Resume Tips – How To Write a GOOD Resume in 5 STEPS

Resume Tips – How To Write a GOOD Resume in 5 STEPS

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Are you getting tired of checking out articles and watching videos on How To Write a Good Resume? If so, you ARE in a right place. Building a resume is really not as complicated
as it seems. In this video I share 5 tips on how to create
your resume, or 5 tips on how to easily make updates to your already existing resume. Having a resume is not about just putting
it together really quickly, sending it to some random job you might have liked, without
any strategy, but just for the sake of getting it done. Because this kind of applications will most
likely result into nevering back from them. I’ve worked in Recruitment for over 12 years,
I have reviewed thousands of resumes and I can guarantee that investing some time into
writing your resume will be well worth it. Because a good and an eye catching resume
means more than you imagine, when it comes to attracting your dream job and building
a career you want. If we haven’t met before, I am Marat from
Emmotion,, Human Resources and Career Services Agency, look me up on
LinkedIn. In this video I share clear and easy to apply
resume tips, to help you write your perfect resume and go for a higher paid professional
opportunity. Before I proceed further I would like to remind
you to subscribe to my channel below, and hitting the little bell so you won’t miss
out on the latest career and personal growth content. I would also appreciate if you’d thumb up
the video if you find it useful. So we’ve already established that your resume
needs to be eye catching and professional. Keep in mind that, on average, recruiters
and hiring managers tend to spend less than 10 seconds reviewing a resume. Checking and reviewing a few examples of a
resume online would also be helpful to you. Because the first tip is very related: select
a format and style that you feel best represents your strengths and achievements. The effective resume format is consistent,
clear and easy to read. Avoid all the tiny fonts, all sudden font
changes and format variations. Use the same font and format throughout your
resume. Choose any font which is easy on the eye,
like Calibri o Garamond, just to mention a few. An unprofessional resume, full of font changes,
grammar mistakes, confusing vague information or slang words, will make you look completely
unprofessional as a job seeker. Your resume will obviously get ignored among
hundreds of CVs sent per each position. Tip number 2: Don’t make your resume longer
than 2 pages. Keep the resume short, dynamic and to the
point, no longer than two pages! According to research the 3+ pages long resumes
tend to get ignored by hiring managers. The longer your resume is, the less time there is to see a potential fit. The only time it’s acceptable to have a resume longer than 3 pages is when your field requires to list publications, research and other projects. Entry level candidates stand their best chance
with 1 page resume. Experienced candidates perform their best with 2 pages resume. In fact experienced candidates are twice likely
to get hired with 2-pages resume over those who mention the same information but in just
1-page. Some of you would think, how would you fit
and describe the experience you had 20 years ago? But this has an easy solution, don’t describe
it. Unless the experience is extremely relevant
for the role you are applying to, details from over 15 years don’t really need to
be on your CV. Tip number 3: Mention accomplishments and not just job descriptions. The resume isn’t just a summary of your
work experience. Your resume is in fact a marketing tool which
tells your professional story in the best way, it markets your individual brand. Focus on what you did in your job, NOT what your job title was, there’s a big difference. You should include a few lines of the job
description, then list what your accomplishments were. Think of all the praise you’ve received,
the promotions you’ve been given, special responsibilities you’ve handled. Also focus on results and include Values! Using sentences which start with action verbs
make your resume seem more dynamic. For example:
– “increased sales by 20%” – “implemented a new system of filing”
– “Improved office efficiency by 15%” – “Saved the company 10.000€ by redistributing
the tasks”. All of it reads much better than their passive
or longer equivalents. 4. Include a “CAREER SUMMARY”
A career summary is a place to showcase how unique you are. Think of it as your elevator pitch. Which combination of skills and experiences
makes you an asset? Grab the hiring manager’s attention right
from the beginning. Don’t use an Objective Statement LIKE: “Seeking
this certain position” or “interested in a certain challenge”. That’s not telling at all. Each summary is different and can have different
styles, these 2 could serve you as an example: Property Management Summary:
“I have more than 15 years of Property Management Experience. Negotiation: I negotiated average 4% discount
from suppliers Leadership: I managed 20 staff members, including
security team Organization: I oversaw portfolio of 50 luxury
properties Trustworthiness: I handled 30€ million budget
in monthly rent and fees” “And Sales Manager Summary: Experience in managing accounts in direct
sales, pharmaceuticals and consumer products. For 10 years, I managed sales distribution
for the challenging network of Johnson & Johnson consumer goods and services. I achieved phenomenal 160% growth rate. With 100% accuracy rating in meeting sales
targets and objectives on time. I have a vibrant and engaging personality,
I easily bridge any differences between client and consumer.” And tip number 5. TAILOR YOUR RESUME TO EACH NEW JOB In today’s world everything is customized. This includes your resume when applying for
jobs. You should be strategic about landing your
dream job and tailor your resume appropriately. About 80% of large companies use applicant
tracking systems that scan your resume and determine if you are a fit just by looking
for keywords. So your tailored resume should describe your
experience using keywords from the job description you are applying to. Sending off a generic resume will definitely
lower the chances of getting invited to an interview. You can reuse some of the same bullet points
for multiple positions, but it is important to always review the position requirements
beforehand to adapt your resume to it. If you’re searching for a job nearby, make
sure employers know that you are a local candidate by including your location in the contact
information at the top of your resume. Thank you for watching. If you know someone who might be interested
in this video, please share it with them. Let me know what had been your own resume
challenges? In the comments sections and don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel below. And check out my next video coming up:

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