The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)

The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)

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100 thoughts on “The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)”

  1. I think agent s has clone he is very cold and he is not afraid of snakes and snakes are his biggest fear

  2. Agent s has a barcode on his rist witch he is a clone because he also said he was cold and he wants a pet snake and he hates snakes

  3. I feel like that s not the real Agent.S i think that its his clone because his acting like Matt's clone (always cold).

  4. Rebecca zamolo you remember Matt was cold and you knew that it is Matt's colone and agent s cold so its agent s colone

  5. 13:48..the door opened..there is a hacker behind you rebecca and Agent R…they wear a black coat..the door opened a little bit..and the background shows black

  6. Rebecca can you please call me e in video call I mai say I live in Bangladesh and this is relief for a way from L.A but my dad's phone number is 01713030214 and am l the only 1 who knows that you are moving to a new house and ever so funny but agent s skin really light but his skin is Payal can I talk Spanish now Hola Zara sola Samba kama Senorita tora

  7. Maiby Agent‘S S CLOWN is ther cas all the clowns are alweas cold and i fihnk he has the barcode on his arm!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Matt let Rebecca get her dream home your always picking what you want to do and dont let rebecca get what she wants so let rebecca get her dream home

  9. That is Agent. s clone remember when u were with mat clone he was cold and Agent. s was cold so he is Agent. s clone

  10. Rebecca and everyone else agent s is a clone. The real agent s is in trouble. How I know that is he is always cold and he is forgetting everything he also has a bandage on his wrist to hide the barcode and we all know he is afraid of snakes so he is a clone

  11. Matt and Rebecca i think you have a clone of Agent S. Cause The real agent S is scared of snakes.

  12. Agent S is a clone,you know when matts clone was with you he was also cold and Agent s normally hates snakes

  13. What if that is agent ss clone just like mats clone when it was cold and when agent r asked agent s a questin are you working with chambers when he stole the ring in the haunted mantion and he said what haunted mauntin thats agent ss clone

  14. Matt Rebecca don't tell the agents but I think a jeunesse is a clone because remember Rebecca when Matt was the clone he was really really cold aged s is cold right he's a clone you got a check the back of his neck try and tell him he's got something on the back of his neck and one of yous need to get it off but not agent are either you Matt or Zoe Asian s is a clone and also renew Game master and agent are and Matt we're all trapped agent s told agent artist and you that message of him being agent and his best friend and then Mr X came install the phone he sent I kind of just agent arbite 100% not agent

  15. It’s agent s clone cause remember Matt’s clone when he did not remember anything he said he was cold like agent s clone

  16. That agent s is a clone in scooby Doo in real agent r and s saw frank n stein which is agent s clone. Remember Matt's clone was always cool just like agent s

  17. he is not Agent S,it is he's clone.Remember when Matt has been replaced by he's clone and also the things like 'iam cold' or the one when Matt keep forgetting things.That is also happening to Agent S because remember when Agent S said on this video "it is cool to have a pet snake" so dono't trust he's clone

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