Technically Speaking with Andru Edwards – Episode 1


Hey guys, I’m Andru Edwards and you are watching
Technically Speaking, brought to you by
National Car Rental. Each week I’m gonna show you
the hottest tech in three very important categories: speed, choice, and control. So whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home, these gadgets are gonna make
your life that much easier. Let’s get started. Never ever lose
a good idea again. This is the Bamboo Spark by Wacom. It’s a smart folio
with a smart ballpoint pen that converts your handwritten
notes into a digital file. Check this out.
So you take the pen itself and you’ve got a real paper
notepad right here. You just write down
your important meeting notes, like I’m doing here,
and when you’re done, you press the sync button
in the center of the pad. Immediately on your IOS device, or connected device, it’s going to digitize that note
and bring it right in so you can look at it, you can read it,
you can send it to people, and you can even edit it
right here on your device. We all know making
good food choices while you’re on the road is hard, here’s one way to make it
a lot easier. This is the DietSensor SCiO
and app, it actually scans your food and compares it against a huge database of over six hundred
thousand foods to give you all of the nutritional
info you need to know. So here I’m gonna take the app, I’m gonna scroll down
to fruit and vegetable. It’s super easy.
All I need to do is take the apple, hold the sensor
onto the apple’s skin, and press the button. As you can see,
it’s counting carbs, calories, and it’s not just
about the food. This also scans
and tracks your body fat. Then it stores
all of that information in your personalized app and gives you immediate
feedback on your goals. This one is for the control freaks. Everyone is talking about Alexa. She’s the voice of Amazon Echo, and with a little whisper
you can control almost anything in your house. But if you’re on the road
a lot like me, you’ll probably get even
more use out of this one. Alexa, how far away
is the moon? The moon’s distance is
two hundred thirty-nine thousand miles. It’s the Amazon Echo Dot, a lot smaller but it does everything
the Echo does and it’s completely mobile, so you can be the master
of your domain anywhere you go. These are my top tech picks
for this week. I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll catch you
in the next one.

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