100 thoughts on ““The Transformation Mastery Manifesto” By Julien Blanc (How To Let Go Of Trauma & Heal Yourself)”

  1. My core belief is that I need antidepressants to feel happy. Belief that the dopamine and serotonin is needed to function bc of a deficiency and that coming off of them will be difficult. Its only covering past trauma (ptsd) and I will need to confront it when I'm off

  2. My biggest insecurity is that im a black guy and theres so much pressure by the ppl around me to be a certain way and i am shamed and ostracised when i act “white”(how i authentically feel like acting) instead of acting like the black stereotype

  3. Total glass ceiling buster. Thanks Julien. I briefly experienced a demonic version of my father about to swallow myself and all of reality whole during a lying down meditation 2 days ago and it was so shocking to experience it surfacing that I fell asleep as a defense mechanism against experiencing it. It's dumbfounding how deep this shit goes.

  4. Probably your most intelligent video as part of the whole Transformation scene. A real eye opener. How does one dig a bit deeper down the rabbit hole without having to pay because I don't think I can afford to come to a live session at the moment.

  5. The obligatory, but absolutely true comment:
    1. I am a simple man
    2. I see a Video from Father J
    3. I click like, then watch it

  6. Thanks for posting this incredible manifesto for free man. It's incredible to be part of a culture that can do that. TMA Academy is going to be really incredible. The people who join are going to really benefit -Tyler

  7. Started from the bottom -> https://youtu.be/3xxqg4PHg3M now we're here! Thank you for all the help Julien! You've changed my life massively! 🙏🙏

  8. how do i let go of my insecurity when I look actually ugly and that's the only shit Ive been having for so long and dont think i cant get rid of the feeling until i die

  9. What I find hard though is dealing with other people opinion when it's told in front of me. For example, when I'm alone in my room, I can make myself feel great, energized, motivated. I go out, and same thing, I don't care about other people opinion when it's just "look" etc. What I find hard is when I'm in front of someone and that people start criticizing me. I still didn't break this pattern of feeling really bad in that situation. I don't know what to do. It breaks me.

  10. I was there haha. Fucking crazy. After this I watched TM, I went deep and processed some shit, and I'm a different person now. I got many compliments from people immediately that I changed a lot!

  11. Phenomenal. Pleasure to have witnessed this entire speech IRL and the guided meditation that followed after. That was beautiful.

  12. Study notes-writing this down helped me connect the dots-damn Julien you must've put so much into this when it was this difficult for me to write down notes for an hour long talk.

    2 worlds inside of you – the acceptable and the unacceptable
    -the shadow represents the unacceptable you: thoughts that are uncomfortable, ego/identity threatening, traumas, unacceptable beliefs and emotions, everything about you that you labeled as bad
    -a denialist lives a life of escapism-constantly trying to escape/run away/block the shadow
    -denying the shadow leads to no longer feeling whole and thus seeking external validation/love to fill the void-the shadow is you! it represents your subjective experience which you are trying to disown
    -the split causes you to run away from the unacceptable and chase the 'goods' in order to feel good which causes a constant energy state of need/desire/craving, this energy state by definition is not one of satisfaction and fullfilment, it is an ongoing state of needing to get something to feel good
    -a life of escapism is constantly acting in a way of running away from something or running towards something better-both reitirating the fact that you are disowning the shit, the shit runs you-not love
    -the process of transformation involves re-owning the shadow, validating it and letting go of resistance to being whole "You must acknowledge and re-own your inner demons", or the shit keeps running you
    -is constant focus on the external to affect the internal "I feel like shit, but it's because I don't have women, money, friends, things, travel…'
    -based on the energy state of desire/craving/need leading to never feeling true satisfaction, you're constantly chasing
    -this also involves improving character traits, learning to be more funny, smart, positive affirmations etc
    'The road to Enlightenment is paved with disillusionments'
    cause and effect internal comes first, denialism leads to focusing on external hoping to affect the internal, in reality it's the other way around and you can prove it to yourself by being in the same environment but in different emotional states-leading to different experience of the same external conditions
    'Wherever you go, there you are'
    -if you always feel like shit, you'll always find a way to feel like shit, doesn't matter what changes in the external

