The Narrow Road – Kickstart seminar in The Netherlands, June 2018

The Narrow Road – Kickstart seminar in The Netherlands, June 2018

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We will start. Anyone who’s new,
who was not here yesterday, who has just arrived to this meeting? Nice. Welcome. Just an update, we had a really good meeting yesterday,
a lot of things happened. We were talking about discipleship,
how to heal the sick, we were talking about Luke 10, and yesterday
I talked a little about walking in the things God had prepared for us to walk in. – Was a good day yesterday?
– Yes. (audience) Today we are going to continue
and we are going to look at the gospel first, and then I’m going to share the gospel with you
afterwards, and then we are going to have
baptism this afternoon, at two o’clock, down, in the back here.
There is a big sea. We’re going to have baptism there. And then, after baptism there will still be
possibilities to go with teams out on the street,
and then we will meet tonight when I’m going to continue a little
what I talked about yesterday. So I hope you are ready. For you who have already been on those
kickstarts before, the first lesson here… The first lesson here, I’m going to talk about
the gospel, but I will do a little different this time,
I think… I am. Because just five minutes ago,
on the way here, I got an idea. I was reading the Bible on the way here
because like… That is really interesting. I will try to take a different angle on it and I hope it will really be a blessing
for many of you. So, I hope you are ready. I will just pray. God, we thank You for what You’re doing.
We thank You for Your Holy Spirit. Thank You because You are teaching us.
Pray that You will come with Your Spirit today and set us free from every wrong idea
we have got, when it comes to salvation, when it comes
to the Kingdom, when it comes to what You brought us.
Come with Your Holy Spirit. Help me to share this word.
In the name of Jesus. Amen. Very short. I would like you to do this.
Everyone do this. We are used to do this, without thinking
a lot of what we are doing. Can you come up?
Can you come up? I want to illustrate something
before I start. Can you stand there? Can you stand there? Just do like this. And everyone keep your hands like this.You are
not allowed to move your hands before I say: “Now you can move it.”
And if I see you move your hands before time, I’m going to point you out and you are
going to be ashamed in front of everyone else. If I look at the hands here… No… Sorry.
I actually need another person. You can sit down. You can sit down.
You can sit down. I need, I need… You just stand there.
Stand there. Do like this. I’m just looking at your hands. I need…
I need you. Can you stand there? Okay, stand there, there, there, there.
Do like this. Okay, if I look now at their hands,
he has his right thumb on the top. She has the left thumb on the top. How many
have the right thumb on the top, like him? Up with your hands. And down. How many have the left thumb on the top?
Up with your hands. Down. This is almost half and half.
Half of you is doing it like her, half of you is doing like him. Half of you is doing the right way,
and half is doing the wrong way. Audience: Aaahhh! No. There is no right and wrong way. Why do we do it like this?
Because many years ago when we… Hey, hey, hey, you are moving your hands
already. Look at her. No. That’s fine. I forgive you. What we are used to do
we always keep doing. So when you are child and your parents said:
Do like this and you did like this, you do it like this…
And you continue doing like this. When you are child, you did like this
and you continued doing like this. And it seems so natural for us,
because this is what we are used to. When I count to three, everyone is going to
move their fingers, not only the top finger, but move all the fingers, and then you are
going to feel how it is when your neighbor is doing like that. Are you ready?
One, two, three, now! Move all the fingers.
How is that? – Do you like it?
– Strange. Do you like it?
Nooo! Than do like this. And sit down again. What I want to illustrate here is
that suddenly… we are… let’s say the power of tradition…
We are used to do it one way and we think that is the only natural
way because it feels right. Because we don’t know anything else. Not knowing that there is
another way to do it. If we for one second are going to change
from one second to another… Aaah! It feels weird. Because we are used to something else.
It’s okay. This is not important if you do it the right way, like I do,
or the wrong way, like some of you do 🙂 This is not important how you do it, but it’s
important how you understand the gospel. I would say that… The problem with being
deceived is that you don’t know you are deceived. That is the problem
being deceived. That is the whole thing with being deceived.
