Siblings Swap Phones and Go On Each Other’s Dating Apps [Technically Speaking]


– She’s an engineer you said?
– Yes. – Do you want to engineer this
dick? – WOOOOOOWWW [Unison]
– Hi. – My name is Emily, and my
brother is Dominick. – I’m Jenna, and this is Julian.
This is my older brother. – I’m Gigi and this is my
brother, Clyde – I think we’re very similar. – Fight, make up, fight. – I’d say we’re funny,
– and close – She likes tall and skinny.
– Allison likes fat guys. – He likes the Latinas! – It’s just who Jenna sees is
who she thinks of. But she
doesn’t see everything. – So my sister Gigi claims she
slept with only 25 people but I’m pretty sure 25 was her
number, like, 3 years ago. – I have no idea how many people
my sister has had sex with. – I don’t even wanna know. I
don’t! – Oh god, we have to switch
phones? – MAN!
– That’s so weird, man. – Careful! – I don’t think you want to see
what’s on my phone. – This is a rare occurrence that
I get access to this. – Wait are you trying to sell my
sunglasses online? – Clyde do you have any dick
pics in here?
– NO GIGI. – I’m pretty sure I can find
one. – I don’t want to see anything
if he’s taking naked pictures – She writes “tonight
we…emojis” – I’m getting you a date
– oh god. – Wait I have to get him a date
tonight? – I can definitely get you a
date tonight! – She has a lot of matches on
here. – Which one of these 25 guys do
you want me to message and get
you a date with? – Oh my gosh! This man is naked
in his picture. – Yeah I didn’t respond to that
one. And he responded, “Love you too,
baby!” – I think I’m gonna send a sext
to…Katie. – That is ILL-ADVISED. – He started off with are you a
naughty girl, Liz? And you said, “ you’d have to
ask Santa”. – I’m gonna text this guy “Are
your pants on sale? Because I want them 100% off.”
– Oh that’s a good one, that’s
funny. – Try and get dinner out of it
if you can. – He said that Cuba sounds
awesome and he wants to get
together. – I sent a message to Andrew,
the cop, “Did I ever tell you
that I enjoy being handcuffed to
the bed?” – Oh my god. – So I’m saying, I’m coming back
from Cuba soon. I’ll smoke your
cigar then. – You asked, “When we go out
Friday, I would like to see your
night stick.” – STOP! – I don’t use social media much,
but you’re hot, and I’m down to
fuck. – And Andrew responded, “you’ll
have to be searched for weapons
and contraband beforehand.” – Thank you for that.
– You’re welcome! – You can’t catch me slippin,
that’s all I’m gonna say! – This is gonna be quite a good
first date, don’tcha think? – I’m not going. – Eggplant, Eggplant, Eggplant,

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