Resume Tips for Designers – HOW TO STAND OUT

Resume Tips for Designers – HOW TO STAND OUT

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58 thoughts on “Resume Tips for Designers – HOW TO STAND OUT”

  1. Matthew, I would love to see more content from you. Be it art direction, tools, projects. I really like how you use rigged 3D models for storyboarding, visualizing concepts. On storyboarding, do you guys use a particular software or a template? What do you recommend.

  2. I’m ngl your website is horrible and doesn’t navigate well at all !!!! I downloaded a free resource and I couldn’t get back to the other resources!! This is basic and your colour palette is vile

  3. I always got confused when I tried to look for a designer resume reference and those weird overloaded abominations with all the graphs kept showing up.

  4. Hi guys, love your video. I was wondering in the UK, companies often ask for a cover letter. I always struggle for content, how to sound interested/passionate about the company without being cheesy?

  5. Love this! More content like this would be so great! Have you guys ever considered doing mock interview Q&As?

  6. Super interesting and informative, but of course a bit short to compare different cases, I understand ;-).
    Like for instance, if you didn't work as graphic designer a few years (7 in my case) and I want recovering those years in my portfolio first. I am still in a doubt and try to figure out how to cover this missing part in my resume.

  7. Great video. Im finishing school so around march/may i was applying to jobs and i think a mistake i made was using a generic resume template found on design sites. I thought this would be cooler but i got barely any replies.

    When i sobered up my resume and structured content in a very similar way to how u two described it, it made a huge impact and contributed greatly to the job i just got!

  8. Where could I post my CV to for review? I have redesigned mine since watching this video. Thanks for the great tips.

  9. Do you need an objective statement in your resume? I always hear some people saying you do and others say you don't.

  10. I'd like to know if you have to put a photo of yourself in the resume, I think most of places where you are applying would like to know who they will contract. I ask this since the resume in the video itself doesn't show any photo. I'm sorry if this is a dumb question!

  11. What if I don't have enough fitting projects to show to my potential employer? I'm a product design graduate and I just included my projects that I've done during my study, which are all from different product design fields like sports gear, furniture, or medical equipment.
    Should I leave in all of them, even if they're not actually "relevant" ?
    Can I include projects with my own design brief, that weren't supervised by anyone?

  12. I'm kinda confused with CV, portofolio and resume. Like I designed my own CV and Portofolio, but I never makes my resume. welp.

  13. Greay video. You mention adding your past experience, most recent first but what type of information would you recommend adding under each experience title and time worked there? Should you only list last 5 jobs and also only relevant jobs only? Also what is your take on amount of pages in your resume?

    Many questions, I hope you can answer. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Great suggestions. I am a career adviser at an art and design university in Hong Kong, and I agree with you about all these tips on creating a resume. Thanks for putting this together!

  15. Thank you for making this. Would the same rules apply when making a pdf portfolio? My first front page is very simple, white background with my contact details and then 3 pieces of my work. Should I also write a brief description explaining each piece? Once again, thank you for making great content <3

  16. Can you talk about how to write effective coverletters? Do designers/firms even read them or care about them?

  17. What are the odds of finding myself featured for the don'ts of a resume on The Futur hahah. I made this resume about 4-5 years ago when I graduated from Intermediate vocational education. I now know, the more I know about Photoshop or any other program, the more I know that I don't know allot 😉

  18. I've just seen Emily in all the videos.Emily walked into my ear and heard another ear. And I only look at Emily's eyes.

  19. This was very helpful and informative. I believe that this is a video that should be seen by anyone who is currently in the job market for a design job.

  20. I do a lot of freelance work and have been looking to get back into the office environment. I've noticed that it seems I will get an auto rejection when applying for jobs online, upon doing some research, I found that a lot of places use an algorithm to filter through resumes based on keywords.

  21. if a person makes a cv a little too "colourful" it doesn't necessary mean that they don't do the job right. you say that a cv must be consistent and simple. what if someone who doesn't have good skills in graphic programmes, does a simple design just because they do not have experience? I think that it is ridiculous how most employers think. somebody should test all those employers to see how bad they are and have too mayn unreal expectations

  22. How about your opinions on one-page resume vs multi-page resume? There are a lot of debates on this. Which one is better in what cases?

  23. Don't show proficiency or skills, really? Personally, when reviewing a resume that has this, it gives me an insight on how confident the applicant is with "said" environment/code. You don't take it literal, but rather as a gauge on how confident they are w/"said" skill. I'll actually base some of my interview questions on how they rate themselves – I've called a lot of BS on applicants… so don't lie people – be honest.

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