You are not aware you are deceived. And we grow up in a church culture
where we are used to do it one way and it feels so natural,
because this is what we know. This is what we have heard.
And we as believers are very fast to say: Hey, look at Jehovah’s Witnesses out there.
They are wrong. Mormons are wrong. Look at Islam. They are wrong. Yes, but what about looking at ourselves
at one time? Because the church denominations you got
“saved” into, how you got introduced, if it was Catholic – you think
that is the only right way. If it was Lutheran – you think
it’s the only right way. If it was Pentecostal, if it was Baptist… You often think this is the only right way.
Why? Because this is what you are used to and what you think everyone else
is doing. Most are deceived when it comes to the gospel,
because what we build the gospel on is not what the Word
is saying, but it’s 1000 years of traditions. How many in this room got baptized
as a baby? Look at that. That is tradition. If we go in and look at it, there was no baby
baptism in the first many hundreds of years. But then tradition crept in. First, in tradition they baptized…
Baptized means immersed. They got immersed.
But then at one time in church history, different ideas came in
and one time the idea came in if you one time sin after you are baptized,
you are lost forever. So people now delayed baptism
to the end, just before they’re going to die. So now baptism became –
sick people on the death bed, because they didn’t want to get baptized
too early, because if you sin after you are baptized – you are lost. So now it became:
sick people on the death bed – who were baptized.
What did they do then? It’s not easy to take a sick person
down in water. So, the cardinals in the 700’s
agreed: Okay, baptism now is sprinkling of water on the head. But only when you are laying in bed. But a few hundred years
that became the norm and now all of us who lifted our hands
got sprinkling of water on the head. Why? Because the cardinals in 752
decides something, and somebody else in 1350 decided something else.
And now we got baptized with sprinkling. What about baby baptism?
We have a state church religion. It started there.
The Catholic church became a state religion. And you cannot have a state religion
without every member in that state becomes a member of that religion. And that’s where baby baptism comes in. And Martin Luther maybe reformed
the Catholic Church, but not back to the Bible. We have the Lutheran Church today. Why did I get baptized as a baby
in the Lutheran Church? Because in year 300 and something
we have Constantine, and later we got the Catholic Church
and many hundreds years of tradition and we ended up with the Catholic Church
the way it is today, and then we got Martin Luther
who tried to reform the church, who did not reform the church,
and then we got the Lutheran Church and we got the Dutch Reformed Church,
and all of that, and now we have many hundreds people here who lifted their hands,
who got baptized as a baby, with sprinkling of water. It’s not Bible, it’s not biblical. They did not do it
in the early church, in the Book of Acts. It’s tradition. Another tradition is the whole “sinner’s prayer”.
How do you get saved? What is salvation? And I can see a tradition that really crept in.
And this is somehow even newer. That has to do with 1960’s in America,
when they started with big campaigns, where meetings became
about getting people saved. The gospel, we think today that gospel is about
getting people saved, here and now. Here and now. Like, we have one meeting,
okay, I need to be sure that you are saved here and now, and if you do the right thing
here and now, in this second – congratulations, you are saved.
Congratulations, you are born again. And it doesn’t matter so much
what happens after, because you are saved. This is the lie like the Lutheran Church.
I got told in the Lutheran Church, I got baptized as a baby I will go to Heaven
no matter how I live. So for me it was not about how you lived, it was about what you did as a baby. Like that water on the head
in a building called the church should make a difference in all eternity. We know that is wrong today.
I think most people in this room know it’s wrong today, that you are saved,
you are born again if you are baby and get water on the head
in the Lutheran or Catholic Church. We agree on that?
Do we? I think most people see how weird that is.
