Sony | α | α9 II – Inspired by Professional Passion

Sony | α | α9 II – Inspired by Professional Passion

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Alpha As a sports photographer it’s not enough to get the shot. JEAN FRUTH
MLB Photographer

You have to have it out there fast. Everybody is expecting information instantly. Clients want images immediately. A goal …celebration…. JOHN TODD
Director, International Sports Images

They want it in their hands within seconds. With the Sony Alpha 9 II, it’s about being first to market whether it be social media where you’re beating all the other agencies, JEFF BOTTARI
UFC / NHL Photographer

that’s, that’s really key. Connectivity With the internet connectivity features, this camera gets the job done for the deadline that you’re expected to meet. They have a new gigabit ethernet port, which allows us to move images super fast. The wireless functions are incredible. DAVE HOLLAND
Canadian Sports Institute Calgary

Getting images out wirelessly is even more important for me because a lot of times I’m a one man show and I can be anywhere around the track or anywhere around the building. With the wireless functions built in, you’re not adding something to the camera and you’re not putting a cable on it. You’re just shooting wirelessly and those images can get out right away. Voice Memo The voice tagging gets the information out to who you need to give it to quickly, succinctly, without taking a lot of time from what you’re doing. One of the big struggles depending on the sport is identifying who’s actually in the photo. So to be able to look and just be able to say it verbally is a huge time saver. Imaging Edge(TM)
Transfer & Tagging add-on I can instantly go from camera to phone to client and it’s that simple. I can use the Transfer and Tagging App to send images to clients right away from the field without having to worry about running into the media room or worry about having ethernet lines run out to us on the field. Just the whole functionality, being able to transmit FTP straight from the camera, being able to edit and caption on your phone, it’s a game changer. Alpha 9 II
Inspired by Professional Passion It’s hard to improve on the Alpha 9 because it’s such an amazing camera. Sony’s listened and they’re giving us what the professionals need in order to enhance our professional lives. And now, you know, we just have everything we need for the highest professional level of shooting, you know, it’s complete. We’re in that zone of just reaching capabilities we haven’t reached before. Alpha 9 II Alpha

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  1. Ethernet connectivity? Is that it? Is this all you got Sony? FTP straight from camera has available on my Canon 1ds Mk2 11 years ago. I'm not sure whats new on this. Its certainly not the video, still 8bit max. Come on guys this really wasn't worth the wait. The A7S3 had better not disappoint. This camera simply isn't enough of a transition from any others in the range. I'd expect sales to be poor. If you didn't have anything new to say you should have held back and not realised anything at all. Its almost the same as your FS5 mk2. By your own admission its the same camera as the previous FS5, with a firmware alteration!!! Fingers crossed you've invested heavily in the A7S3, with all the R&D saved on this A92 I should hope so….

    …OMG, I've just watched it again. Voice recording feature!!?? Been around since 2009 on Canons lol. Also the quality of the video? The skin-tones in the still images? Average photographers, average track, average athletes. It doesn't inspire anyone at all. Who commissioned this? Who shot this video its awful? Why weren't the still images graded better? Why is the video quality so poor?Not a gimbal, slider or LUT in place anywhere!!!! Come on Sony you can do so much better.

  2. Sony A9II ■□■□■□■ EVF Black-Outs @ Max 10fps 14-bit uncompressed RAW (too!)
    Sony A7III ■□■□■□■ EVF Black-Outs @ Max 10fps 14-bit uncompressed RAW …
    Sony A9 ■□■□■□■ EVF Black-Outs @ Max 5fps 14-bit uncompressed RAW …
    faster A9/A9II = 20fps squiggly-action rolling-shutter available ONLY with Fine JPEGs or 12-bit compressed RAW ARW "black-out-free" ONLY with 120 videofedframes EVF @ 120Hz only … NO actual captures "20-Unknowns-Till-Chimp-in-Post" (after 20fps images of 120 fps cached on sensor clears to storage)

    same sony molasses antiquated videofedframe "past-preview-only" tech of 1980's …

  3. My reasons why not to upgrade to this camera and why I’m not happy with Sony A9ii: 1) No touchscreen functionality 2) No significant increase video functionality 3) No picture profiles since more agencies are asking for video work 4) Same old sensor 5) Same EVF 6) Same megapixels , even a small bump would have been nice 7) No 4K 60 for a flagship camera 8) Sony keeps releasing cameras that people are not asking for 9) Sony is not innovating anymore 10) Pay attention to rumor sites, where working people comment most often , and Sony will see the huge disappointment we get with recent releases!!! I love Sony and I have two A6400, one A73, one A9 and pretty much all Sony lenses. But these past new camera releases are making me not wanting to upgrade anymore for a couple of years. That’s just my opinion. I know Sony won’t care about it, but I just had to say it.

  4. Yeah.. And… Who is this "professional" You are talking –___– cmon sony you said the voice of your costumer matters so please listen to is already "MULTI PURPOSE TOUCH SCREEN"

  5. What Sony listen to customer and this people are bummer not real photographer. Anyway good luck Sony's market and how they are marketing value. After Sony a9II announced I sold my all sony gear and I ordered Canon 1Dx Mark II and it is great decision with zero regret.Good Luck sony market.

  6. Is there any professional who can help and support me to grow up as a wildlife photographer this is my portfolio and I take all these shots with a compact camera

  7. It's really shameful Sony a9ii as regarding to recently Canon announced Canon 1Dx mark III with revolutionary specs that people wants but Sony never listens to customers. 4k60p, 10 bits internal, durability of camera, 16fps, advanced weather sealing, and many others space better than Sony. It is time back canon again and Sony really hurt people. Shameful Sony

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