    Ways of handling the shit:
    -you understand that it starts from the inside, you accept that you feel like shit so you decide to work on making yourself feel better
    -but it keeps the original assumption that you feel like shit, feeling like shit will color all that you do
    'I've thought myself out of happiness a million times, but never once into it'
    -a better approach is to ask yourself 'Do I really feel like shit? What if instead I'm already awesome and complete but I bought into some shit-beliefs, lies that convinced me that I'm terrible'
    -question the shit bro, the shitty assumptions
    trying to become confident reiterates the fact that you are not that to begin with if you are trying to do something or get something or think/feel something to become enough, without it you are not enough at the core
    -so if I'm not enough at the core, what have I bought into that is telling me that I'm not??
    -Where is the shit/the self sabotage/ come from? And what do I need to do to let go of it?
    -Self sabotage is getting what you want at some level since there is a certain payoff that you get from it. Perhaps escaping something worse.
    -There is a part of you're not aware of that

    How do you become aware of something you are not aware of??

    -paying attention to when you are triggered
    something in the shadow that gets poked that brings pain into your awareness
    disproportionate response to reality
    when something takes over you
    it's good when you are triggered because that's when something that you're not aware of comes to the surface so it's a lot easier to be aware of it
    dont focus on what triggered you, but what is going on inside of you- where did this come from?
    example with liking a girl, a childhood trauma being reactivated when approaching a girl and having this battle between embodying the aspect of you that likes the girl vs the same life/death trauma will kick in with the accumulated dread of all the years of escaping
    instead of stuffing it back down, bring it up even more, process and let go of it!
    what's in your shadow isn't necessairly bad, it isnt something you should act on or express either,
    transformation is just about acknowledging it, validating it, 'facing fear's bluff'

    -have a conversation with the shadow you
    Why am I not good enough? – repeat the question in your head to yourself and see what's in there
    Why do I deserve to suffer?
    Why do I deserve to be punished?

    -reflecting on yourself and your life from the perspective of being dead
    If you can buy into the perspective of being dead and reflect on your life there is less resistance towards the shit, you can be more honest with yourself

    -meditations by marcus arelius

    -become aware of when you escape yourself
    Write it down, it forces you to be precise and it makes it real
    Are you coming from inspiration or desperation?
    Once you're aware, bring it up and let it go

    -write down your ceiling for success
    How healthy do you deserve to be?
    What is too good for you?
    What do you keep being pulled back to?
    How much money do you deserve to have? At which point do you begin to loose?
    Who do you deserve to be with? Physically, emotionally, intellectually, what is too good for you? Around who are you stifled?

    trying vs letting success happen-consciously trying, unconsciously resisting

    -core beliefs 56:27
    If what you are experiencing is not based on a past trauma it could be based on a core belief.
    Question and let go of poor assumptions.

    -what movie character are you?

    -core states/core emotions
    We think we hate feeling sorry for ourselves, drama, fights, but what part of you benefits? There is always a payoff.

    Waking the tiger- Peter Levine

    Usually we get triggered-it takes over-and then we go back to normal and feel some shame or guilt over it. 'That's not me'. Some people don't go to normal and stay triggered.
    Becoming aware of the fact you're on fire is not pleasant. You can't change until you acknowledge you're suffering. KEEP GOING. It's unpleasant and vulnerable and messy.
    Face fear's bluff.
    If you're not run by shit you can realize who you are authentically. Are you pursuing a purpose out of inspiration or out of trying to escape from something else?
    'If you dont have a plan for yourself, someone else has' – your shadow has a plan for your, let go and discover your plan.

    Permanent transformation sneaks up on you and it's subtle because it seems like it's always been that way. You may have some doubts regarding the letting go process but if you actually look back you can see that you didn't always used to be this way. When something feels like it's always been that way then it's permanent and it's a part of you, effortless.

  13. GOD

  14. I like watched this while being mildy high… and it fucking made sense somehow, in a weird way… each and every word! Such a weird sensation, omfg 🙂

  15. Julien I had a dream where you, Tyler some of the RSD team and I went to a really dangerous inner city neighborhood to talk to the men there about their life to try and bring to the surface all that suppressed trauma ppl go through there due to the violence and poverty. At first we were met with guns and hostility but soon after they opened up and were crying showing they’re vulnerable and hurt side. This showed me that most ppl that “act tough” are just using that mask as a defense mechanism to hide their suffering.