It’s weird. I know people in the Lutheran Church
in Denmark who would rather have their… I heard people who would rather have their
kids go out and take drugs and live as prostitutes. At least they are saved,
because they’ve got water on the head. The worst thing they can do
is get baptized again with immersion, because then they would have canceled
the first baptism and then they are lost. That is weird. That is weird. But what about the rest? What about
how we are preaching the gospel today? We are preaching a gospel where is
all about salvation. If you do this, right now, in this moment,
you are guaranteed you’re going to Heaven forever. And we are preaching a gospel of salvation.
I don’t see that in the Bible. They were not preaching the gospel of salvation.
They were preaching gospel about following… following Christ. Yes, a fruit of that is,
of course, salvation, but they were not so much focused on that
first second – here and now. They were focused on that road
that was leading to something. Jesus is the road that leads to something. It’s all about the road.
What road? Jesus in Matthew 7 is saying: “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and
the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.
For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” That is Jesus’ words.
Jesus is introducing us two roads. One road that is wide,
one road that is easy – and it leads to destruction.
And most people will go there. Then there is another road that is narrow
and that is hard, that leads to life. And because it’s narrow and because
it’s hard, there’s only a few who enter there. What in your mindset, what is the broad road
and what is the narrow road, in percents? Let’s say like that. The broad road is that 51%,
who’s following that, and the narrow road that is 49%. Than it’ a little broader,
then it’s a little narrower. How many percentages we will sit on
if we should say how many are following one road
and how many are following the other road? In the early church they did not have
the New Testament, like we have, but they had the Old Testament. And they were preaching
out of the Old Testament. If we look at strong pictures
of salvation in the Old Testament, there was the Ark,
Noah and the Ark. That is the picture of the baptism
that now saves us. 1 Peter, 3:20. How many lived at the time of Noah?
We don’t know. Some people say – millions. I’ve heard people say
billions. It has passed many hundreds of years and they got many kids.
Let’s say that was one billion. How many got saved?
Eight. How many percents is that? That is not a lot, is it? Is that a broad road or is that a narrow road,
or what? Is that a narrow gate?
There was only eight who entered into that Ark? The rest died. Another picture. Egypt.
The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. Moses came and set his people free. There was a million who entered out, men,
and a lot of women and a lot of kids. Let’s say there were eight millions
who got saved out of Egypt, who was going to enter into the Kingdom,
into the promised land. How many entered out of those?
Two. How broad road is that
and how narrow road is that? What did Jesus say? That Son of God…
will He find faith when He come back on earth? The thing with being deceived
is that we don’t know we are deceived. We are like a blind leading a blind. In our churches we look around and
we think we do what our neighbor do and then we think everything is okay. What is that narrow road
and what is that broad road? There are two roads that lead to something
and if you go in and study the Book of Romans, you can see two roads, again and again.
There is the road of flesh and the road of the spirit. There is the righteousness.
There is sin. The flesh, the spirit.
The flesh, the spirit. Paul is saying that in Galatians 5:20,
when he talked about deeds of flesh and when he talked about
the fruits of the spirit. And He said: Those who walk by deeds
of the flesh they are going to die. He says that to believers, people in church.
If you walk by the flesh you are going to die, because that is the broad road
that leads to destruction. Salvation is more than just do something
here and now and go to Heaven. Salvation is about entering into the Kingdom,
but salvation has to do with getting sin out of your life. Jesus was the lamb of God
who was taking our sin. He got the name “Jesus” because He should
save us from our sins. To be saved from our sins doesn’t mean
that we are in church on Sunday, worship God and keep sinning.
That is not to be saved from our sins. To be saved from our sins
is to be saved from our sins. Salvation has to do with saving us
from our sins. It has to do making a new creation. It has to do with making some people obey the law,
not the law of Moses, we are not under that, but the law of Christ. People who walk
by the spirit, and not by the flesh. Many people came to faith in Christ.
That is not the full picture of salvation. That is the beginning of salvation.
Many people repented. That is not the full picture of salvation.
That is the beginning of salvation. Many people even got baptized.
