Soap Art – Packaging, Making it look professional!

Soap Art – Packaging, Making it look professional!

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country a little bit should doesn’t look like a very big bag Trust me it goes a long way, so here is one I have prepared earlier It is in here all in bits because if you pull the celephane out it just goes everywhere so what you do is you put it inside the plastic bag and you can roll it into a ball, take a little ball of celephane out and put it in there and you don’t end up with an awful mess all over the place let’s find a nice might put one soap in here, you might use two close the top I me boxes his so much about fifty cents each
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16 thoughts on “Soap Art – Packaging, Making it look professional!”

  1. 8:43 What a great idea, to make the soap actually in the packet! Obviously, a M&P soap cooled down would be the ideal there. It would pop so well if you put an embed in the front of the bars, don't you think?

  2. No shrink wrap? By choice or just keeping things simple? Personally I feel that's the most professional looking, with or without additional packaging/presentation. Also, the market is flooded with shrink wrapped soap whereas I don't see bags or shredded cellophane anymore. Just throwing it out there for anyone who may appreciate other options.

  3. Where did you find the self closing double circle molds? That would be great for gift giving. Thank you from Phoenix AZ

  4. I absolutely love love love making soap. I mainly make a goats milk or a Himalayan salt cold processed soap. Packaging is not my favorite. I shrink wrap my soaps, but I need to make a better label. Right now I'm hand printing them, but I'd like to print off the printer. The issue is, I only have my iPhone to find a template. My printer will print anything from my phone.

    I love the cellophane you use to package in the boxes.

  5. Ok I’m confused. I thought that you always had to cello or shrink wrap your soap as soon as it’s made to stop it from sweating? So if we can package them in any packaging is it a case of just waiting a few days then wrap and label them? Any help appreciated

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