Solar Will Make Tesla Billions


Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If you’re new, welcome. If you’re not, awesome. Solar is one of the most exciting and currently
overlooked aspects of Tesla’s business. Elon Musk has said that he believes Tesla
energy can grow to be as big–if not bigger than–its vehicle business. That’s a pretty bold claim, but it’s grounded
in reality. So in this video I’m explaining why solar
will make Tesla billions. I started my stock portfolio in early 2016. On the same day, I bought my first two stocks: Tesla and Solar City. I had strong reasons for investing in both. Solar City was of particular interest for
two key reasons. First, I’d been watching the declining costs
and improving efficiency of solar for years and realised in the future, with even lower
costs, solar would power the world. I mean, technically it already does, but I’ll
spare you the physics and biology lesson. Point is, it was PAINFULLY obvious that solar
was ready to shine. […yeah I did just do that. Uh..] [..I’m sorry guys] [..that was so bad] [..uh anyway] The second reason was the unique SolarCity
business model which had allowed it to become one of the fastest growing and largest solar
suppliers in the US. More on this later. Soon after I bought SolarCity stock, Tesla
announced plans to acquire the company–a brilliant opportunity to vertically integrate
solar, strengthen the Tesla ecosystem and further its mission of accelerating the world’s
transition to sustainable energy and transport. I voted in support of the acquisition, along
with most shareholders, and soon after, SolarCity became part of Tesla. Then production hell happened. In trying to over-automate Model 3 production,
Tesla bit off way more than it could chew. In the wake of the chaos, everyone within
Tesla who could possibly be moved to help with Model 3, was. This left solar languishing for well over
a year. Thankfully, Tesla made it out of hell and
solar is now a huge focus. A few weeks ago Tesla updated their website,
adding direct links to Solar Roof and Solar Panels on their home page. Solar is now a top priority. So, let’s look at the potential for solar
to make Tesla billions. Declining Costs If you haven’t noticed by now, Tesla’s
core technologies are ALL on declining cost curves. Batteries, self driving computer chip, and
solar. This isn’t an accident. It’s called foresight. Something seemingly in short supply. Knowing a technology will continue to improve
and decline in costs over time, and identifying exponential growth trends, allows smart businesses
to enter markets early and absolutely dominate. And that’s what we’re seeing with Tesla
Solar. In 2012, solar panels produced just 0.5% of
the world’s energy supply. Without an awareness of the declining costs and exponentially growing
market (solar is doubling about every 2 years), it would have been easy to dismiss solar as
a waste of time. But 0.5% is only 8 doublings away from 100%. The trend is clear. 4 years later, in 2016, solar had doubled
twice to about 2% of the world’s energy supply. It’s now 2020 and solar is ready for prime
time. The future looks very bright. Applications Two types of solar customers exist. Commercial and residential. Businesses and governments tend to have deep
pockets and will readily invest big dollars in technologies that will ultimately save
them money. These unseen customers will drive strong growth
in Tesla solar, with a typical commercial solar installation many times larger than
that of a residential one. On top of that is the dramatic social change
we’re seeing. It’s no longer ok to f**k up the planet. Businesses (including energy providers) and
governments want to do their part. Some to look good or comply and others because
they genuinely believe in the cause. Pressure from customers, residents and voters
will ensure strong global growth in commercial solar applications. And then we have retail solar customers. Households. The economics of home solar are already compelling
in most parts of the world and they’re only going to get better as solar rides its declining
cost curve. Budget-conscious consumers and those with
an interest in the environment will increasingly be adding solar to their homes as the economic
case for a rooftop money printer becomes impossible to ignore. Products Tesla offers two solar products. They make unglamourous solar panels which
are great to retrofit to an existing home or building, and for use in large solar arrays
for energy providers. The real magic however, is the Solarglass
Roof. What if Tesla could make a beautiful roof
with integrated solar? And what if this solar roof was equivalent
in cost to a new roof plus solar panels? That’s exactly what they’ve done. If you take the time to let this sink in,