That is not the full picture of salvation. That is the beginning of salvation. It’s all about becoming a new creation. It’s all about walking by the spirit,
and not by the flesh. And the picture we see very clear,
what road is it that leads to salvation? The Old Testament, we have Egypt,
they were captured. The Israelites were captured
in Egypt as slaves. That is the picture of you and me today.
We were slaves to this world. We were in this world.
We were bound as slaves to sin. And we could not free ourselves
because we were slaves. Then God sent Moses.
That is a picture of Christ. And he came to pharaoh, to Satan,
and said: Let my people go. And he didn’t do it. Then we saw the signs and wonders. But Satan was fighting. But in the end the firstborn died –
a picture of Jesus. The firstborn died.
The death walked through the city. But those people who took the lamb, slaughtered
the lamb and took their blood over the door, death did not enter. Death walked by.
They got saved that day from death by the blood of Jesus. They got saved that day
from Egypt, out of this world. And when they came out, millions of people,
they were rejoicing, celebrating, they were happy. Why? Because they have been slaves
and now they are not slaves anymore. So they came out rejoicing and happy:
We are free! We are free! We are free! But that is not full picture of salvation.
That was just the beginning of salvation. If they have stopped there and said:
“Now we are saved”, they would have been lost. Because they were not saved yet. They’ve not yet entered into the promised land. There was a road they needed to walk. So, after they got saved out of Egypt,
short time after, pharaoh changed his mind, so he sent
his army after the Israelites. And short time after they were like:
Oh no, we are going to die! We are going to die! Because now the army came after them,
and they stood there and did not know what to do. So, they were saved out of Egypt, but now
they needed to get saved one more time. They needed to get saved from Egypt.
>From that army. How did they get saved? Again, through the water.
Through the baptism. They went down into the Red Sea
and went on the other side. But when they came out of that water,
the old life followed them. But the old life got drowned in the water. And they came up on the other side
and they rejoiced. With music and celebrating
and praising God. Hallelujah! Praise God! We are saved!
We are saved! Never again we are going to look back
at the old life and think: When are they going to come and kill us? Never again we need to fear
what happened, because it’s over, it’s out,
it’s drowned, it’s gone. We are now free. We are saved.
We are saved from our sins. We are saved from our past.
We are saved from everything that kept us captured
for so many years. But we still remember that those people
who that day celebrated: We are saved, we are saved, we are saved,
they got killed. And only a few entered into the promised land. Because after that salvation,
they needed to learn to walk by the spirit, by the cloud and the pillar of light. And what happened there…
If you go to 1 Corinthians, chapter 9, you can read that what happened
with them is written down for us who live today.
That we should not do the same as they did. And Paul says here: “Do you not know that in a race
all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.
Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a crown
that is going to disappear, but we are going to do it for a crown
that is never going to disappear. I do not beat like a boxer hitting in the air.
But I discipline my body and keep it under control,
lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.”
And then he came with that example of the Israelites. Salvation is near now than we came to faith,
the Bible says. We are saved, but we get saved, but it’s the one
who keep until the end who shall be saved. When you said “yes” to Jesus,
He put you on a road. It’s a narrow road. He’s the door. It’s not everyone
who starts that walk going to enter into the Kingdom. It’s everyone who’s going to finish that walk
who’s going to enter into the Kingdom. If I should preach to somebody who is going to
just take the first step of salvation, and die today and go to Heaven tomorrow,
there is no need of preaching baptism… Maybe. Or Holy Spirit. Or continuing in Christ.
Why? They are going to die in a few minutes. I will just say: Cry to Jesus. Shout to Jesus.
Repent with everything you have in you. He is the one. He is salvation.
You are going to die in two minutes. We hope that they really give everything
to Him and He will receive them. But we are not called to just preach:
do this and go to Heaven. We are called to preach the road.
And if you say that it’s enough to believe in God and ask Jesus into your heart, you can be sure that
those people are not going to enter into the Heaven. Because they will maybe start believing, but they think:
That was all. I have it now and then they will sit down and short time later they will fall away.
