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Hi this is Ceema, welcome back to Skillopedia
the place to learn skills for the real world. In today’s session we’re gonna deal with a
very interesting topic about bathroom etiquette. Do you know the bathroom is the least talked
about place? Because what you do in there is your personal business, no one needs to
know about it. But do you know that there are certain rules or certain behaviour you
need to follow when you are in the bathroom? And you need to follow it even though no one
is watching. So let’s see what you need to keep in mind when you are in the bathroom. The first thing that you need to keep in mind
is to ditch your cell phone. You don’t want your cell phone in the bathroom. Now let me
tell you that it is more polite to the person on the other end of the line if they do not
get to hear some loud echoing flushing noises while they were talking to you. In fact even
other people who are visiting the same bathroom as you are do not really need to hear your
conversation while you are on the cell phone. And let me tell you a lot of people accidentally
drop their phone in the commode that is something you can never forgive yourself for. And that
is something that your insurance company won’t probably cover. So the thumb rule is to make
sure you save your phone calls for a later time. Don’t use your cell phones in the bathroom. The second important rule to follow when you
are in the bathroom is to clean up after yourself. Well this is something that you have been
taught as a child, almost every day, right? But surprisingly a lot of people don’t follow
it. So whether you’re at home, whether you are a house guest at somebody else’s home
or whether you are at work, treat everyone bathroom as if it were a bathroom in your
own house, which means that if you’ve splashed water all over the sink, take a face tissue
and wipe it away. If you’ve used a seat cover, ensure that the seat cover is also flushed
away. In other words you’ve gotta ensure that whatever you’ve done in there should be something
that nobody else needs to know. Okay so you’ve gotta wipe away every lingering evidence of
whatever it is that you may have done while you were in the bathroom. In many cases, if
you are a house guest, you could also use a bathroom fan. So in short you’ve gotta make
sure you always clean up after yourself because that is the right thing to do. The next thing you need to keep in mind is
to make spare toilet rolls or toilet paper available. Sometimes we end up using the last
of the toilet roll, right? If you ever happen to do that, ensure that you always make spare
rolls available for the next person who is entering in the bathroom. If you can’t do
that, ensure that you contact an administration employee about that. If you can’t do even
that, be polite enough to at least tell the next person who is heading into the stall.
Tell him that there is no paper roll or no toilet roll available, that way he will be
warned well in advance. So always make sure that toilet rolls
are available. The fourth point to follow as far as bathroom
etiquette is concerned is to refrain or avoid having a long conversation. Some people think
that the bathroom is a great place to have long, amazing conversations. Well, you can’t
be more wrong about that because the bathroom is a place where you only go to do your business,
your private business, right? So when you meet a friend in the bathroom, stop talking
about your parents, your children, your dog and such other things that take up a lot of
each other’s time. A lot of people are probably in there just for a short bathroom break,
right? So refrain from having lengthy, long conversations with people. Try to limit your
conversations to a friendly greeting, may be a hello or a good morning or a good afternoon
or how are you doing, should be enough. Okay so we are not gonna have lengthy conversations
in the bathroom. The next thing you need to know is always
give the inside scoop to someone who is visiting your house as a guest and who is visiting
your bathroom for probably the first time. Now imagine this, what if you were going to
someone’s bathroom and you turned on the tap and suddenly a blast of cold water hit you
in the face from the shower. Now that’s not a very pleasing thing is it? Well that is
why you need to give your house guests the inside scoop or let them know about how to
operate your bathroom devices. It could be the geyser, the shower or the taps or the
faucets because a lot of people like myself even, do not know how to operate bathroom
devices properly. That will save yourself, your house guest a lot of irritation and a
lot of embarrassment. So don’t forget to give your house guests the inside scoop about your
bathroom. Another very important thing you need to know
is that, you must never use bath towels when you are in the bathroom. Okay what does that
mean? So when you’ve finished with your business, okay, whatever it is that you went to do in
the bathroom, ensure that you use only a hand towel after you’ve finished, you know urinating
or taking a dump. If there is no hand towel available, you might need to ask for it from
a house guest, whose house you are entering into. If you don’t find a hand towel and you
can’t you know get it from a guest, go to the kitchen and use a paper towel, okay. But
don’t ever use bath towels of your guests because they are not what you need to use
after visiting the bathroom. You always use hand towels. The next thumb rule when you are in the bathroom
that you need to know about is that you should not squat. No squatting is the rule you’ve
gotta follow. Do you know there are some people who squat on a toilet seat? You have no reason
to be squatting on a toilet seat unless you are in a squat toilet of course. Do you know
why? Because if you accidentally fall, you could break a hip. In fact a lot of times,
even the commode or the toilet seat may just break if you are squatting because the toilet
seat cannot support your weight when you are squatting. So please, please refrain from
squatting because that is very bad bathroom etiquette. The last point and the eighth point of making
sure you follow bathroom etiquette is to look or knock before you enter. Now let me tell
you that not all bathroom locks secure very properly. Okay which means that, sometimes
if you know really wanna pee very bad, which some of us always wanna do, we have the temptation
of just pushing in quickly into the door, right? But that’s not the way you do it because
if the door is not secured properly, it’s gonna be a little embarrassing for you and
the person who is the bathroom. So therefore especially when you are in a public toilet
or a communal stall, always ensure that you look down for some feet or you could just
tap the door a little bit, knock it a little bit to ensure that no one is in there, that
will save you a lot of embarrassment. Well that’s it from me on this session of
bathroom etiquette. I hope you found it interesting and informative and I hope you get to use
it every day when you visit the bathroom. Well for such skills and many other do not
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