Tips for Applying for Jobs with the US Forest Service

Tips for Applying for Jobs with the US Forest Service

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(Music) If you are interested in either a seasonal
or permanent job, Here is how to get started. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face
as far as getting ready to apply to a job is just simply filtering through all of the
available information to find exactly what you want to apply yourself
for. There are many different avenues you can go
into the Forest Service. Pick the one out that you feel comfortable
with. That you feel like you will be best suited
for. And narrow that down. I think for somebody that’s getting started and trying to apply for a job, the best thing
to do would be to go and talk to somebody that already has a
job with the Forest Service. So they can line you out on which website
to use, your application process they can help you with that. Just call or go on the internet. Find out about the different positions that
are open, that are available, whether it’s inside an office or outside in
the field. There’s always going to be a name and a phone
number that you can call. And get information, who is going to know
and they are going to know somebody that knows somebody. The most challenging aspect of applying with the U.S. Forest Service is understanding
that it’s not just a face to face, person to person hiring process. Since it is federal work, there’s due process
in being hired. So that means you need to submit adequate
paper work. It’s not easy. It’s not a one page application. And you want to sell yourself. An application goes beyond just making sure
the spelling is correct. And the format is right. Include any thing and everything that you’ve
ever done as far as outdoor stuff. If you’ve built fences in the past, put that
on there. If you’ve done construction, put that on there. Really take time to sell yourself as an employee.
And show them why you would be an asset to that module,to that
crew. The Forest Service continually seeks a diverse
workforce and there are a variety of employment opportunities. For example, if you’re a student, there are
special student employment opportunities. One way of getting hired with the U.S. Forest
Service as a wildlife technician is to inquire about the pathways program. And that will enable you as a student to be
put into a different pool and be considered for hire. If you’re a veteran, you may qualify for positions
more easily and in some cases, non competitively. As I was leaving the marine corps, there’s
a program called the Transition Assistance Program and they actually
give you a list of many job opportunities. Many different fields of work, I did want
to find a career in environmental science. Along that way of fisheries. And through the T.A.P. program it really helped
me see that I could actually get into the Forest Service. Due to my federal service. It is important to get started early for a
summer job. It is suggested that you start making contacts
with potential employers in the late fall. For fire positions, submitting your application before the new
year is highly recommended as the selection process starts early in the
new year. For further information on Forest Service
job opportunities, go to and complete an application.
(music) If you really want it, it’s here. You can
do it. (music)

17 thoughts on “Tips for Applying for Jobs with the US Forest Service”

  1. You cannot get a job in the USFS without either a bachelors degree MINIMUM, or; non-competitive hiring kind of stuff like being a veteran or having done service for the peace corps or something. Other than that, don't bother applying, they don't even go to the end of your resume.

  2. How great is it that these forest defenders of America finally get an opportunity to head to the southern border and help secure America in a truly meaningful way,
    Gravy train ride is over
    Time to serve America and earn your pay

  3. Wait til all these folks find out that the park rangers and forest police will be sent to the southern border since 90% of it is forest dept land , all that hiking , camping , harassing American citizens for good pay is over

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