We need to preach a radical gospel. We need to preach a gospel
where is about entering into the Kingdom. And the truth is that in the room like this
there is only a few who are going to do it. It’s only a few that are really going to fulfill
that race. Because we have heard a wrong gospel. We have heard it’s so easy.
Just believe in Jesus and you are saved. Just get some water on your head
as a baby and you are saved. Or just get baptized in a Baptist church
and you are saved. How do you know that? It’s about walking by the spirit.
It’s about killing flesh in your life. It’s about living a holy life. It’s about living
in obedience to the spirit, and not to the flesh. And this is where repentance, baptism in water
and in the Holy Spirit, all of it make sense. Because salvation is about
becoming new. It’s about repentance. Repentance has
to do with sin. Everything has to do with sin. Baptism has to do with sin.
The Holy Spirit has to do with sin. It’s all about making us holy. It’s all about changing the way of living
so we don’t live like the world. If we live like the world, we are going to die like the world.
If we live in flesh, if we walk by the flesh, we are going to die, no matter if you believe
in Jesus or not. Are you there? So what is salvation?
Salvation is about making us new. Salvation is about making a new creation. Salvation is about getting sin out of us
and helping us to walk by the spirit. And when we keep in faith, keep in obedience,
we will one day stand there, in front of God and we will enter into the Kingdom.
Salvation has to do with repentance, has to do with sin.
We don’t like to talk about that nowadays. Jesus got the name Jesus because
He should save us from our sins. We are actually saved from God’s wrath
because of our sins. Sin is the problem. The Bible says that the one who does sin
becomes a slave to sin. I remember when I was a child,
when I got born, as a baby, I didn’t think about what was right or wrong. But then I grew up and
I started to recognize good and evil. And then I started to do wrong things.
And I started to become a slave to that. I wanted to live a different life
but I could not change myself, because I was a slave. I wanted to
love people. I wanted to do what is right but I couldn’t, because I was a slave.
I was a slave to lying. I was a slave to looking at girls in a wrong way.
I was a slave to sin. I was a slave to so many things
and I often did things I knew were wrong, but I could not save myself. I needed help.
And there Jesus came. And the first step to get out of this world
is repentance. It’s a new heart. And that is to really recognize what sin is.
And actually it took me some years, because I’ve heard about Jesus, I repented,
but it was first some years later I really understood
how sin is sin-ful. Because often we compare ourselves with
each other and think: No, I’m not so bad. Loot at her. Look at them. But sin is so much worse than we can
ever imagine. And when you start to look at… I’m going to do that later.
If you start to look at law of God… Like: Have you murdered somebody?
No, I’m not a murderer. Have you killed somebody by having hate
in your heart? Have you been unfaithful? No, no, no. I’ve only been with my wife
and maybe one more. But the Bible says that is the sin.
But if you have looked with lost at somebody you have already done it in your heart. If you’ve
broken one of the laws, you are guilty of them all. The more we look at God’s standards,
the more we look at what God is saying, the more we will see one thing:
We are guilty. We have fallen big time. Because God is holy, and we are not. And we need to recognize sin.
We need to understand that is not our standards that are important.
It’s God’s standards. We have to come to a place
where we really feel sorry for our sins. It’s not enough to say: Yeah, I feel sorry,
because I want to go heaven. Everyone wants to go to heaven. It’s really feel
sorry because I’ve sinned against a holy, righteous God and what I’m doing is wrong.
God gave me His life to worship Him, to honor Him,
to live for Him. And I’m taken what is holy
and made something unholy out of it. I have misbused God. And understand that
sin is sin. Sin is wrong. And then come to that point of repentance
where you feel sorry for it. You regret it and you turn away from it.
Repentance is not say: Sorry today, and do it tomorrow. It’s really feel sorry and then repent. And in that deep, deep repentance
and feel sorry, something is changing inside of you.
God is going to change your heart. God is going to make your conscience new again. And I remember… We are so used to sin.
It’s coming slowly. I remember before I was a Christian,
there was movies I saw all the time.
