming.

  13. Tricky Trump at it again. Trump trashed his credibility with Syria. King Trump thinks he's going to drag them to peace talks. Dillusiinal.

  14. Only the White Nerds are Smiling.
    No Non Whites Smiling that are in his own Armed Forces. Sure he has the Minority Vote.

  15. Your narrative on trump and his transgressions is insulting to anyone with more than half a brain, although I see some of your journalists starting to have second thoughts and speaking out against him. But then again, your target audience seems to be those folks with half a brain or less that blindly follow this fool. I wish you knew how foolish you look spewing all the misinformation and lies. But, I guess it is a paycheck for you at least.

  16. Given the table setting shown and the cafeteria "chow line" setting I am disappointed he did not visit the troops actually fighting the war. Instead he went to a "rear" area. Sad, Sad indeed.

  17. If America was smart, and she isn't because she's been lobotomized by progressive policy, she would colonize Islamic Middle East. It's time they fear to cause harm and a new Arab generation be born with RESPECT and a healthy FEAR of others.

  18. Trump supporters? Off topic question; If 11 people said Hilary committed a crime, would you believe it?
    And not only did they say she did, but 6 to 8 went to jail.
    Then, the investigator said she tried 10 times to obstruct those investigations.
    And my only reply was reply was; "Well, they were all Never-Clintoners (aka they didn't like her)…"
    What names would you call me? hint hint

  19. Trump donates 3rd quarter salary to help fight opiate epidemic. Every quarter he donates his salary. Please do a summary story on this

  20. Peace talks with Islamic Extremists are a waste of effort. The koran/quran tells them they don't have to honor contracts with dhimmi.

  21. Let the afghan and iraq was remind us that war should always be last on the table when hard evidence isnt present.

  22. Just pull out 100%. I could give a toss about one of the most barbaric countries on Earth. We should have never set foot there in the first place.

  23. Oh my God. That will without a doubt spell total failure. Trump is not a mentally stable person and isn't fit for his office.

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