there’s really no point watching the rest of this video. You get it. Solar will make Tesla billions. The value proposition is too hard to ignore. If your budget allows, just as you’d have
to be MAD not to buy a Tesla (factoring in its value and true total cost of ownership
over time), you’d have to be MAD not to buy a Tesla Solarglass roof –IF you are building a new home or replacing
a premium roof. Tesla’s goal is to make products SO compelling,
SUCH great value, that you’d be INSANE not to buy them. We’ve seen how this is working out with
their vehicles. Now we’ll see it happen with Solar. Business Model Eventually, people will look back on Tesla
and appreciate the genius of their business models. Installing all the necessary hardware for
full self-driving on ALL vehicles, then having customers buy the cars and having those vehicles
collecting data to improve the self-driving AI is next level. Everyone else trying to solve autonomy is
paying engineers six-figure salaries to drive their cars to get data and running expensive
simulations. Tesla’s customers are PAYING TESLA for the
privilege of giving them INVALUABLE real-world data which will help them win full self-driving. This fleet is already almost 1 million strong. No one has any hope in catching Tesla because
Tesla outsmarted them. Their data lead is now clearly unassailable. The robo taxi network will be another masterclass
in how to print billions. The day Tesla’s fleet awakens, millions
of vehicles–already paid for by customers–will suddenly unleash a torrent of super-high margin
revenue as Tesla takes a small slice of every robo taxi ride. Never mind the instant step-shift in asset
value of every Tesla which, overnight, will become an on-demand money-making-machine. And that brings us to solar. Elon Musk famously described Tesla solar as
a money printer on your roof. It’s hard to disagree. The brilliant innovation here is Tesla has
removed the barriers to entry. If you can’t afford to buy solar outright,
or don’t want to, you don’t have to. You can lease solar panels from Tesla. It gets better. There’s NO installation cost. AND, there’s NO cancellation cost. But wait, there’s more. If you live in a sunny area, the solar panels
will generate enough energy that the cost savings are greater than the subscription
cost. Let me spell it out. If you’re in an area that receives sufficient
sunlight and Tesla solar subscriptions are available. You can literally subscribe and start printing
money from your roof, INSTANTLY. One more time. No installation cost. No cancellation cost. And the net result is more money in your pocket,
every day, from day one. Imagine someone on the street said: “Hey,
if you pay me $60/month, I’ll give you $100/month back. No catches.” You’d think they were high on meth, mentall
ill or both. But this is the basic equation for Tesla solar
subscriptions. Of course, the numbers will vary but the point
is, for most people, this is a no brainer. Do you want a free money printer, or not? And for those with deeper pockets, building
a new home or replacing a roof is equally compelling with the cost of a Solarglass roof
on par with a new premium roof plus solar panels. This matters. Installation Innovation Disruptive innovation is what Tesla does best. Do I really need to remind you? Tesla don’t do things the way they’re
done. They do things better. They go down to the atoms and work up from
there. Screw convention. What makes sense? DO THAT. The biggest challenge Tesla faces in scaling
their solar business is around installation. There’s plenty of demand but meeting that
demand is the hard part. Every roof is different. This complicates things enormously. Tesla has worked relentlessly at streamlining
the installation process and the Solarglass roof is now at version 3, finally ready to
go mainstream. Why waste time climbing a few stories to snap
photos of a roof when you can just use the world’s largest selfie stick? It’s worth taking a moment to let this simple
point sink in. This one innovation compounded over 100,000s of installations will save countless
time and money. And then there’s the tiles themselves. Tesla have nailed the product design on its
third iteration. The tiles are large and uniform, with an innovative
design and integrated wiring allowing for quick and easy installation. The end-goal is to be able to install a Tesla
Solarglass roof in ONE day. And this is just as well because Tesla will
NEED to master fast installations if they’re to truly tap into the burgeoning solar market. In addition to hiring heavily for their New
York Solar Factory, Tesla has been aggressively advertising for installers of their new Solarglass