  16. Part of me likes to 'complain' or play a victim that I met a girl I found perfect for me and had with her awesome connection but she was not available. Your are one point

  17. This is so much value and actual actionable advice; what you and Tyler and everyone at RSD is doing is unreal. Much love to you guys

  18. Yesterday i had fun with 3 girls who elder me 9 years and after a while they told me Misha (Michael) be more free and don't hold back yourself in wishes)), live the life you want to live, keep going to do what you love to do and that's why now i wanna to say if girls themselves tell you that it means something, also they told if they could be back to 25 age ( this is my age) they would be so glad but anyway they are cool and beatifull girls enough, they even offered threesome sex ahaha

  19. I wish I had the money for the academy. I have been watching Juliens videos for the last 2 month absolutely life changing I've been able to approach the hottest girls and have just started with success. If you have the cash I defiantly recommend joining.

  20. I've never seen someone so happy like the girl at 00:23. If anyone ever needs a reason to invest in themselves and get either Transformation Mastery or TMA look no further. Wow, thanks for continuing to serve Father J 👌🏾

  21. Great content Julien! Really unique perspective for approaching success. I will see you inside Transformation Mastery! One question: The most common trait I see all successful people share, is an obsession of reaching their desired outcome (aka success, mastery etc). How does this align with not NEEDING/chasing the success?

  22. Parts of this even acknowledging the triggers, ive always had a fear of public speaking, i know for a fact that it was because at a young age i went from wearing no glasses( so i couldn’t see everyone around me when reading) to being able to see everyones eyes on me, i teared up abit admitting that to myself

  23. You are the best man I had crazy depression but I have was covering it your challenges made the first step. I wish I was not in so much debt and joined your program!!

  24. In a nutshell, this is at the essence of what feminists are trying to shame. Its a psychological war to stop a man from expressing his shadow self.

  25. I legit thought transformation mastery was a scam . However i kept having trauma after trauma in my life . I was confused cuz i looked like the happiest person ever on the outside but i was having breakdowns all the time. Energy coaches/spiritual gurus tell you ya gotta do shadow work . Thats basically what this is . People have no idea how much your inner demons will control your life . If you dont control your demons, they will rob your life. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Juliem pretty much shows you A LOT of whats on the program. However hes just trying to remind ypu how important this inne work is . Even if you dont buy from Julien, at least hes coming from a reliable company, RSD . He is living proof of transformation

  26. @JulienHimself I really like your videos and the way you can put so many feelings into words. I have a question for you, what if you realised that you're not on fire ( actually nothing bad happening in my life right now except some financial dept. ) but you still feel like you're burning everyday? I'm definitly thinking about joining the program to see how more in depth you go on this. Thanks for all the effort you put in these videos.

  27. ok this is weird, I literally typed Inside to Out on my evernote this morning. Was thinking about this after my view changed my outcome in the gym instead of the gym and it's music deciding the outcome. then i started reading some PUA stuff, went straight to RSD and the controversy and then this. Team RSD, I love you guys! 22:55 love it

  28. as always rocking it father j i been following for two years im from kurdistan -iraq love ur content so helpfull
    gg for rsd max too

  29. 1 1/2 weeks in doing trauma release here! 1 hour a day.


  30. Thanks Julien for the effort of packaging and teaching this so neatly!
    Your TM program was by far the most impactful self help thing I’ve seen

    I agree that it builds best on the foundation of having tried different self help stuff and kind of feeling stuck… so I’m also thankful to Max, Todd, Jeffy and some Audible books for pushing me in the right direction to mentally be ready and motivated for TM

  31. Thank you man! Ill always remember you as one of the most important infuleuencs in my life. Along with Tyler and Tolle.

  32. I realized something today. I noticed that I'm a completely different person when I am online on Xbox with my friends. I'm more happy, Witty, and just over all the person I want to be online but when i am in face to face I freeze up I don't know how I can be the person I am online all the time.

  33. What insights do you have for parenting without creating this trauma in our children, while still imparting beneficial/important rules effectively?

  34. 5 minutes in and I just had to pause it and declare that I am not anywhere near a concious being as I thought I was. I am currently a foolish unconcious sheep peering down a hallway at a distant light not promising comfort but deep realisation and awareness. Who else has come to the conclusion that they are no where near as realised at they once thought?

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