Top 10 things I wish I knew as a Junior Developer


Hey everybody! Welcome to Bura Tech. In
this episode, I’m gonna be talking about the top 10 things I wish I knew as a
junior developer. Welcome!In this video I’m
going to be talking about the top 10 things I wish I knew as a junior
developer. The first thing I wish I knew as a junior developer is that you’re not
expected to know 100% of coding right off the bat. If you’re a junior developer,
there’s obviously some holes in your knowledge, and those holes are supposed
to be filled over time. It’s impossible to know everything there is to know
about programming, and you should expect yourself to know that item, so as a
result, there’s lots of things that you can do to become better. We’re going to
be talking about some of these tips later on. The second point is that
you should use Stack Overflow as much as humanly possible. When I was a
junior developer, I thought that if I knew Stack Overflow, it was a complete
failure and that I was not supposed to be a programmer because if you can just
Google it and go into Stack Overflow anyone can do that as well. But Stack Overflow is an extension of yourself, and you should use it as much
as possible if you really want to get good at programming. Then you can answer
questions on Stack Overflow. This is the best way to get better. The third point I
wish I knew was that you’re supposed to always be learning, and if you stop
learning at any point in time, then that’s going to catch up with you in
your career. Engines change, development environments
change, and new development environments come out, so you always have to be
learning if you want to be successful. The next item I wish I knew is that
design and function are intertwined in today’s development environment. This
is mostly true, especially if you’re an app developer or a web developer, but if
you’re a back-end developer, this is not as important, but it’s still somewhat
important. Design and function are much more intertwined than they were the past,
and if you’re not good at design, then you’re gonna have a bad time. You
always want to think of how function and design work together. The next item is a
little counterintuitive, but it was something that I did not know personally. Soft skills are really important now. You’ve probably heard of soft skills
before, but essentially soft skills are interpersonal skills and skills that are
useful in the workplace environment. Believe it or not, if you want a big
promotion, you have to have good soft skills, unless you’re the
.01% of programmers as completely indispensable, you’re gonna
need to have great soft skills. Working on my soft skills took years. I wish
someone had told me about it earlier so I didn’t waste as much time. I didn’t make as much money as a result. If you’re just starting out,
definitely get better at soft skills now. The next tip I wish I had known was that
I should have made all of my code easy to understand and to take that little extra
time to make it readable. You want to make your code so easy to understand
that another person can just jump into your code and start editing. I have
wasted so much time and so much money on code that was not readable. Making that
code a little bit extra readable will save you a lot of time, money, and
frustration in the future. You don’t want to make coding a more frustrating
experience than it has to be! Coding is hard enough on its own. The other thing I
wish I had known is that I should have been networking in my spare time as much
as humanly possible. Networking is super important. Even if you already have a job,
you should continue networking! In fact, you should try and meet a new person a
week, or at least a couple new people a month. Networking is your safety net. If
you have a lot of connections and you lose your job, chances are you’ll find
yourself in a new job right away. If you don’t do that, then you will probably
spend more time unemployed if you lose your job. Remember, anyone can lose
their job at any given time for any given reason! The next tip I wish I had
known is to always keep up on the latest development environments. Just because
you know a specific environment doesn’t mean that you are completely set for
life as a coder. Remember, technology changes quickly! Because it changes so
quickly. you need to understand that you can be out of a job just because the
world changes around you. You always have to be changing with the world, and that
takes a little bit of time each week to find out a new development environment
or what the latest trends are. Tech is, after all, a trendy career, and you have
to be trendy along with it. The next tip I wish I’d known is that you
ask as many questions as possible, and you want to hang out around people who
are smarter than you! In fact, in any given social situation,
you want to be probably the least smart person. That way, the smarter people around you will leech off some of their
intelligence to you. If you hang around a lot of really good coders and
ask them a lot of questions, you’ll be a better coder in the future. This doesn’t
have to be in the workplace, but it can be in your spare time. I have
learned so many things in my spare time talking to other programmers that you
should do it too! My last tip for you today is to keep a journal of what you
don’t know and how you solve it. If you didn’t know how to do something,
let’s say, add commas to money in a text field, then you should figure out
how to do it, and you should enter that in a journal. I have a spreadsheet that
talks about all the things that I didn’t know how to do and found the solution to
because sometimes, if you just go back to that spreadsheet maybe a month
later or two months later, you will refresh your memory. Sometimes I find
that I had asked the same questions over and over again, or I forget how to do
something I did two projects ago. If you keep a journal like this, then you retain
this information a lot better. Furthermore it shows you that you have
progressed. Those are the top ten things I wish I had known as a
junior developer! If you like this video, please be sure to LIKE and subscribe! Today’s featured course is the Eall Dtreet Coder. Learn how to
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