Technically, you killed him.


The Studiolo is a small, fierce group. They have ruined a number of academic reputations. Appearing before them is a peril. You were very eager to see me discredited,
Professor Sogliato. Hm! You sang for your supper before the dragons
at the Studiolo. And you sang very well. Hm! First, applause, and then by wet eyed acclamation. Hm! The memberships affirmed you as master of Palazzo Capponi. Punch Romaine; a cocktail created by Escoffier. Served to first-class guests on the Titanic
during their last dinner. Hm! The committees have a new curator they do
not miss the old one. If my victory pleased the professor, I could
not tell. Then you weren’t paying attention. I pay lots of attention. But not in a wide-eyed, indiscriminate way. That may have been impulsive. Been mulling that impulse ever since you decided
to serve Punch Romaine. I… I can’t see. Technically, you killed him.

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