Teamwork basics – How to manage people and be a good team player? Self-Improvement Video.

Teamwork basics – How to manage people and be a good team player? Self-Improvement Video.

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You know when I first started going to work,
the one thing that took me a little time to get used to, is working with diverse people.
because you know back when I was in college and university I used to hang out with my
friends I had a choice who to hang out with I had a choice who not to interact with and
then suddenly I was at this work place where in I had no option I had to work and I had
to work well with the entire team. And that’s when I realize if you want to be successful
at work you need to learn how to be the best team mate. That’s right. Everyone loves a
team player in their team and today we are gonna talk about how you can become the best
team mate at work. Very warm welcome to this video my name is
of course is Rima and you know what the first thing I want you to do before I start talking
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Now hopefully you’ve done that because you all are fast and efficient. Now let’s learn
how to make you an efficient team player. The first point I have for is the most difficult
to execute but, if you wanna be the best team mate, learn to respect. Respect yourself and
respect the other person. Now when I say respect. I am not asking you to start greeting people
and shaking hands with them, not that kind of respect. Start respecting everybody else’s
work, your own work, everyone’s role in the office and your role in the office. It’s very
very important, to respect people and their work, once you do that people start trusting
you, you will start trusting people and that will lead to the formation of a good bond.
And there is no team in the world that can function without a good bond. You know in
the olden days there used to be stories where Kings who were the dictators and authoritative
figures would take their troops, their army to war and out of fear their soldiers would
actually fight hard in the war. But there were Kings who were like good rulers they
were kind and they respected their army so their army would actually lay down their lives
for their leader because they loved and respected their leader. So do you realize how important
it is to respect people, and you know the key to respecting people, the key to respecting
people is to respect yourself. When you truly respect your own life, and your own work,
you will start behaving in a respectful manner with others and respect their work equally.
So you this one’s a real toughly and it’s gonna talk you all a lot of efforts, but you
go to do this if you want to be the best team mate at work, Learn to respect. Going back to the time when I was very new
at work, I would always want some sort of validation of appreciation from outside. It
could be my colleagues, it could be my bosses, it could be someone else at work, I just wanted
to hear that I was doing good work and that’s quite a natural tendency you know, a lot of
us want appreciation. So if you want to be the best team mate, that there is, please
learn to appreciate. That’s right. So when I say appreciate it means you could personally
appreciate a person you could keep appreciating their work and I am not saying that appreciating
a team member or a co-worker you are actually telling that person, You are the best, you
don’t need to try any harder. It basically means that the task that you’ve done so far
is worthy of appreciation, is worthy of praise, which is why we are giving you the praise
it’s due. But in that sense we are also encouraging people to better for the next time. So if
you keep the spirit of appreciation in your team, you will realize that everyone is learning
to respect to appreciate each other even more. This thing will actually grow to be the culture
of your team and will actually be something that makes your team really strong. So one
really cool thing that we would do back in our office in our team is, we would actually
have this beginning of the week appreciation session wherein we would meet for about five
to seven minutes and openly in an open forum really appreciate the task that people have
done in the past week. We will appreciate each other and we would really encourage each
other to do better and it felt like such a beautiful team bonding that is something that
I never forgotten. So well if you want to be the best team mate learn to appreciate
and teach others to appreciate, because wherever there is positivity, there is always growth
and productivity. One more thing that I wanna tell you, if you
wanna become the best team mate that there ever was, is that you need to recognize that
everyone is unique and has a unique purpose. Now in our team, every person has a unique
role and a unique purpose. We all know that. People come from different educational backgrounds,
from different economic set-ups, from different sets of tradition. So it’s almost like an
amalgamation or a melting pot of cultures and people. And sometimes it becomes very
difficult to run a team, especially you are the team manager, it becomes very difficult
to bring everyone in the same page in terms of their thought process and work process.
Now what you can do is, you can first and foremost recognize that people don’t need