I love it, I love it, I love it. And then I repented.
I turned away and got a new conscience. And then when I put that movie on to see it,
one of my favorite movies, I used to love it… I love it.
And then I put it on now and suddenly: I hate it. I hate it. I don’t want to see it
anymore. I felt inside of me it was wrong. Why? Because suddenly
my eyes have been open. I could see now how sinful it was. The same with my music. I was used to
listen to music that was really off, that was really demonic.
You would maybe not call it demonic, but…
Or… I don’t know. It’s just what young people listen nowadays. And I was used to listen to it. I didn’t have
a problem, but when I really saw good and evil, when I repented,
God gave me a new heart. That when I put that music on:
Aaahhh! Let’s throw DVDs out. So I had a break DVD-s party at home.
I broke 200 DVDs. A half year later I found still DVD pieces
in my house. That shows that I don’t clean enough.
Things changed. I stopped thinking like I did before.
I started to think different. I stopped walking like I walked before. I started to walk different. I was used to walk by my flesh,
on the broad road. But now I entered into the narrow road. I started to walk by the Spirit instead. But it was not enough. Some people have
repented. Some people came to faith and they think: I’m saved now.
Now, it’s only the beginning of salvation. Because I experienced
what the Israelites experienced. Short time after they came of of Egypt,
pharaoh and his soldiers came after them, to take them back to captivity.
To jail. I experienced that, because I experienced the freedom. And I was
walking in freedom for some months, a year, but suddenly the old life started to come
and take over again. It was like sin came in again.
The old thing I before dealt with started to come in again. And I felt like I started to fight, and fight,
and fight more, to continue walking by the spirit,
and it was so difficult. And I experienced a battle inside of me.
Like Paul is describing in Romans 7. The good things that I want to do
I do not do, and bad things I don’t want to do, I do, but it’s not me
but the sin which dwells in me. Romans 7:14.
Many people know that verse. In the churches today is being said that
Romans 7:14 is the normal Christian life. If you have been taught that –
you have been deceived. Paul was talking about how it was
if you walk by the flesh. Because in Romans 6 he talks about
how there is freedom in baptism. Because in baptism you put off the old man
who is bound to sin. You die for the old man.
You die with Christ. You rise up with Christ. In baptism you wash away sin.
You experience forgiveness. There is so much freedom in that.
And it’s not only theology. It’s something we should experience. Everything in Bible is experience.
Something to experience. It’s not something we only say it in our head.
We should experience the freedom. We should experience the salvation.
We should experience the Holy Spirit. And I remember, I had a time in my life
where I was fighting. I was trying, and trying and trying
to live a good life, and then I fell back again.
It was like something was pulling me back. I was trying, I was trying, I was trying,
but then I fell back again. Yeah, I loved Jesus.
Yes, I spoke tongues at that time. Yeah, I was radical guy in the church.
Yeah, I thought I was saved. I was saved, but it was not the full salvation. I’ve been saved out of Egypt,
but I needed to get saved from Egypt. I needed more… … for me to really live that freedom and to
continue and to enter into the promised land. So, I needed one more salvation.
I needed one more thing. I needed to be free from the old life.
One time for all. And that was where baptism came in. For me… I have just got baptized,
but when I got baptized, nobody really explained me what baptism was.
So I could not grab it in faith. You have to understand what it is
to grab it in faith. Otherwise it just becomes a pool party. But after I got baptized I came home and
I started to study, study, study Romans 6, Romans 7, Romans 8.
And in Romans 6, where it’s talked about baptism, we read something again and again, that you are
free from sin, you are not bound by sin, you are not a slave to sin. You are not under
the law anymore. You are under grace. You are free. You are not bound. A new life.
And I just read it again, again and again. And in the middle of that suddenly
it became clear – this is what baptism is. I’m fee. I’m free!
But if I’m free, I don’t need to walk like that anymore.
And when I got that revelation, I stood up and I said: Yes, I’m free!
And something changed in me. And that day I got saved one more time.
