Shaky Footage? How to get SMOOTH HANDHELD shots like a beast!

Shaky Footage? How to get SMOOTH HANDHELD shots like a beast!

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100 thoughts on “Shaky Footage? How to get SMOOTH HANDHELD shots like a beast!”

  1. Coffee and or RedBull are not recommended for said smooth footage 🙂 Whats YOUR favourite to shoot handheld?

  2. How do you shoot moving objects without getting a shake? As in – on the camera when the object (Kid/pet) are moving all around like crazy and your loosing focus.

  3. This is why I love these videos I’ve used a ton of the photo info getting back into photography and suddenly I have a video need and this was a great help. Thank you!!

  4. Definitely going to give these tips a try to jazz up my vlogs. I'm using a Canon 80D without stabilised lens or a gimbal so these tips are priceless. Thanks ✌️

  5. One tip I follow a lot is maximise your points of contact with steady stuff. You could sit on a cur, rest elbows on a ladder or lean against a bolder

  6. I had very lightweight quality manual SLRs and lenses with a wrist strap and both hands right up to my eye with 35, 50, 85 lenses to shoot weddings portraits animals
    I could move and shoot quickly and adroitly
    I can't imagine the weight and bulk of all these DSLRs
    and cumberson lenses.

  7. Hey Peter, My name is Mathew and i love your videos. I am just now getting into photography and am completely broke. I was wondering if you had an old camera you werent using anymore that you would be willing to donate?

  8. I would call it the PM Fall stop. Great transition tips. I'm going to go out today and try, thanks for the inspiration

  9. I tried the PM Rock n Tilt and I felt into the water with 6k gear destroying all of them.

    Just kidding of course 😂😂

  10. Hey peter thanks for the great video, can i ask you how to get those action/shaky footages without going extreme.. like controlled shakes? Usually we see such movements in cinemas a lot these days especially in action/chase scenes.. can u make such tutorial?

  11. why do every one watch this video just buy a gimbal
    ooooooo no i dont have the money for that
    eeeeh watch this video insted

  12. Hi Pete, are you still using the strap? I now see your new videos and I don't see you using the strap. I saw recently a chest stabilizer and I love it. Cheers 🙂

  13. Great stuff, as ever. I do like the “free fall” move, or “McKinnon RAT”, as I like to call it. Must try it 😁👍

  14. Another great tutorial. Keep them coming Peter! Paul Greengrass (Bourne series) King of the camera shakes!!

  15. Sweet video Mr. McKinnon. Great info. You make it seem so simple that a Martian can do it…ahem.
    Keep up the good work and keep em flying P.M.

  16. I can't get enough of your videos and personally, I'm getting too lazy, spending more time here, watching you rather then be outside shoot some landscape XD LOL

  17. your video is full of excellent tips to learn video making , it helped me a lot , thanks , keep it up , can you try to make a video where you can reveal video makings of few channels and what camera angles they used to make those videos , thanks in advance

  18. Thanks for all of your tips. I really want to begin making films and videos, but I can't afford any additional equipment to improve the quality. This helps so much!

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