The slow death of Super Monkey Ball

The slow death of Super Monkey Ball

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  1. I noticed that a lot of you are saying "You should put the protest artwork on a t-shirt!"

    Well, guess what: I did! Two options: short-sleeve and long-sleeve. Enjoy:

  2. So sacrificing Monkey Ball for Yakuza? I’ll take it, a worthwhile trade. Also good lord was this so melodramatic, it feels more like a joke than something I’m supposed to take seriously xD

  3. I lost my virginity to this video. Sadly, my dogs did NOT have the same feelings, and now my mom is SUPERDUPER mad.

  4. 11:40 I don't think that's a fair comparison, there are a lot of fans including myself that would actually like to see an optimized rerelease of 06. With 06 it's mostly hated for being a buggy mess and development being rushed, Banana Blitz is just a bad game.

  5. 1st half of the video: a fun little documentary on the decay of the Monkey Ball series

    2nd half of the video: A fucking Tokyo espionage mission

  6. I just imagine the employee that was behind the desk looking at the picture and just being like ”tf is this?” and just throwing it away😂

  7. I've never in my life have heard of this series until you made the video about the va of the announcer and I thought this game looked amazing! I was hyped to play the new bannana blitz game! I haven't played it yet but…this hurt me a lot, I also feel betray even tho I've never played the games…It must be harder for the fans…

    Btw this had more tension than any movie I've ever watch lol

  8. not to undercut everything youve said already, but isnt the reason much simpler? its the latest game, so its probably the easiest game to remaster. remastering the gamecube games are hard; youd have to essentially make a new game completely. with blitz, just polish up that turd and youre good to go

  9. BRO YOU ARE STRAIGHT UP A CRIMINAL, you got my heart pounding and I half expected something to happen with all that suspension. I mean you probably can't post videos in jail, yet I still felt like I was watching the calm before the storm. this was way different from the first video but I loved it nonetheless, I can't wait to see if there's any reaction or not or if we get any good games so I'm excited for anything at this point

  10. at 14:03 i assumed the video was close to wrapping up but upon checking the scroll bar after hearing "i booked a ticket" i seem to be sincerely wrong

  11. Next time Nick attempts to go to Japan:
    “Sorry, you’re suspended from visiting from Japan as you have commited a crime of vandalism.”

  12. I love how Nick Robinson takes things that are so arbitrary and makes them so interesting while also telling a story. I'm not even a huge fan of Monkey Ball and feel like playing it now.

  13. 11:36 okay well in the case of Sonic 06, a remake could actually improve on EVERYTHING that failed in the original release…except for the story and eggman not looking like eggman but yeah

  14. why does this feel like a Persona 5 parody near the end?

    You sent what is essentially a calling card

  15. My only issue with this is that the photo is so extremely altered that you can't even tell that was ever supposed to be Gongon by looking at it.

  16. The sad thing is that when the Sega employee that works at that desk, when they come back they will see the photo, say "what the hell is this?" And throw it out.

  17. As hilarious as this video was, I'm not gonna lie… that would have been a good time to write a letter signed by hundreds of fans with cool art work and passion put into it lol

  18. I'd love to know what editing software you use to get such clean transitions, especially when showing game covers or cropped out text from quotes!

  19. 1:30 that washing machine must be distracting for such a tricky stage, it's an important "exam" so stop "girl-talking" so loud!

  20. while banana blitz may be a far-cry from the series's quarter-munching roots, that jump mechanic they introduced could just help to bring it back >:P

    master 9 but there are gaps too wide to speed over so you have to jump across

  21. For someone who appears to visit Japan often, feel like I'd be hesitant to talk about them yakuza folks, were I you.

  22. Be careful Nick, piss off Sega and next thing you know you there’s a decapitated chimpanzee head placed in your bed

  23. I didn't think the modern monkey ball games were that bad I quite enjoyed them a bit, although I still prefer the first two Super Monkey Ball games.

  24. Nick, I wouldn’t give up on future Monkey Ball editions. SEGA sees too much money in this and we will see full circle from 2001. Postponed a little? Possibly. From what I know and have been in talks…I’m ready for some exciting studio time and a 20 year later recording. All I can say is with gaming on the rise and retro HUGE fans like yourself… Ready GO! Once again 😉

  25. Whenever this dude be craving ramen, he makes a video just as an excuse to go to Japan I swear XD

    jk Nick luv ur vids

  26. Everytime I miss good Monkey Ball I remember we traded good Monkey Ball for the Yakuza series. It is then that Istop caring about Monkey Ball, as we all should.

  27. So… you bought a game you knew was shit, spend hundreds of dollars to fly to Japan, and probably look like a crazy person, just to slap a sticker onto a multi-billion dollar company to own them? …Are you actually molecularly made of soy?

  28. Are we just gonna talk about this kinda stuff, or are we gonna talk about the fact that SONIC THE GOSH DANG HEDGEHOG is in the game?

  29. This is one of the most creative and entertaining channels I have come across in a long time. Bravo!

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