I would say that day the new birth really took place. It took me six years to be born again. It could have happened the same day –
if we did what the Bible has said, if we had somebody who could really
explain what repentance, baptism in water and Holy Spirit is.
But it took me six years. The first six years I was sure I was saved. And I was saved, but when I experienced
that salvation, now I KNEW. I know, okay, now I’m there.
But I still know that I’m not… I’m there, but I’m not there. Understand? Because it’s one thing to start,
it’s something else to finish the race. Now I got a new heart.
Now I got set free from sin. And now I got the Holy Spirit.
So what do I need to do now? I need to walk the narrow road.
I need to learn to walk by the spirit, and not by the flesh. If I now, as a believer,
who loves Jesus, who believes in God, who reads the Bible, choose to go and
walk by the flesh again, I would get lost. Of course I would get lost.
I have to continue in Christ. I have to continue abiding in Him. I have to continue renewing my mind. I have to continue walking by the spirit. And remember, Jesus said: Come to me
all of you who are worried and carry heavy burden and I will give you rest. It’s not like: Oh no,
now I have to really be strong… No, just die. It’s much easier.
Just die. Just come to that point: Jesus, it’s just You. Just die.
But some of you make it so difficult for yourself because you keep on to the world a little
and you have a little of the world and a little of God. A little world and a little God.
And then you make it so difficult for yourself. And of course you will fight,
fight, fight, fight. Some of you will go back to your old friends
again, and again, and again, and fall and then go: Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I’m sorry, and the next week you go back and fall again. And then you come: Oh, I’m sorry,
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, and the next week you go back again. You make it so difficult for yourself.
And you are going to get lost in the end. Repent. Cut away those friends,
if it is. Throw that TV out of the house, if that is what you fall
in front of every time. Just throw it out. Yeah, but you don’t understand. I have a work place
and every time on my work place I feel like life is drawn out of me,
and I’m sinning every time and doing wrong things. Okay, then drop your work. No, but, but, but… I need the money.
Okay, but what is more important in life? That is your soul.
That is the only important thing. Paul said: I’m hard with my body.
I discipline my body. I’m not like a boxer who’s standing and
fighting like this. I’m taking care of my body. I’m disciplining my body, so me,
who is preaching to others, shall not be disqualified. Why?
Because if you are in a race and you get disqualified – you are out of the race. And you are not going to enter in again. We are all in a race and we are not running
to get a prize that is going to disappear. We are running to get an eternal prize
that is never going to disappear. The crown of righteousness, the eternal life.
That is a run. That is a road. That is a narrow gate. That is a narrow road.
And there’s only few who find it. So, you cannot preach…
If you preach a gospel without full repentance, if you preach a gospel
without baptism, if you preach a gospel without the Holy Spirit, then you didn’t understand
what the Kingdom is about. Because you need it all to be able
to walk the walk and to enter into the Kingdom of God.
You cannot enter into the Kingdom of God and fulfill the race without those three things.
Do you understand? The Kingdom is more than just
going to Heaven. We often… Jesus… Okay, let’s say like this.
What is the gospel? People say: Hey, the gospel is that
Jesus died, according to the Word, He rose up again, according to the Word, and so on.
This is 1 Corinthians 1. They say that gospel is that Jesus died
on the cross. That is correct, but… You know, Jesus was preaching the gospel
even before He died on the cross. And those people who walked with Him
did not know that Jesus will die on the cross. They had no idea of it.
He was preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. Yes, when Jesus died on the cross,
He got buried, rose up again, He made a road for us to enter into that.
But it’s the gospel of the Kingdom. We have one King.
That is Jesus Christ. He has some laws, like in every other
Kingdom. In every kingdom there are laws. And we need to obey the laws of our King. We are not under the law of Moses anymore,
but that does not mean we are lawless and can live how we want to live.
We are under the law of Christ. It’s His word. Now He is our King.
We are His servants and we obey our master, our Lord.
