The Worst Thing You Can Attach To Your ESL Teacher Job Application

The Worst Thing You Can Attach To Your ESL Teacher Job Application

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what’s up everybody in this installment I’m going to tell you about the worst
possible thing that you can attach to your resume your application when you
are looking for a job I have been on both sides I’ve been the applicant of
course a million times and I’ve also been on the side that helps hire you see
what happens is when you get in a position where people realize alright
this guy or this girl is serious they’re good at their job they know what it
takes to be a good teacher and they have everything in order they’re gonna ask
you to help them hey can you help me seek out new teachers can you help me
with the hiring process can you help me interview this happens a lot of you’re
working in a foreign country because they want you to eat the interview in
English maybe they don’t feel as comfortable or or whatever so I’ve
helped run the interviews I’ve helped on everything there’s one thing that when I
see it I just go no you see more often than not in many different countries
that are gonna ask you for a picture it’s not like the United States or maybe
your own country where they they don’t actually often ask for pictures because
of things like discrimination and different laws that are in place to kind
of get away from judging somebody by their appearance only okay unfortunately
or fortunately however you look at it a lot of different rules will fly out the
window abroad so picture they will ask you to attach a picture it’s here on top
of your resume or attached in your email or in your uploaded documents on the
website these are actual pictures that I’ve seen one guy sends in a picture
he’s at the beach and he has his arms around two girls no I’m not even gonna
look at this I don’t care what qualification you have I don’t care how
good you are how good your references are you look like a shithead Thanks next
one had a woman apply she’s got it’s like at least seven cats
around her that’s fine I like animals too but
behind her all you can see is just her house is absolutely trashed there’s
dirty laundry everywhere there’s like cat litter boxes everywhere and I’m
thinking to myself is this a joke you’re really gonna put this on a job
application this is really your best foot forward this is really how you want
to present yourself are you kidding me okay so what should you attach what kind
of a picture you don’t need to be a supermodel you don’t need to be Brad
Pitt or JLo or whatever all you need is a professional-looking picture if you
want to smile or not smile there are varying opinions on this that’s up to
you but I recommend that you get something that makes you look like a
professional something that makes you look like a teacher who means business
somebody who’s gonna show up on day one and get shit done now I understand some
people want to look like a happy fun approachable kind of guy this may work
for those kinds of jobs where they frankly want you to be a clown they want
you to juggle and entertain children but for the majority of the jobs that I
recommend people apply for they have the most earning potential you’re gonna want
to look like a professional and the very first step is attaching a good picture

14 thoughts on “The Worst Thing You Can Attach To Your ESL Teacher Job Application”

  1. I would think that would be common sense, guess not if you felt the need to make a video about it. Good as always Ben, Could we attach a picture of our passport picture or should we get another professional on done?

  2. Ben – what is your take on beards? I'm talking about…groomed and taken care of beards. Not shitball, 'look, guys! I finally hit puberty!' – beards.

    From an international perspective – do you think this will drastically effect job prospects? I know everyone is subject to some level of prejudice but what do you think?

  3. I have a full beard in my passport photo, my mom says that I look like a terrorist in it. The truth is that she is just extremely racist against Middle Eastern and Asian people for various personal reasons. If she had it her way, I would use nair and remove all the hair from my face and body. Remember that most people want the world to conform to their standard of expectations. Just be confident and professional and you will have many opportunities and doors opened to you.

  4. Love your videos! Here's some hopefully constructive feedback… ditch the clickbait. You're better than that.

  5. Thanks Ben! I have a professional pic of myself with my preschool students. Should I use that or go with a professional headshot?

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  7. Have you noticed discrimination for black people? As a black man applying, what would be the best picture to take. assuming foreign eyes will be reviewing the application, thinking about Indonesia if it matters.

  8. I might attach to email; a picture of me surfing, another sitting in a cafe with two friends drinking coffee, and two different passport style pictures of me in a smart attire. A well rounded set of semi professional looking images that show I am a real person, with real hobbies, and at least two friends! haha ha

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