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Has your boss made your life a living hell?
If that is true for you, then you know who your boss is. He is a case of absolute nastiness.
Yes, I’m not talking about a boss who is simply disorganized or who keeps complaining or may
be that your boss is incompetent. But still I’m sure he must be a decent guy. I’m talking about a boss who is nasty or a case of narcissism. Yes someone who is too proud of their physical appearance or who loves themselves just too much, who is arrogant and is rude to you and he absolutely loves
to harass you publicly. Do you have a boss like that? Then what should you do about him?
I think you should carry on watching this session with me Michelle on Skillopedia, the
place to learn skills for the real world, coz here in this session we are going to learn
5 ways to make the most of a nasty boss. So the first way to make the most of your
nasty boss is to plan your escape. Yes you surely don’t want to stay longer with that
nasty boss but then you have to plan your escape, you know with a boss like that, it
is not easy to escape him. You’ve got to be smart and this includes some strategic and
careful thinking. So what you really need to do is, you need to start applying elsewhere.
But while you are still with him, you have to learn ways to cope with his behaviour.
And to get the most out of him. Not only that, you should also start thinking carefully because
you want to develop your skills for the next job. Yes, while you are still here, try to
develop your skills so that you are an exciting candidate for your next employer and that
they wanna hire you. But believe me, the worst thing would be to go up to the human resource’s
people or to the people beyond your boss complaining about him. coz these kind of people, they
are very sweet to you on your face but then they are quite nasty behind your back and
I can tell you surely, if they are smart and cunning enough to reach that position, then
they are too smart to stay there. So surely they are going to side with your boss and
then you will face the brunt for complaining about him. So plan your escape, be smart and
cope with his behaviour. The second way to get enough of your nasty
boss is look for support and help from other areas. Yes, why should you only support and
be friends with colleagues in your department? May be you wanna help colleagues in other
departments, so that you have a healthy working environment. So let’s say you are working
with a content development team and you have a very good relationship with all your colleagues
in that department. However, you have no bond with people from other departments, so maybe
you wanna help somebody from the marketing team with some creative ideas, so that you
can have a supporting back against your boss and that will have a positive environment
at your workplace. You know one good reason, you should do this, is so that you can get
rid of all the negative energy that you collect with those really rude interactions with your
boss. And more than this, it would be amazing, if you can have a relationship, a good relationship
with someone at the same level as your boss. Or maybe even above them. With that you can
have a positive reference slipping in now and then to your boss from that person. So
you can make sure that you know that person is telling good things about you to your boss
and you have a positive momentum gathering towards your position in the company. So have
some allies in other areas of work and create a positive working environment. The third tip that I have for you to deal
with your nasty boss is, find ways to manage and influence their behaviour. Of course whatever
you say works at a subconscious level and the person who is listening to you actually
understands you whether or not they are able to consciously receive it. So what I actually
mean is that when you are sub consciously trying to influence your boss, try and find
out, do some intelligent gathering about your boss. What does he like to do, what are his
favourite things? Does he admire someone at the office? Or what are the things that inspire
him and what are the things that he considers most important? You are not trying to flatter
him while you do this, you should be very careful about doing this with subtlety so
that your boss does not see you through it or may be that you coworkers don’t treat you
as sycophant that is a person who is trying to gain some importance by flattering their
boss. So you have to be smart, carefully find out what your boss likes so maybe your boss
pays great importance to family values. So sometimes whenever the opportunity arises,
you can comment about how you’ve been raised with important and great family values by
your parents. Or at other times, he admires someone at the office, you can obviously share
or you know comment about how good that person is and that will surely please your boss.
We are not trying to gain his attention here; we are trying to make him your ally. We are
trying to make him believe that he has something in common with you. So make sure, you do some
intelligent gathering about your boss and influence his thinking at the sub conscious
level. The forth tip that I have for you is, two
don’ts. Yes that is don’t cower, which means do not shiver with fear from your boss but
also do not get into a power struggle. Yes, be sure that if you get into a power struggle
with your boss, you are sure to loose coz of course he is much powerful than you and
that is why he is your boss and you are his employee. So what you are actually supposed
to do is, just supposed to stand up with courage in front of your boss. This is not confronting
him; this is more about sharing with him. But do not share your experiences with him
at a time when you are charged up. Because you know, then you are going to burst your
emotions because as you must have heard, do not react when you are angry. So in any interaction,
the person who looks best is the one who can control their emotions. So even if it’s a
situation where your boss has embarrassed you, do not react there and then. Make sure,
when you are feeling more calm and collected, you go and speak up to your boss with courage.
There are some people who like those people who can stand up for themselves. Maybe your
boss is one of them. So may be in a situation, your boss embarrassed you in a meeting in
front of your colleagues and you felt quite attacked. So you should make statements to
him. That means you could tell him that, ” sir when you embarrassed me in front of my colleagues,
I felt attacked and harassed in front of the people that I work with.” this will surely
help you gain some empathy and some sympathy from him. So make sure you tell your boss
what you feel like, don’t cower, don’t shrink, but don’t even get into a power struggle with him. The final way to deal with your nasty boss
is that you give your best even in a hurting situation. Yes, even if the situation is hurting
and you feel that you are criticized too much and you are undervalued for all the hard work
that you do. It’s important that you stay collected, that you manage your emotions and
give your best. But why is it important to give your best? It’s important so that you
can develop yourself and your skills for your next employer, so that they can value you
and realize your worth. And also even if you are not able to develop your skills, at least
you will be able to develop your coping mechanism with a boss like that. Yes, only after you’ve
had an experience of a nasty boss, you’ll be able to value a good boss. So consider
this as an experience, don’t get too bitter about it. Be happy at your workplace, give
your best. It’s not important for others to realize your worth, but it’s much more important
for you to realize your worth and your value. So give your best, stay collected, and keep
calm, the future is much brighter. With this tip, we have come to the end of
this session where you’ve learnt 5 ways to make the most of our nasty boss. So don’t
be too afraid of him and make the most out of him by being humble, calm. Because it is
more important to serve others rather than being served by them. So keep smiling and
give your best and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, Skillopedia, the place where
you learn skills for the real world.

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