Submitting a Resume That Gets Interviews: Checklist Included!

Submitting a Resume That Gets Interviews: Checklist Included!

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26 thoughts on “Submitting a Resume That Gets Interviews: Checklist Included!”

  1. I've never had a position where I could make any noteworthy accomplishments, and nobody cares about work I did for free or for any employer who isn't exactly like them.

  2. I am a new grad, should I include a career highlight as well? As I don't see it in the new college resume template. Thank you!

  3. I have been to a couple of interviews they always say "well let you know" and then they send the rejection email

  4. Two things i have noticed is that you never talk about body language during an interview, such as how you carry yourself, making eye contact etc and about proper etiquette during and before and interview like how to greet people and introduce yourself. Don't you think that those are important points before and during an interview?

  5. What do you recommend for a person who has been out of work for a long time, which leaves gaps in your employment history, and is just getting back into the job market? Therefore, if you have been out of work for a period of time you need to start over from the bottom up regardless of where you left off.

  6. Andy-you are a rock star. Most of us were programmed or taught WRONG and we have the proof that what was told on how to go about the job search or submit an application/resume properly reaps LOUSY results. Thanks for being an OASIS to draw from. Marketing oneself in the basically broken HR system is so depleting and that is why many GIVE UP or don't reach their God given potential. They can't FACE the process, knowing that it is in most cases a very negative, NONproductive, experience. I come back to your channel to replenish and get that "will" to persevere when the rejections mount.

  7. Hey! I love your videos but im always worried by the fact i didnt studied a profesional career. I only did high school and then I've been doing an internship working without monetary pay in exchange of studying makeup and fashion stylist. How can i put that in the education and profesional part of the resume?

  8. Sir, I have three certifications. Should I add them below education? When I am adding them below education, my resume is becoming 4 pages long. Is that okay?

  9. OK, this is off topic but I am angry. Has anyone ever gone into an interview thinking they were being considered for one job and then realizing the hiring manager has something else in mind? Just happened to me. Thought I was interviewing for an inside sales job with a local real estate company. The manager said they are revamping their thinking on how to generate leads. Well, no one told me this before today's interview, so I prepared for the SALES interview. Never had this happen. Makes me NOT trust them. Anyone else out there have this happen? The phone screen was for inside sales. Weird…. Thanks!

  10. hey Andy, How are you? Question.. Have you noticed a new trend where people are submitting a video with their resume? What are your thoughts on this?

  11. Andy, thanks for all the videos. I'm 35 looking for a career change, it's something outside the area I've been working in the last 11 years. How do I make my career profile relevant for the job I want vs the highlights of my former career? Also haven't applied for a job since I was 24 so are employers looking for a photo on the resume?

  12. Good Day Sir Andy!
    Can you make a video about tips for FRESH GRADUATES WHO ARE SEEKING FOR THEIR FIRST JOB?
    All about job search, interview, job offer etc.

    I think this will gonna be helpful for freshgrads like me. Thank you very much 🙂

  13. Hi Andy omg 😀 your are a life saviour God bless you. I discovered your videos few moths ago and since then I been studying with you.
    I had a tone of interviews which they resulted in a totally fiasco, and I find myself desperate wondering what happen. Since I been watching you videos I make a self evaluation of my abilities and I realice how much I have to change my actitud and way to express my self. Can you please make a video with the following question:
    Why you leave your previous job?
    How your background or experience relate to the job position ?
    And how effective is for be a part of a team player ? Or what is importan for a team member to succeed?

    Once again thank you very much.

  14. hello @AndrewLacivita Johann Black from Cameroon, great input as always. I love your work and your passion you have for helping as many people as possible. Just an observation, the website for the FREE ULTIMATE RESUME SUBMITTAL CHECKLIST is down. Please look into it so we can download this great source of information. Thanks ahead!

  15. Your excitement alone gets me understand exactly what I want to do with my resume. Thank you for clearing up things. you have completely changed the way I write resume. Thanks to you I now can make a business of it and get extra money : )

  16. Hi Andy. My name is Nora, and like Suzy, I have been job searching for 6 months with no avail. moved from California to Nevada half a year ago, and I am still trying to get in there. Help!

  17. Thank you very much Andrew! It is very useful video, which gave me understanding of how a successful resume should be written. If it possible, could you make more videos for professionals who have changed their work field once and then after a several years would like to back to a previous industry they used to work in, please.

  18. great video Andrew! Very helpful. Would you be for or against a headshot in a resume? I'm a graphic designer and I know a lot of us use one. I also have the same headshot on my online portfolio. I just thought its a good idea to have that same branding along with my name across everything the recruiter may see.

  19. Your videos are great! One question: I have limited experience in my brand new career as a Horticulturist (mostly research and ornamental landscape management experience) and I'd like to get into Horticultural sales but seemingly have nothing that would make me qualified for a sales role. However, that's really the route I'd like to go with my career. I have experience in the Horticulture industry as a whole and am very knowledgable in regards to industry lingo and the technical/scientific aspects of plants in general but no sales experience specifically. Any advice on how to get considered? Do you think I'd still have a chance?

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