Rothoblaas Brettsperrholz-CLT Seminar 2019


Rothoschool aims at providing training to customers: an educated customer is a good one. Professionals who do not undergo continuous training carries on with old-style techniques and do not develop. We live in intense times. The market progresses every day, it evolves rapidly and customers need to be aware of the changes being very innovative. I was mostly impressed by the topic of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), which not only is a very important product for the future, but promises to be prevailing on the market. Timber construction has enormously developed lately and many dedicated products have become available. For this reason, needed is that planners, architects and construction designers are rightly informed and kept updated, also because universities are not able to keep up with training deeply and quickly within this large field of expertise. This is why we need events like this seminar: informing people on latest findings and huge sector development so these can be further implemented by professionals. I’m a huge fan of wood because the material just feels good: it’s warm, it’s easy to handle and it’s just fun to work with. There is more planning and of course also more working time available in the when in the carpentry, so in this closed environment. Generally, you can say that wood is reliable because allows a much faster building time and in almost every season during the year, granted that the construction site is kept dry. Seminars that are organized here are of great value and the arguments schooled vary from mere structural to more refined ones, such as soundproofing and fire resistance, which are all very hot topics in the world of timber construction. We have to work together more. I think that collaborative work is very important. Together people are able to handle important projects. Because if each of us makes business in isolation and is not open to others, we cannot realize major projects under the time pressure that we have today. Because let’s face it, if I want to get to places fast, I’ll go alone. But if I want to go far, I have to team up.

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