And by us obeying our master, our Lord, and live in obedience
and faithfulness toward Him, one day He will say to us:
Good, my faithful servant, you have been faithful in small things.
Enter into my rest. Inter into my Kingdom.
I look forward to that day. I’m not there yet, so therefore
I need to keep sharp and if I want people to enter in there,
together with me, I need to preach a radical gospel. If I just preach easy gospel:
Hey, if you believe and have a faith and do this, then you are saved.
I can get many decisions, but I will not get disciples
who continue the race. And we have done a big mistake
that we have lowered the standards, so now is so easy to get saved. It’s almost like it’s so cheap.
Salvation is so cheap. It costs you nothing. What?
It cost God everything. It cost God His Son.
And we say it’s so easy now and cost nothing.
No, it will cost you everything. The one who holds on to his life
is going to loose it, but the one who lay down his life
for my sake is going to win it. If anyone wants to be my disciple,
he needs to deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.
This is how much it costs to follow Christ. It costs everything. So, instead of having that idea,
when you share the gospel to people, instead of thinking: oh, I just need to make
that person make the right decision now, and then it doesn’t matter what
happens afterwards, you can keep on doing that, and then you will get many decisions
and one day we will woke up and see how wrong we were. Because we got
many decisions, but none of them entered into the promised land.
Instead we should preach radical, we should preach clear,
we should preach not only about salvation, but about following Christ.
Okay? I will just pray. God, we thank You
for what You are doing. I pray for this word, that You will come
and help us, to set us free in our mindset, when it comes to salvation.
Help us to understand, Jesus, that it’s about You.
It’s about obeying You, it’s about believing in You.
It’s about following You. Jesus, You are the lamb of God
who came to save us from our sins. You came to remove sin from us.
You died on that cross to set us free, to create a new man
in us, that we, Jesus, through repentance will experience
a new heart, through baptism in water will experience freedom from the old life,
freedom from sin, and through the Holy Spirit we will
learn to walk the new life, not by the flesh, like before, but walk
a new life, by the Spirit, and when we continue in You, Jesus,
continue in faith, continue in obedience, one day
we are going to enter into Your Kingdom. We are going to experience the eternal life.
Help us to continue, Jesus. Help us to not be deceived.
Help us to not walk the broad road, but help us
to walk the narrow road, through the narrow gate. And we want to
be one of those few who find it. We want to be one of those
who keep in faith. So come with Your Holy Spirit
and help us to understand the gospel, to understand the Word and to live
the freedom You have for us. In the name of Jesus we pray.
Amen. Subtitles by the community

14 thoughts on “The Narrow Road – Kickstart seminar in The Netherlands, June 2018”

  1. I love this teaching. Really thought provoking. I needed this. Thank you Torben. You are a blessing to us all.

  2. Thanks again brother… this is the PURE Gospel. I was born again and raised up on this. Left my church (which had lost the track and had become "a club" with much emphasis on works). This was after moving as a missionary to Valencia with my family. So many so called churches want to just "have a church" and want to just grow, but DISCIPLESHIP is what is important – then GOD will bring growth. Praying for you Torben. God bless you brother!!

  3. I'd love to hear why 2 people don't like this. Perhaps its because its too challenging. I lift them both to the Lord that He may show them the truth of the narrow path.

  4. With German subtitles. It can now be automatically translated to all other languages ​​on the computer (not on the phone).

  5. This the gospel that needs to be preached. Keep going with messages like this no matter who disagrees because this is the truth. May Jesus bless you

  6. Wow, Decisions or Disciples?? Many Decisions does not equal many Disciples. Such a needed word, a radical gospel. During this word about the narrow hard road. I thought about the woman with the issue of blood who came in the press, Everybody thronging Jesus but she was the only one who pressed thru & got healed. I'm very thankful for Torben preaching.

  7. WHY DOES HE KEEP MAKING “becoming NEW CREATION “ sound like process ; 2cor.5:17 says it happened when you got into Christ by faith !

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