THREE Professional Eaters vs TEN Slovak Burger Meals!!

THREE Professional Eaters vs TEN Slovak Burger Meals!!

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Last one! Ahoy everybody! This is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and i am very very excited tonight because i’m going for overall
win number 655 but my second win in the country of Slovakia! I am here with team! we’ve got Magic Mitch over here and then
we’ve got Mr. Steel Rod Redim from Ostrava of the Czech Republic, we are at
BeAbouts in Bratislava we’re taking on their man vs. burger challenge, now we’ve
got one hour to finish everything here The entire challenge, all ten of
these meals is 7.5 kilograms if we fail it’s going to be
about 79 euros but if we win we will get all of these burger meals for free and
we’ll get up on the wall of fame! Are you guys ready? Ready to rock! All right let’s
get this challenge started! But we took the train here from Kochi
today earlier today yesterday we did that pancake challenge all three of us
won! This challenge along with that one There are the only two food challenges in
Slovakia that we know of so it’s great to be able to do both of them during our
trip but many teams have tried they’ve got a top 10 list right behind us the
top team of five people finished in 15 minutes in 10 seconds, we’re going to try
to break that I don’t know if it’s gonna happen but we’ll see how it goes each of
us were able to order whatever burger we want it they had many options but we all
had to have the same sides with each so there’s onion rings fries along with
some healthy vegetables, let’s eat! Ready All right 15 minutes 10 seconds but
we’ve got an hour. 1, 2, 3. . .Bboom! He doesn’t want to eat any of his
fries so I’m gonna start eating two of my burgers and then start helping him
with the fries This one’s a Tex-Mex! Can I put the plate on the ground? We’re seven and a half minutes and
basically halfway through the time limit trying to break the record! We’re 11 minutes in I don’t think it’s
gonna happen but we’ll keep going you got a pinch of sauces too, so take some
shots! Mind if I grab the sauce? I’m gonna finish the 10th burger and is
a bacon and cheese and egg burger! fifteen minutes and ten seconds just
passed so didn’t break the record about remember of this challenges for five
people we’re the first team trying to do it with three, done leave the excuses
let’s get this challenge down! Oh yeah! We’re only really allowed to drink water
for this and we have to sit so, not the most flattering position for me
right now! I’m ready to go home! last bites! We have to make top 10! Once the beats finishes, there’s a 23 up
there so we’re alright even sharing waters What’d you think of them? I
thought the burgers were excellent! actually everything was pretty good,
except for the end when you guys started handing me all the sauces,
the flavors weren’t really meshing well after that! Thank you to these guys thank
you guys for watching!

53 thoughts on “THREE Professional Eaters vs TEN Slovak Burger Meals!!”

  1. Hey everyone I hope you all had a happy Easter weekend!! Thanks for watching this video and very fun challenge!! It was great teaming up with both Magic Mitch AND our friend Radim Dvoracek!! Wednesday's video will feature a giant team burger challenge with "Steel Rod" Radim that we attempted in Vienna, Austria on the July 2018 day after this one.

  2. Randy really is the nicest guy in competitive eating. Your clean and respectful and that's why we love you bro. ❤️ fantastic bit of teamwork guys well done

  3. You don't need to go to the Burger King Restaurant. Just watch these 3 Burger Kings in action. Lol! Well done you three….

  4. Radim sucks and acts like he is always going to puke. But, I like him a lot for trying unlike that nasty bitch that "chews" all of her food with her fingers and then slurps it up like a Fly. Whenever I see a vlog with that nasty slurping hog I pass on by!

  5. pigs.. I am seeing Randy getting fat again but then again.. it is expected.. no amount of exercise will be able to breakdown that much calories unless you born with special body.

  6. Randy santell showing off in front of skinny boy

    I’ll help you with your fries

    The Czech kid eats better than you chubby chops randy santell

  7. Awesome challenge! You guys did what I like which is eat fast but also keep it clean. Thanks for all the food challenges, I am a big fan.

  8. All of you competitors have done an excellent job but, I don't know if I want to stretch my stomach like that Lo!!

  9. Honestly you were close to the record and with 2 less people then what the record was done with so not a bad effort at all you would of crushed it if you had at least 4 ppl..nice win tho ya did it under an hour!

  10. Have you ever weighed your self after a healthy shit? Does that shit
    Weigh lbs? How big do you drop, have you ever had a epic poo? 1,2 poos a day? Please share my santal

  11. Randy ate like a champ like usual but Magic Mitch was really pounding some grub! He smashed everything thrown at him with gusto. Great win for all but props to MM!

  12. This challenge doesn’t seem much of a challenge if u do it with 5 people that two burgers each no biggie

  13. Your problem was Steel-Rod Radim. First of all, he does not eat fries so that's unfair. Second, look at his aftermath and yours? Come one. I don't understand why you let him play in your team. He was slow on eating only the hamburgers.

  14. Why did they not take away that stack of empty side dish bowls? Did they just want a shot at the end of all the empty dishes? Seemed like that stack was in your way….Btw, Mitch looks just like Chris Evans (Captain America)

  15. You are a clean eater you respect the food a lot that why you are dominating every always hungry every time i watch your vid coz some eater make me lost my appetite just by watching them eat.

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