Starting a Real Estate Career : Real Estate License Qualifications

Starting a Real Estate Career : Real Estate License Qualifications

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Okay this is what it looks like. “I’ve passed
the test, I can’t believe it!” Oh you’re so happy, you’re so excited because it really,
you know, I’m making it, maybe I’ve given you the impression that it was kind of easy.
It was some work, you put in some hours, you studied. Maybe you hadn’t been in college
in 25 years, you’re back in the old school there studying again. Or maybe you had just
gotten out of college and it was a piece of cake to you, but I don’t care who you are,
how tall you are, whatever it is you’re going to be thrilled beyond belief. Okay so you’ve
got your license in your hand and you’re running around the city telling everybody you know.
“I’ve got my real estate license!” I remember sitting at a restaurant literally on the lake
here in Austin, TX. And I remember the waiter came over and he’s, “Hi can I help you, how
are you doing today?” And I about came out of my skin. “I’m doing great, I’ve just passed
my real estate exam!” And he looked back at me and said, “Oh really, I took the test about
five times!” Now I didn’t say that to scare you, I hope that doesn’t scare you. It was,
it’s always, there’s always some unique situations. Okay you’ve got that license in hand, now
let me tell you what you need to do next.

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