roof, even offering training. This is a sign of what’s to come: a s**tload of Solarglass roofs. Addressable Market In the US alone there are more than 5 million
roof replacements every year. That’s JUST replacements. Not including new homes. And that’s JUST in the US. We’re just talking about new roofs, not
solar panels. The global addressable market for Tesla solar–and
in particular Solarglass roof–is gargantuan. Let’s imagine Tesla captures just 5% of
re-roofings JUST in the US. That’s 250,000 Solarglass roofs per year. 10% of the US re-roofing market would be half
a million per year — about as many roofs as Tesla will sell vehicles in 2020. The opportunity here is absolutely ENORMOUS. Which brings me to the next point, and why
most of you are here. Revenue Potential If the title didn’t give it away, Tesla
solar will make BILLIONS. Let’s look at some ballpark numbers. In 2018, the US installed 10.6 gigawatts of
solar. Tesla accounted for 173 megawatts of this, a little under 2%. Given their total lack of focus on solar in
2018 due to Model 3 production hell, it’s safe to expect their share of US solar installations
to grow. Nevermind that the underlying market itself
is doubling every 2 years. If 20 gigawatts of solar is deployed in 2020,
and Tesla takes 3% of this market, we’re looking at around 600 megawatts of solar,
or 600,000 kilowatts. The largest Tesla solar panel installation
is 15.2 kilowatts for a cost of $37,500. If Tesla deploys 600 megawatts of solar panels,
we’re looking at around 40,000 installations. 40,000 * 37,500=$1.5 BILLION in revenue. Next we have the Solarglass roof which straddles
the line between roof, solar panels and straight-up money printer. This product looks set to single handedly
expand the solar market by effectively making “dumb” roofs obsolete in the premium market. And Tesla is looking to partner with new home
builders so this product may scale faster than most realise. Imagine Tesla captures 5% of the new roof
market in the US with an average price of $40,000 dollars. 250,000 * $40,000=$10 billion in revenue. Yes, 10 BILLION with a “B”. 500,000, or just 10% of the new roof market
in JUST the US, would be $20 billion in revenue–almost as much as Tesla’s entire business did in
2019 And earth is a big place. The market is HUGE. As the cost of solar continues to decline
over time, homes the world over will become solar powered. And looking at these numbers, we can begin
to see why Elon Musk believes Tesla energy could grow to be as big as its automotive
business, if not larger. The potential for solar to become ubiquitous
has been obvious for years and we’re now at an inflection point. Tesla neglected their solar business while
redirecting resources to survive production hell. This artificially suppressed solar progress
and drew attention elsewhere. As a result, today most investors aren’t
even thinking about Tesla solar and most analysts–to their future chagrin–aren’t factoring Tesla
energy into their projections at all. I get it. Automotive dwarves its energy business. For now. But things are changing. Not everyone can afford to drop $40, $60 or
$80,000 dollars on a Tesla vehicle. But I think you’ll find most people can afford
to have a money printer installed on their roof, for FREE. As consumers learn of Tesla’s ridiculously
innovative Solarglass roof and its comparable cost to a new premium roof plus solar panels,
it will become increasingly hard to ignore the compelling economics. What’s more, Tesla has an army of a million
fanatical owners, ranting and raving about their products. Well, their cars. But guess what? The same thing will happen with solar. When you make a product that’s SO good,
SO unique, SO compelling and SO economically obvious, it’s only a matter of time before
everyone knows about it. Much like we’ve seen word of mouth already
sell a million Tesla’s, we’ll see the same happen for solar. And don’t forget the Tesla ecosystem. If you’re interested in a Tesla vehicle,
you’re probably interested in Solar. If you’re interested in Solar, you’re
probably interested in a Powerwall. The lifetime value of a Tesla customer is
enormous. Imagine, a Tesla or two parked in the garage,
charging from a Powerwall which was fed by Tesla solar. The opportunity is staggering. And I didn’t even have time to mention virtual
power plants, which…well, that can wait for another video. I’m Steven Mark Ryan, this is Solving The
Money Problem and I love you all. Thanks so much for watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. Do you agree or disagree with any points? Do you own solar? Will you get Tesla solar panels or Solarglass
roof? Do you think people will like the idea of
a money printer on their roof? And of course, if you have any ideas for future
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