to be clones of each other in your team, because that will lead to the down fall of the team.
Everyone is unique, has a unique purpose and serves a unique purpose, so all you need to
do is let people be unique and let them fulfill their unique roles. For example, if you are
driving a car, every part of the car has a unique purpose and a unique role to play.
You can expect all the parts of the car to be the same, similarly with people you can’t
expect everyone to be a problem solver, you can’t expect everyone to be a performer,
everyone’s gonna have their unique approach, they’re gonna bring something different to
the table, and that’s gonna make your team interesting and it’s gonna give your team
so much more personality. So instead of trying to get everyone to behave dress and think
in the same manner, let people be unique and recognize their unique purpose, that way you
will end up becoming the best team mate or the best team manager. Another really important thing in order to
become the best team mate is to learn how to give & receive feedback, constructive feedback.
Now let me explain the difference between constructive and destructive feedback. Constructive
feedback starts with a little bit of appreciation and then focuses on the areas of improvements.
Destructive feedback often come from the place of anger, ego and is aimed at putting the
other person down. Now if I ask you which of these feedbacks is gonna help your team
grow? I know you are gonna say constructive because that is the correct answer. So as
a team player, team mate it’s very important for you to learn, how to give feedback, constructive
feedback and how to receive constructive feedback. Because feedback can never be in one direction.
It has to flow in both directions. It has to be to and fro. So you have to share your
prospective and be willing to accept somebody else’s opinion or prospective. Most teams
actually end up crumbling and facing a lot of problems, when the people in the team are
unable to give and receive constructive feedback. So I really feel that if you wanna really
strengthen this area or this aspect of your team, you should actually indulge in offering
trainings to your team on how one can give and receive constructive feedback. Because
feedback opens the channel to honest communication and honest communication can always go a long
way and make your team way more productive than it already is. So make sure that you
know how to deliver constructive feedback and if someone is giving you some sort of
feedback, you know how to take it without making it really personal, without making
it about your ego and using all of these feedbacks to make your team better. And that’s when
you will be the best team mate that there is Now we’ve already spoken about how each person
has a unique role and a purpose in your team, it could also be that each person has unique
strengths and unique weaknesses in your team. Now when you know someone’s strengths it’s
very easy to use them to better your team but what you do with the weaknesses? Now make
sure, if you want to build a solid team, and be a solid, amazing team mate, make sure you
don’t leave behind the person who has certain weaknesses. If you know the weaknesses of
each person in your team, now make sure that all of you working in a united fashion to
overcome and better these weaknesses. Because in the long run, even if you show a slight
improvement in each person’s weakness that will make your team stronger but if you leave
the weaknesses as is, you will end up hampering the personal growth of your team and that
will lead to weak team. So make sure you are not leaving any of those weaknesses behind
you are advancing with the strengths and working to better the weaknesses and this will make
you a great team player, a great team manager and all in all you will have a great team. Another thing you wanna do if you wanna be
the best team mate that there is, is led by example. I know it’s a tough one. It’s not
so easy to execute but if you can lead by example, you could end up changing and bettering
the entire culture of your team. Now when I say lead by example, I mean you can demonstrate
the most ideal team behavior that there is. Which means you know, punctuality, compassion,
mutual understanding, respect, politeness, patience, efficiency, productivity and the
list goes on and on and on, but even if you can take some few core qualities and work
hard at demonstrating them and work hard at actually actualizing them, a lot of people
around you especially your team will start looking up to you, start getting inspired
and will start emulating you and that way you will end up changing the culture of your
team at the core level and in no time your entire team will have these principles of
punctuality, mutual respect, understanding, compassion, patience and whatever required
in their forte and that will lead to a fantastic team and team culture. So well those were my suggestions in order
to make your team amazing and for you to be the best team mate that there is. I really
hope you’ve enjoyed this video. It’s time for me Rima take your leave. I’m gonna come
back very soon with yet another video till then, I want you to know, all you’ve got to
do is, keep watching Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

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